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Gossip Girl is the best TV show!

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Started: 8/11/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Just a short fun debate about Gossip Girl! You can choose whatever TV show you like!


I accept, and proudly proclaim this my fiftieth debate.

I ask Pro to prove that Gossip Girl is superior to the following counterexamples:

-The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
-The Andy Griffith Show
-The Bill Cosby Show
-The Super Mario Super Show


-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

If even one of these shows prove superior to Gossip Girl in some aspect, Gossip Girl is not the best TV Show.

I wish my opponent best of luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Congratulations on a lot of debates! You have nice... hair... :)


Boring, same setting, Same characters, same bad acting. Meh.


This show isn't entertaining!! It's informative, and boring! Who cares about about a bunch of silly cooks teaching you random useless information about movies which are obviously supposed to be fake?! Mythbusters, uh, no thankyou.

-The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Again, boring. Tries to be too dramatic, and seriously, talking about the death of your parents on national TV? That is a big no-no. Puppets? Is this a little kids show? His humor isn't really funny, and talk shows are rally just boring and repetitive. This is really not good like Gossip Girl is XD

-The Andy Griffith Show

Worse than the above. How did this get 9th best show in TV history? it's sooooo boring. Its black and white! What are we color blind? I can see my grandma liking this show, but this is so last century. What a bad example, no offense ;-)

-The Bill Cosby Show

Only two seasons, of boring people, doing boring stuff, in boring ways, with boring boring boring BLEH!! Black and white, makes it just that much more... Well you know... BORING! haha.

-The Super Mario Super Show

I just watched the video! What did you make me do!?! HAHA. It was funny I'll admit, but it's a bad quality show. Seems to be made off the popular video game series. Anyways, it's not deep, and its made for little kids, so the show falls once again, into BORING!!!! haha XD

-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

You have to be kidding right? This is a show for little girls!!! And you are a boy.... I think you are joking, but in case you aren't, this show too is boring because its meant for kids not adults. Or I guess you are still a kid.. Buttttt yeah, kind of a silly show... :P

Gossip Girl is better than all of these!

The only bad part about Gossip Girl is Kristen Bell. Other than that, it is a really crazy good show with great plot twists, and serena is a good character. She is a good actor, and has awesome lines. The show has good plot twists, and is very interesting. I recommend the show for any one, even boys.

Thats all I guess!


All the arguments my opponent presented are based solely on opinion. However, the reviews on the international Movie Database et. al. beg to differ on my opponent's unprecidented beliefs:


"the brilliance of Seinfeld lies... in the endless, pointlessly smug and nihilistic banter that almost invariably escalates into some of TV's classic lines... Surely, we won't find something like this again, for many more years to come."

That doesn't sound very boring to me.


Believe it or not, non-fictional TV is making a comeback. We see this quite often in Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty, and of course, Mythbusters.

"Rarely do we, the television audience, experience the privilege of a show [like this] that is equal parts educational and entertaining."

The Late Late Show:

"Tries to be too dramatic," my opponent, on the host of a comedy show. Beyond that, all of her contentions are based on her own opinions once again.

"He is brilliant... no matter who comes on the show, he will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Why can't we have Craig come on earlier? He is a natural born comedian. Craig is such a pleasure to watch, he does not have to jump around, walk funny or act like fool to make us laugh.";

The Andy Griffith Show

Like my opponent so generously stated, It is in fact the ninth best show in TV history. Above Gossip Girl. Because guess what? Black and White TV does not necessarily mean bad TV.

""The Andy Griffith Show" is probably the greatest sitcom of all time. The writing, the direction, the characters, and the stories all combined to make one of the greatest television shows of any era.";

Bill Cosby:

My opponent is VERY misinformed. Firstly, the Bill Cosby Show is in color, not black and white. Second, it ran for four seasons, not two. My opponent offered no factual statement here, so there's no rebuttal necessary.


This show is as deep as it gets. It's the most amazing thing ever, and this contention is no more subjective than my opponent's/

My Little Pony:

Interesting. My opponent claims that because it doesn't appeal to my demographic, it must be bad. But on the contrary, millions of male fans called "bronies" have formed a fandom of this show that far surpasses the fandom of Gossip Girl. It possesses positive qualities in an enjoyable way that no other show on TV seems to do anymore.

Gossip Girl

It seems the best TV show ever has abysmal ratings.

"Gossip Girl" kicked off its final season to abysmal ratings. The Season 6 premiere had less than 1 million viewers. About 800,000 people tuned in to see the elite Upper East Siders begin their final season."

Bottom Line:

Ratings > Reviews > Opinions.
Debate Round No. 2


Massivedump has really good arguments, but I don't know how willing I am to debate reviews, ratings, and other people's opinions.

I was kind of more interested in hearing his own take on the how his show is better than gossip girl :P

Anyways, I forgot about this debate, and the time limit looks like it is just about to expire, so I won't have time to go ever each show in detail. If this means my opponent should win the debate, than that okay, as this was more for fun for me anyway, though I am thinking of trying something more serious soon.

As of right now, I just ask that my opponent and his silly username just give his own opinion on why his shows are better like he kind of did with my little pony. Which still makes me giggle by the way...

But yes, my arguments are based on my own opinions. I would like to hear yours as well!


My opponent's concession aside, I thank her for instigating an entertainment-oriented debate. They're my favorite kind, and I never get to debate them :P

In actuality, I have never seen Gossip Girl, so I couldn't say. However, I've seen 99% of the shows I've listed, and can guarantee that they are definitely worth watching, even if some are old or non-fiction.

Good game, opponent conceded, Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by OtakuJordan 3 years ago
"This show isn't entertaining!! It's informative" -Pro

This says so, so much about you.
Posted by wrichcirw 4 years ago
Posted by Mrs.lynch 4 years ago
Some of your links weren't opening up for me...
Posted by Buddamoose 4 years ago
Gossip Girl has Blake Lively in it... is Blake Lively in any of those shows? Didn't think so...
Posted by MassiveDump 4 years ago
Nah, just debating.
Posted by Mrs.lynch 4 years ago
Sorry if I seemed mean, I really am not mean haha
Posted by Mrs.lynch 4 years ago
Sorry if I seemed mean, I really am not mean haha
Posted by Mrs.lynch 4 years ago
Sorry if I seemed mean, I really am not mean haha
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Reasons for voting decision: Con provided a lot of evidence for his side with links; however this was personal opinion of random people, just after insulting pro's argument for being based on personal opinions. Plus on argument I highly disagreed with his statement "If even one of these shows prove superior to Gossip Girl in some aspect, Gossip Girl is not the best TV Show." Which hurt his argument (tied overall). Pro not refuting that point and complaining of Kristen Bell (a 'problem' none of the other shows had) her argument was hurt. Neither argument stood out for it's good qualities, granted I laughed pretty hard when con refuted My Little Pony as not being for little girls, but being firmly an "adult" show.