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Goku's spirit bomb is more powerful than Naruto's bijuu bomb (Tailed Beast Ball)

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Started: 8/19/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Accept this debate if you are willing to argue the CON position (that Naruto's bijuu bomb is more powerful than Goku's spirit bomb)


Powerful - Having great power or strength.
More: A greater or additional amount or degree.


1. Neither CON nor PRO may make new arguments in their final round.
2. BOP is shared.
3. No playing semantics

CON can choose to either start making arguments in the first round or treat the first round as an acceptance round.


Look dude Naruto can make thousands of clones himself and Kurama. From there 2,000 or over can beat spirit bomb. Ya know Spirit Bomb is destructive but so is Naruto's bijuu bombs. His are just stronger and can make a great clash. So the imaginary spirit bomb vs bijuu bomb begins.
Debate Round No. 1



"Look dude Naruto can make thousands of clones himself and Kurama."

First of all, this debate is about a spirit bomb vs a bijuu bomb, and does not involve any other jutsu. Nowhere does it say that Naruto would be allowed to make 2000 bijuu bombs.

Secondly, even though I have already shown that you argument is pointless, I will say that making all these clones wouldn't help. As said on the naruto wiki, " all of the clones are given an equal amount of chakra directly from the user"[1], thus if naruto made one clone, he would be at half his chakra level, and if he made 2000 clones, he would be at 1/2000 of his regular chakra level. Necessarily, all of his attacks would only be 1/2000th of what they could be, and if all 2000 bijuu bombs hit Goku's spirit bomb, they wouldn't be any more effective.

"Ya know Spirit Bomb is destructive but so is Naruto's bijuu bombs."

According to the Naruto wiki, "Kurama's own Tailed Beast Ball can create an explosion that is far larger than the Hokage Monumen and the mountains around it"[2] I will admit that that is quite impressive, but compared to one of Goku's spirit bombs, it is puny. I will show the potentional of a spirit bomb in my arguments.

"His are just stronger and can make a great clash."

This claim is supported by nothing, and will be proved to be untrue in my arguments.


Goku's spirit bomb is no doubt much more destructive than Naruto's bijuu bomb. When Goku was learning how to use the spirit bomb, he was told by King Kai that if used improperly, it is powerful enough to destroy Earth[3], how could an attack that can only destroy a village possibly be stronger than one that can destroy an entire planet, furthurmore, a spirit bomb is made by collecting good energy from all creatures, and can be drawn from even the entire universe, giving it limitless power[3].

[1] -
[2] -;
[3] -


If Naruto's bijuu bomb could destroy the Earth if gathering a lot of chakra too. Read naruto chapter 689, bijuu bomb Kayugas was about to blow up the planet.
Debate Round No. 2



"Naruto's bijuu bomb could destroy the Earth if gathering a lot of chakra too"

I don't think CON truely understands how powerful the spirit bomb is, I have already said that Goku can draw power from the entire universe, giving it limitless power.

Message To Voters

Thank you all very much for reading this debate, I hope you enjoyed it. My opponent has made numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, inferior arguments and inferior rebuttles. For these reasons, I believe I have one this debate, but that is up to you.


Argument invalid, I understand quite well Goku's destructive Spirit Bomb. As I grew up with DBZ too. I also grew up with Naruto watching the growth recgonizing strength. is you who clearly hiding behind the truth of bijuu bombs potential power. As my bijuu bombs can be combined with planetary, rasen-shurikens and all sorts of bijuu ideas all combining 2, million clones bijuu bombs forming from Kuramas mouth using Ashuras six paths of six mode with the other bijuus. They can become very massive indeed 2, million bijuu bombs all combining in to one absorbing the powers of each. All you got to do is being creative even if the ideas haven't been shown. Been doing my own creative naruto battles and have done ideas no one has though of. Such as shooting a planetary-shurikens bijuu bomb making thousands millions or billions using massive amounts of chakra. Than all of those combing that one real Naruto and Kurama that's me. Now Goku and Naruto blasts each other with the Spirit Bomb and Bijuu Bomb in planetary p-shurikens mode. Wow in my head what an amazing clash between those 2. Spirit bomb depending where it's pointing towards the ground, sky, or just plain old across. Bijuu bomb the really ultra mega one it's pointing towards the ground, sky or just plain across. If either points towards the ground massive destruction, plus the Spirit bomb had made giant craters too. Fine bijuu bomb pointing towards the ground, and spirit bomb pointing towards sky. Naruto is also using the floating technique of the sage of the six paths. Goku in Super Sayian 3 using the Spirit Bomb. Both bombs clash in mid air sky, if the bijuu bomb succeeds it will head right towards Goku with Spirit Bomb. Thus possibly destroying the planet. Alternatively Spirit Bomb is pushing the bijuu bomb towards Naruto and he may get hit. Or both blow up right there. Oh yeah Naruto has the Kunai of Minato's instantly transferring the ultra mega planetary- shurikens bijuu bomb combined with 2 million clones bijuu bombs making it more destructive. Doing that Goku was already tagged by Naruto's clones thus making the ultra mega planetary-shurikens bijuu bomb to hit Goku.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by The_truth_teller 1 year ago
But honestly it depends on what the two forces are being used at if used at an enemy the spirit bomb is the instant winner but used against someone who is pure of heart is completely useless where as the rasengan would actually do damage being the winner in the case if they were used against a good person like if the both of them fought each other Goku's spirit bomb wouldn't hurt Naruto cause yes the nine tails is evil but not Naruto himself making the spirit bomb completely useless in all but 1 category which would be the villains were as Naruto's rasengan would be effective in both categories but if we are comparing just the one category of evil then the spirit bomb wins but if you compare them both to both categories then it's a tie you have to weigh in the factors of good or evil
Posted by CrazyCowMan 3 years ago
Look, man. This debate was about Goku's Spirit Bomb vs Narutos Bijuu Bomb, not whether two million Bijuu bombs are more powerful than one Spitit Bomb.

Other than that, yes, it was a nice debate.
Posted by Equalityman 3 years ago
Nice debate!
Posted by Ja50n 3 years ago
haha better comparison IMO
Posted by CrazyCowMan 3 years ago
I've changed it to bijuu bomb now.
Posted by FMAlchemist 3 years ago
It is pretty easy to win in the genki-dama's side.I don't think someone will take such challenge.
Posted by superbowl9 3 years ago
I'd say a bijuu bomb would be more of an appropriate battle, or at least a planetary rasengan.
Posted by CrazyCowMan 3 years ago
You would not believe the arguments you can find on the internet.
Posted by Ja50n 3 years ago
well considering that a full powered spirit bomb can destroy earth and naruto's rasenshuriken can only create craters in the ground. Its kinda obvious which is more powerful
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro demonstrated that the DBZ SB was more powerful than the N TBB. None of Con's arguments stood at all until his final round, which almost seems disingenuous of him, given that until that final round he was only giving very brief responses. Still, what he presents does not invalidate the earlier arguments. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.