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Government provided health-care sucks

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Started: 6/29/2015 Category: Economics
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I believe health care provided by the government is bad. I am willing to have a friendly debate with anyone who disagrees with me.


For argument sake, I'll go with American health care, since that's the big hot topic trending.

First to say that government health care suck we need to look at costs.

Without insurance everyone ends up paying. Uninsured people more often than not, cannot afford to pay their medical bills. These unpaid bills end up being compensated by the government (taxes), or by hospital charging insurances more to make up for the deficit. When people are uninsured, more often than not they wait until 11th hour, where treatment is both crucial and costly. Had they been insured, preventative care would have saved everyone the cost they can no longer afford.

The way Obamacare works is that everyone pays based on income. The healthy can afford insurance for when they need it, and this pays for the cost of the unhealthy who are also paying. While individual costs may be irksome on an individual basis, overall we are saving money on health care costs since hospitals are getting reimbursed and patients are getting more preventative care than they were before.
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Posted by ChickenBakuba 2 years ago
Too general.

Health-care for all Governments suck or health-care for a certain Government?
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