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Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most realistic video game to real life.

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Started: 5/8/2015 Category: Games
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Personally this may be a hard debate, but I am open to criticism. Since Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in 2013 I still believe that it is the most realistic sandbox game to real human life to be released. My opposite will choose another sandbox (Open world) game from any video game console and prove their point on why think theirs is more realistic to human life.

Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Argument
Round 3: Rebuttal
Round 4: Argument
Round 5: Conclusion

Also if either game has cheats or multiplayer any other forms of gaming that is not close to real life doesn't count as a argument or rebuttal. I will give my con the out most respect in this debate and I expect the same.


I accept this challenge with greatest respect towards GTA 5 as it is the game I have spent the most hours on thus far. Nonetheless, I don't believe it is "THE MOST" realistic open world / sandbox game out there.

I will use FarCry 3 as the opposing game. The reason why I chose this game is because its story strength rivals that of GTA 5's and is also set in a real world environment.

TheSupremeDebater will have my uttermost respect for his opinions. It will be a clean debate. Best of luck.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank you Peatwan for accepting I too have played Far Cry 3 and beat the game so I understand it, lets have a good debate.


So my starting point is I believe Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most realistic open world game to human life because the main story shows three completely different characters, from different times, come together in different ways. Franklin Clinton working for Simeon a car dealership owner and having taken Michael's son's car as a repossession gets "sticked up" by former bank robber Michael Townley and is under orders from Michael, to drive the car through the window of Simeon's dealership, receiving a payment from Michael himself for doing what he called "a job well done"and because Franklin had driven through the dealership he's fired. Michael is living under witness protection with his family in Los Santos, San Andreas, under the alias Michael De Santa. When Michael discovers his wife, Amanda, in bed with her tennis coach, he chases the coach to a mansion and destroys it out of anger. The mansion's owner turns out to be the girlfriend of a Mexican drug lord named Martin Madrazo. Madrazo demands compensation under the threat of further violence, so Michael goes back into a life of crime to obtain the money. Together with his accomplice, Franklin they perform a jewellery shop heist to help pay their debt. Michael's sole surviving partner in the Ludendorff robbery, Trevor Phillips, hears of the jewellery heist and realises that it was Michael's handiwork. The two reunite after Trevor tracks Michael down in Los Santos. This basically kickstarts the events leading to the game's conclusion. The steady pacing of the characters meeting in different ways almost seems to be right out of a movie. Later in the game each character's lives start to unravel and spiral out of control from their actions done in the story. Michael's family leaves him, and his attempts to make something of himself bring him into conflict with Devin Weston, a self-made billionaire venture capitalist and coporate raider who develops a grudge against him and vows revenge. Franklin rescues his friend Lamar Davis from gangster Harold "Stretch" Joseph, who repeatedly attempts to kill Lamar to prove himself to his brethren. Trevor's reckless efforts to consolidate his control over various black markets in Blaine County see him waging war against the San Andreas chapter of The Lost outlaw gang, a number of Latin American gangs, rival dealers, government mercenaries and Triad kingpin Wei Cheng. Then Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) government agents Dave Norton and Steve Haines contact Michael and demand that he perform a series of operations with Franklin and Trevor to undermine rival agency, the International Affairs Agency (IAA). Under Haines' direction, they attack an armoured convoy carrying funds intended for the IAA and raid a bank containing the payroll for all corrupt police and public officials in Los Santos. As Haines comes under increasing scrutiny for his methods, he forces Franklin and Michael to infiltrate the FIB headquarters and erase any evidence being used against him from their servers. Michael takes the opportunity to wipe any data on his own activities, destroying Haines' leverage over him. The trio start planning their most daring feat ever: raiding the Union Depository's gold bullion reserve. After all these events happens Michael has to tell Trevor the events when he lied about former bark robber Brad's death which doesn't really affect the story but the trust in the Union Depository heist. Also the trio have a mexican standoff when Michael and Norton get betrayed by Haines resulting in a shootout between the FIB, IAA and Merryweather which also doesn't affect the conclusion but is apart of the story.

