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Google can own everything.

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Started: 2/24/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Google makes our lives better to take away our freedom. Google is releasing Google classroom and cars. If everyone uses google classroom every document would be on the internet and paper would be like extinct. When they have all the education they will have the ability to change it. Google car, Google classroom, Google fiber, etc. When everything becomes google, they can simply control us. A guy said (i don't remember his name) "if google buys Walmart, they can take over the world." They would access to our food and what we buy and what we are interested. Isn't that scary? Google wants us to think like Google and that how they will take over the world.A279;


G'day and good luck to my opponent.

I will be taking the CON side in this debate, because I will provide evidence that Google Inc. and all other services owned/managed by Google simply can't take over the world. Google is technically already a monopoly in Internet services, but is not an absolute monopoly where only one company controlls all the economy.

I personally don't use Google or any Google services at all (including G. Translate and Maps), since I firmly disagree with the company's policy and actions. I use DuckDuckGo instead.

Good luck to CON.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by jglass841 2 years ago
This is entertaining. I just have one comment. Paper not being used would be a good thing.
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
Plus if Google buys WalMart, then they would only control retail in north America. Europe, Australia and many other countries would be just fine.
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
I want to apologise for my argument. I've forgotten that this debate has only one round.


Many countries have enforced Competition laws, this are laws that prevent a monopoly to fully control the market, or to even prevent the creation of a monopoly. The most effective competition laws are in the EU, Australia and in New Zealand. Countries can enforce actions against that company, that would be destructive to it, plus they can help smaller companies to increase competition. Google is not perfect and has broken many laws in it's past, ihas also censured its search results and there are many privacy issues. The bigger Google would become, the more the population would become unhappy. Which would eventually lead to anti-trust actions or a consumer boycott. In China and many other authoritarian countries it'd be even harder for Google to do anything.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's burden required him to show potential for google to own anything. He did not provide any valid arguments for this apart from the fact that a random guy said that it was possible which is assertion as far as I'm concerned because Pro had no idea who said it and provided no source so this is assertion. Pro had the full burden of proof, ergo, due to the fact that they were unable to prove this it ultimately meant that they lose automatically due to no valid arguments to prove it.