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Grammar is more important than conversation skills

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Started: 10/31/2016 Category: Education
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Welcome to this debate! I suppose that grammar is more essential than conversation skills because conversation skills are based on the knowledge of grammar. Furhermore, it's impossible to imagine a person who speak very well without using grammar at all.


Conversation skills are of utmost importance in persuading. Persuasion is a very important factor in life. From blandishments to coercions, persuasion is the way to get our way. A world without persuasion is a world with every person only accounts their own experiences when making a decision. That would mean chaos. A world without grammar is even worse, because then we would be limited to body language and facial expressions just like animals. But the reality is, a world where grammar doesn't exist among us would be very unlikely given our current circumstances, whereas a world without persuasion (by our grasp of the word) is also not likely, but there is a stubborn tendency within humans to deny other people's statements when they oppose our own.

There must be a clarification on the instigator's part in order for this debate to continue without confusion. When he asked of importance, did he mean importance in a hypothetical "world without grammar versus world without conversation skills", or did he mean importance that is applicable to reality?

In accordance to reality, conversation skills are more important than grammar. This is due to the grammar of a specific language almost always being learned with ease as a first language. Conversation skills, on the other hand, are developed throughout one's childhood and adulthood alike. This means that most of the time, people need to learn more about conversation skills rather than grammar, as they already have picked up on grammar. Furthermore, if somebody has conversation skills, then they by default know enough grammar to communicate vocally using language.

If somebody is comes to the United States from a foreign country with western morals (like France or Germany) and speaks only a little bit of English, we won't judge him or her by his or her usage of grammar, but rather by his or her ability to communicate what he or she does know.

The goal of both grammar use and conversation skills is to communicate. Persuasion is, in this scenario, limited to conversation skills. So the question that this argument comes down to is "Is it better to know more of something (grammar), or is it better to put something into practice (conversation skills)?" Universally, it is believed that practice is greater than knowledge. Why would this be any different?
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In order to persuade somebody, a person is supposed to say his opinion in an understandable way, which is impossible to imagine without grammar. Thus, in order to be persuasive, just the ability to speak isn't enough. It's also essential to speak correctly, to that your interlocutors can see that you are a literate person.
In this debate, "grammar is more important than conversation skills", I mean a situation when a person begins learning a new language. What is more important to learn first? Grammar or conversation skills? I think grammar. Yes, maybe those, who began learning conversation skills firstly, will be more fluent in a language. But he or she will speak in a wrong way, with many mistakes. I suppose it would be better to speak less fluent but correctly rather than very fast but using inappropriate tenses and confusing the irregular verbs.
If learning grammar is easier than communication skills, it doesn't mean that conversation skills are more important. it just means that more time is required for learning these skills. Also, you said that those who have conversation skills know grammar "by default". But in order to get these knowledge "by default", they have to devote a certain for studying and practicing grammar, because the knowledge doesn't come from nothing.
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Posted by Harryterstegge 1 year ago
Darn I took to long to respond! Anyway, you are correct in your argument that grammar is more important than conversational skills when learning a new language. Please be more specific in the introduction to avoid future issues like this. Now that we aren't bounded within formalities, I would like to say that I hold in high regards teenagers like you and I that actually think about issues and "big" questions. It's fairly uncommon to find that. Now, your argument does have its flaws, and I could very well attest to your claims, but to be quite frank, it isn't worth my time. You won. Congratulations.
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