After the final heist is complete Franklin is approached by two parties separately who demand that he kill Trevor or Michael. Haines and Norton contend that Trevor is a liability, and Weston wants retribution for Michael's betrayal. Franklin has three choices: kill Michael, kill Trevor or kill neither and face their enemies together. Should Franklin kill either Michael or Trevor, he ceases contact with the survivor and returns to his old life. The player ultimatly chooses one of these endings which I believe are more drastic and has a more jarring out come then the Far Cry 3 ending which is to Free your friends from Citra which ends up her getting killed by Dennis when he tries to kill Jason or you don't free your friends and Citra kills you during ritual sex. Neither does the Far Cry 3 ending affect your character or the story because after you beat the game you free roam doing side mission despite the ending, Grand Theft Auto if you decide to kill a character they stay dead once you beat the game and removes all of the character's activities in free roam. Overall I believe Grand Theft Auto 5's story is amazing it's basically a movie immersing the character in it on par with the likes of Naughty Dog's The Last of us not saying it's better in any way especially in chracter development but in gta 5 you have three characters making it that more immersive. Also the story even though you can't fully manipulate it, the characters shape what happens to the other plots simply by doing certain mission this does happen in Far Cry 3 but definently not to the same size which definently makes it more realistic. Even the story is more plausible in real life the percentage of you going skydiving in Bankok and landing on an island controled by pirates then getting captured is very slim in real life. Then Jason the main Character becoming a badass killer in Far Cry 3 after a couple missions is also not very realistic. Even in the heists there are certain choices you can make in the planning stage and while your doing the heist that makes you have a greater economic outcome. Also when you beat the game you'll receive a custom psychological profile via Dr. Friedlander. These are tailored to each player's style and decision-making process throughout the game leading up to the final story mission.

Each character has a different past that you learn throughtout the game that truly affects their personalities and special abilities like Franklin who was born in the "hood" and was in gangs talks like he is which makes it all the more realistic. Plus his job as a car repo mirrors his ability to slow down time when driving because he has the most experiance in driving. This is the same with Trevor since he has his enterprise job to fly and drop off cargo he has the most flying experiance. Also you can tell in his personality he has anger issues so his ability is to get angry and deals twice as much damage to enemies while taking half as much in combat. Same with Michael and his bullet time all their abilities are tied into their stats and you can improve them as they go along. Each character is different and special which makes it more realisitc because there stories are not flat you learn eventually learn about their past like Trevor's Mom, What happened to Brad Snider and Franklin's upbringing which makes them more human like. In Far Cry 3 the character are kind of just introduced as your friends when your on vaccation and once you get captured then escape you hardly see them throughout the game only when you save them and even when that happens you can't talk to them or get to know them only through your journal with a description of who they are which makes the experiance less mesmerizing for sure and I even love the Character in Far Cry but I feel like the game just rushed to fast and you couldn't relate with them. Even the non main characters you get to know in Gta 5 especially Michael's family his loser son that smokes weed and playes video games, his cheating whiny wife and daughter who he is losing connection to and is trying to do porn.;;;



I will also begin with game story as my first argument. I will summarize Far Cry 3's story and compare certain aspects of it with real life.

The story's protagonist, Jason Brody, is on vacation in Bangkok with his brothers Riley and Grant, his girlfriend Liza and some friends; Oliver, Daisy and Keith. To celebrate Riley's obtainment of his pilot's license, they decide to go skydiving. Upon landing on Rook Islands, they are captured for ransom by pirates under the orders of Vaas, the main antagonist. Jason and Grant are kept in a wooden cage, but Grant's military experience helps them escape, which sadly ends up with Grant dying from a gunshot to the neck - killed by Vaas. Jason barely escapes in the jungle from the pursuing Vaas and his pirates. He is then found and rescued by Dennis Rogers, a Rakyat warrior, who brings him to Amanaki Village. This is where his "warrior-side" starts to layer outwards and morph the otherwise "ordinary" man.

With Dennis' help, he quickly finds Daisy at Dr. Earnhardt's house where she's being treated for her injuries from her escape. Further on, he also finds clues to Liza's location, but is captured by Vaas once more and is brought to Liza where Vaas attempts to kill them by setting fire to the building they are tied up in. However, they manage to escape and meet up with Daisy in a cavern below Dr. Earnhardt's house, where she's working to get an old boat back in order.

During his metamorphosis, Jason meets with Citra, the leader of the Rakyat and sister of Vaas. She asks him to prove that he's worthy of the Rakyat by accepting to retrieve an artifact: a symbolic knife with strong ceremonial meaning. During the quest, he meets undercover CIA agent, Willis Huntley, who was sent to investigate Hoyt Volker's (Vaas' boss) slave trade and drug business. He aids Jason by providing much needed information about the islands as well as the location of two of his friends, Oliver and Keith.
After rescuing Oliver before he’s sent to slavery and Keith from his new master “Buck” Hughes, Jason learns from Keith that his younger brother Riley has also been shot and killed. His other friends offer him to leave with them, but now the ordinary Jason is no more. He’s changed. Bent on revenge, he sets back out to kill Vaas and Hoyt.

Jason, having recovered the knife in the ordeal to save Keith, brings it back to Citra, who helps him to infiltrate Vaas’ compound. Jason then exacts revenge and kills Vaas.
Agent Willis sets up Jason to meet with his only CIA crew left on the island, Sam Becker. Sam is deep embedded in Hoyt’s trust and helps Jason to get in the ranks of Hoyt’s new recruits. Once he gets Hoyt’s trust, he is given permission to interrogate a prisoner, which turns out to be Riley. Later, during a private poker game hosted by Hoyt in which only he and Sam are invited, Hoyt is aware of the deception and kills Sam. He then proceeds to cut off one of Jason’s fingers. In the following battle that ensues, Jason kills Hoyt, whose last words were concerning Riley being flown off the island.

Jason hurries to Riley and they manage to escape using Hoyt’s helicopter. They arrive at Dr. Earnhardt to find his house burning and him dying. Their friends were captured by the Rakyat under Citra’s orders. When Jason reaches Citra, she offers him two choices: kill his friends and follow the path of the warrior; or let it go and free his friends. At this point the gamer has a choice to make. Killing his friends will result in Citra engaging in a sexual intercourse with him, then killing and assuring him that he dies like a warrior and the child she now carries will become a Rakyat leader. Freeing his friends will result in infuriating Dennis who’s about to stab Jason, but is saved by Citra taking the stab at Jason’s place.
Sources: 3 completions os the game;

When you read my story synopsis it might appear strange. But for analysis, I’ll sum it up and do a breakdown.

1. Group of young adult tourists get captured by pirates for ransom.
2. Protagonist’s brother dies during daring escape, resulting in a change of character.
3. Help is found with local Rakyat, Dennis. Later found with Dr. Earnhardt, then CIA agent Willis.
4. Protagonist’s strength of character and combat skills are developing.
5. Protagonist finds friends and kills antagonists.
6. Ending is up to player.

Now, let’s compare this to reality (respectively).

1. The capture of tourists for ransom is happening around the world. I did some research and found that it is happening in Somalia since 2008. And I am positive that if I would have more time to research I would find more instances of captured tourists for ransoms elsewhere.

2. Now many things can provoke a sudden and drastic change of character in a person. Mental traumatism is definitely one of them. If you, your family and friends are captured, you might be scared and afraid. Then during escape your brother dies but you escape, that stirs things up in the mind. It creates a scar. You don’t just care about being alive; you care about your friends’ lives. How far can a mind be pushed? Not everyone is the same, but it is understandable how some might find the strength to fight. Keep in mind that the protagonist can’t just head over to police and let them handle it. He is stranded on pirate controlled islands with no immediate escape. The fate of his friends is on his shoulders.

3. Help? Well help can be found everywhere. These are exotic islands with a tribal history. A strong tribal force can reside there to oppose the pirates. Also, a slave trade and drug business must surely attract the attention of the CIA. It isn’t farfetched that help can be found in a few places. It would have been farfetched, on the contrary, if the protagonist did everything without any help at all.

4. Yep. If I’m going to kill to survive and rescue my friends, I will learn how to use weapons. I will learn to stab and slice throats. And to be honest, if I were in the protagonist’s situation, I probably would fuel myself on each pirate I kill and my sense of mercy would leave me. My will would stand out above all. Am I the only one to feel like I would learn quickly how to kill? Here’s an example: your house is being robbed by an armed and dangerous criminal while you, your spouse and children are inside. How would you react if he threats your family? I know for sure I’d do what it takes to try and kill the assailant. If I succeed, I probably would not be a violent person after the event. But I would be mentally scarred. Having won against my attacker would make me feel stronger and more in confident as a protector. If this repeated every week, I would most likely feel stronger and more confident every time. What if this is transposed into a perpetual event (like Far Cry 3) rather than a repeated one (like my example)? I do believe that it’s possible for an ordinary man to turn into a killer under these conditions.

5. In continuation to number 4, achieving your purpose can happen.

6. The ending is up to the player. And I am sure that certain players opted one way and that certain players opted the other on their first run through. What does this mean? It means that both feelings are possible realistically. Some players, if not most, would rather save their friends. While others probably feel strong about being a warrior after playing the game. Nonetheless, if one choses a certain way, that’s the player’s realism.

Compared to GTA 5’s three protagonists, Far Cry 3’s single protagonist and story serves well to embed the player deep into a state of belonging. If any bit like me, players find themselves inside the skin of Jason Brody; like a mind merge. Which by contrast to GTA 5’s Michael, Franklin and Trevor where you feel like you’re just controlling a movie. According to me, that different feel for play adds to the feel of realism.
Debate Round No. 2


TheSupremeDebater forfeited this round.


3 protagonists
"So my starting point is I believe Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most realistic open world game to human life because the main story shows three completely different characters, from different times, come together in different ways."

I fail to understand how having three protagonists makes a game "the most realistic"; or simply more realistic for that matter. Any other game with a single protagonist can be more realistic than GTA 5. As a matter of fact, having three protagonists that team up like this feels like it's a movie script for some action flick. And we all know that action movies tend to push the boundaries of realism.

"[...] but in gta 5 you have three characters making it that more immersive."

Once again, I also fail to understand this. In fact, any argument that pertains to three protagonists versus a single to make a game more realistic or "the most realistic" doesn't add up to me. When I play GTA 5, I feel like I'm controlling a movie. I'll try to explain: as the player of a game in story mode, you immerse yourself into the character and the story it's living. If the developer did a good job, you'll be quite immersed into the game. You can identify yourself through the playing you do and really start feeling what the character should be feeling. I call this immersive. In GTA 5, however, you play three characters and hence makes it way harder for the player to immerse himself as you can't identify yourself with all three (so different) characters at once. Hence, you play these characters with limited immersive feel.

In the end, I believe that playing three protagonists doesn't make the game more immersive or realistic because it feels like you are playing a scripted movie, especially with the addition of so many cinematics. They might be nice and well done, but I for sure know that I wouldn't have acted like Franklin, Michael or Trevor in most cinematics. I am therefore more detached: adding to my point about playing a movie. Pro even makes a comment: “The steady pacing of the characters meeting in different ways almost seems to be right out of a movie”.

Like I said, action movies tend to push the boundaries of realism. Let’s further on my rebuttal to see just how GTA 5 does just that.

Full Action
There are missions in GTA 5 that are full bound action, stuff we don’t normally see in real life. I will list a few. Some, are just “WTF” moments (not necessarily in chronological order).

Saving Jimmy – At one point in the story, Michael’s son, Jimmy, gets in trouble wanting to sale his dad’s boat and is trapped in the boat as the culprits are running off with it on the highway. Michael and Franklin then go in pursue of the culprit and there is a vehicle to vehicle gun fight on the highway as Franklin has to jump from Michael’s car to the boat (on a trailer) to save Jimmy. Both Jimmy and Franklin will jump back in Michael’s car to complete the rescue.

Michael goes Rambo – When discovering that his wife is sleeping with her tennis coach, Michael goes over to destroy the entire porch portion of the house he followed him to: a house which belongs to drug lord Martin Madrazo’s girlfriend. Sure, Madrazo is a drug lord, and some stranger just destroyed the exterior portion of the house he bought his girlfriend, so he’ll let him live with a baseball bat hit to the arm and a promise that it will be paid back for. Seriously?

Saving Tracy – Yup, Michael’s daughter, Tracy, is a hot blond in need of attention. She enrolls herself in “Fame or Shame” (parody to “America’s Got Talent”) where perverted host Lazlow doesn’t care about Tracy’s talent, but only her body. A father saves her daughter from shame.

Saving Jimmy (Again!?) – Yes, Jimmy gets in trouble again with a geek cyber bully (apparently that exists) and Michael has to chase down his son’s kidnapper and pose a threat in order to save his son. Maybe Jimmy should get a punishment for all the trouble he’s causing. Michael doesn’t seem to care.

Saving Tracy (What? Again?) – Tracy gets involved with some porno shooting dushbags and who’s to the rescue? Her father. of course. Retrieving his daughter from a high-end yacht in only a sea-doo, Michael escapes with his daughter from a water-vehicle gun fight.

Saving Amanda – Amanda left her husband for her Yoga trainer, another pervert but is unhappy. Michael goes to find them at a coffee shop and slams another customer’s laptop to the yoga trainer’s face. Everyone is fine with that.

Saving Amanda and Tracy (Oh common!!! I mean… how many times does a family-man have to save his family?) – During a movie premier, Michael is informed of impending danger to his family. So he goes back home and kills several armed men to save his wife and daughter.

More “action movie” missions
Well, I could summarize this category into one theme: heists. The heists in this game are far daring and not commonly heard in real life. Keep in mind the heists run in crews ranging from 4 to 5 members.

Paleto Score – Protagonists rob a bank in Paleto, using heavy armor and fighting off the full county police force with heavy armor and guns. Mind you, the police and army force fight you with tanks and helicopters as well while the ground criminals are on foot with only heavy armor and guns.

Merryweather Heist – Though this heist doesn’t cash out in terms on money, the protagonist crew still lead a mission to steal top secret equipment from the private army Merryweather’s incoming shipment.

The Bureau Raid – The team launch a covert attack on the FIB (parody to FBI) to retrieve a data disk containing incriminating data against an FIB agent. In the process, the team want to erase the files pertaining to them. Michael can easily infiltrate the building as a maintenance guy and install bombs in strategic places. After blowing up the bombs, the crew act as firemen and perform their tasks.

Everything in this game is a parody. It may be set in a copy-cat city (Los Santos is based on Los Angeles), which may seem more realistic, nonetheless, everything else reeks parody (not too realistic). From the radio host talks, to the business signs, to the agency names (FIB), to the police radio, and more… it is all parody and overly exaggerated in some cases. So much for reality.

GTA 5 is like Mission Impossible, or Ocean’s Eleven/Twelve. It’s like nonstop action stories one after the other in such a succession that plausibility left the realm of GTA 5. Individually, any actione vent in GTA 5 is plausible, but all together… wow! It could make a good action movie. One that isn’t based on real life events.

** On a side note, I had to cut this short as I have only 7 minutes to post my argument. I could have given more examples, way more. But I'll keep that as an argument for next round. I will also go over game mechanics in next round.

Debate Round No. 3


My next argument is about game mechanics, which covers everything such as AI, physics, graphics, environmental ergonomics, etc.

With the PC version of GTA 5, and those with the possibility to play it in 4K, I have to admit that it has pretty sweet graphics. But for the console player at the time of release of each game, both GTA 5 and Far Cry 3 have great graphics.

In Far Cry 3, while sneaking in pirate outposts and pirates can hear or see something without being sure of what, they start searching towards their interrogation. After a while they quit and resume their guard duty. Whereas in GTA 5, when you have a wanted level they seem to zero-in on you if you are not in movement... without searching elsewhere! With a 2-star wanted level I can stand in a narrow back alley seven blocks away never to be seen by cops and they still will park their vehicles in the street next to me and come look for me on foot in that alley. The wanted level system in GTA 5 is good for gaming, but not for realism. Also, if I recall the story mode correctly when dealing with civilian enemies, you are either noticed or not. There isn't (or barely any) searching for you.

Health and Armor
Compared to Far Cry 3, in GTA 5, if I fall down from a roof I lose armor rating (bullet-proof vest) before health if I am wearing any. And if it is any realistic at all, recharging health in GTA 5 simply requires eating unhealthy snacks and drinking sodas. In reality, these foods have a negative effect on health. At least, in Far Cry 3, they have the decency of using medical syringes crafted from plants harvested in the environment. And you actually have to option to quick fix yourself (if you lack syringes) by replacing dislocated bones, bandaging yourself, etc.

Driving vehicles and vehicle damage
Far Cry 3's vehicle damage is a lot more realistic. If I drive down a cliff or hit a tree at high speeds, the vehicle will be barely unusable, if not at all. In GTA 5, I can drive straight to a wall at 150mph, jump cliffs and mountains, drive over sidewalks, hit posts (etcetera) and still drive that same vehicle. However, as I have tested, you can spend five minutes kicking the side of a car and it will explode!? Talking about explosions, vehicle chain reaction explosions... no way! Not like that!

Far Cry 3 doesn't have asphalt roads, but driving off-road with the vehicles is definitely more realistic than in GTA 5. Having personal experience off-road in real-life, there is absolutely no doubt that GTA 5's off-road driving is far from anything realistic.

The common off-road vehicles in these two games are the ATV, dune buggy, and a somewhat similar Jeep-like vehicle. In GTA 5 the dune buggy feels like a ping pong ball bouncing all over the slightest bumps and hills. The ATV steering is awful (actually feels more like a go-kart). The Jeep acts like a road vehicle that can't handle off-road.

In Far Cry 3 all these vehicles are way closer to reality. Anyone with experience driving these vehicles in real-life knows what I'm talking about. But I will try to explain for the non-experienced. The ATV in Far Cry 3 makes you actually sense the inertia from the vehicle's center of gravity. Turning actually feels like it requires the opposite arm to push the handle forward and the actual turning arc vs speed is well near reality. The dune buggy reacts to terrain better - gripping and skidding where it should without bouncing several feet into the air on the slightest bump. The Jeep-like vehicle is just better adapted. It’s meant to drive off-road, and it does until you exaggerate speed in curves.

Also, there’s nonsense in GTA 5 where you can control the vehicle’s pitch/tilt while it’s doing air.

Now I don’t know why Rockstar did this, but they removed one huge aspect of realism from GTA 4 into GTA 5. In GTA 4 you had police patrol on the streets. Not in GTA 5: all of Los Santos and Blain County and more… yet the only police you will encounter are the occasional car chases and your own wanted levels. No patrols whatsoever. In Far Cry 3, if you are near outposts controlled by pirates, there will be more patrols and fewer citizens driving the roads and vice versa. Also, patrols and guards can be heard talking and complaining. Not like the stand-still enemies in GTA 5 (aside from cops yelling at you during wanted levels).

Far Cry 3 has oscillation movements while aiming due to human respiration and inability to actually be completely still. And when looking through scopes or zooming, you actually look from behind the weapon with light glares on the scopes if using them. Not in GTA 5.

GTA 5 is set in not only in the city, but in the desert and mountains as well. Yet, wildlife is scarce to non-existent. In fact, I think I can only recall (from two completions of the story mode), two sharks, a mountain lion(?), a couple of deer(?) maybe? In fact it was so scarce I can barely remember what and where I met wildlife. I will not dwell on this too much though.

Skills and improving
I never really felt the difference being unskilled and skilled in the different skillsets of GTA 5. Being a RC Pilot or an Ace Pilot felt the same to me. Sure I felt the difference in lung capacity, and VERY slightly in strength; but driving, pilot and stealth - nada. It doesn’t really feel like your characters are really improving or learning new techniques. In Far Cry 3, you actually learn completely new moves through leveling: gaining new skills and also improving existing ones. You can learn with experience how to do a takedown from above, or from below. A double takedown, why not? Knife throwing? Sure. All new ways to kill: just like a person could actually learn in real life but didn’t know at the beginning of his adventure. Even though in real life these could take years, it is still an aspect of reality in Far Cry 3 that has been condensed in hours of play.

By the way, going from RC pilot to Ace Pilot (GTA 5) in real life would take several years, but GTA 5 also condenses. Except that it condenses into minutes compared to hours of Far Cry (just a few lessons to become ace pilot, or 20 minutes of swimming underwater for full lung capacity, etc.), and the difference between the extremes isn’t even really noticeable anyway.

As a bonus, here are a few other things about game mechanics in GTA 5 that I don't find realistic:
• You can drive through street light posts (made of metal and bolted to the ground) like they were made of hay, but can be stopped like a brick wall by a cedar hedge.

• Street lanes are excessively large.

• Street traffic is not quite to par yet. You experience nonsense behavior from NPC vehicles.

• You can kill someone in the street without the cops being alerted, and after a while no one cares about the cadaver.

• Once you clear your wanted level, you can drive by the same cops that are still there, only seconds later, and they don’t care.

• Opening your parachute just several feet from the ground and do a normal landing? I never did parachuting in real life, but my uncle was in the air force and confirms this is impossible.

• I did, however, pilot a helicopter in real life. And Rockstar really dumbed out the flight controls so that any player can pilot one. Helicopters don’t control like this in real life.

• I never piloted a plane, but I’m pretty certain you can’t fully steer a plane using only what GTA 5 calls rotor control (example: left and right bumpers on Xbox 360 controller). I can be wrong though, but it doesn’t feel right.

And these are just some on top of my head. For some of these points it doesn’t apply to Far Cry 3 because they are not even present in the game so it can’t be compared. But these are points that make the game not so realistic. There are some points that apply to other games in which they succeed better than GTA 5, though.

In terms of game mechanics and gameplay, I don’t think GTA 5 is the most realistic game.

Debate Round No. 4


TheSupremeDebater forfeited this round.


To conclude, I do realize that Far Cry 3 has its areas of not so realistic parts such as the the search for the compass parts (bonus to Pro from my part... I actually thought he would have brought this up). But on the other hand, GTA 5 also has its not so realistic parts. For instance, when Franklin hears a talking dog that leads him to the Dominator; or that dude in the desert chasing after alien spaceship parts. Yet again, Trevor's ravage mission (which is NOT drug induced and cannot be defended... I mean, one man against an army?).

We could have also debated on character strangeness. But then again, even though Citra might seem unrealistic, I've never heard of a psychiatrist like Dr. Friedlander being so selfish and unconcerned, then giving up his patients' confidentiality for a TV show. Or Lazlow, a sexually obsessed TV host that doesn't mind showingit on national TV. Well in fact, all the characters are parodied from American culture, hence being over-realistic.

Nonetheless, I keep comparing Far Cry 3 with GTA 5. That's a choice I made when accepting this debate, which makes for a tough battle. But I could have chosen a better game like Mafia 2. With that game I could have forfeited all rounds and still win because Mafia 2 has no unrealistic characters and story scenarios. It has far better realistic game mechanics too (cops patrolling streets on foot and in car, two types of wanted levels (person and car), realistic driving (can get pulled over for speeding and can even pay fines), need to refuel car, lockpicking,... etc). It's free, on Xbox 360 at least, so go try it before voting. Point being, GTA 5 isn't the most realistic game out there. Far Cry 3 is a realistic game. Mafia 2 is a realistic game. And there are more (my collegue names me a few I couldn't remember the titles because I never played them). GTA 5 has credit as a realistic game. Just not "THE MOST". And as a real fan of GTA 5 having spent over a year playing almost daily, I'm not even ready to give it that title.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by imabench 3 years ago
" if either game has cheats or multiplayer any other forms of gaming that is not close to real life doesn't count as a argument or rebuttal. "

Dude you dont get to just declare that the most clear indication that Grand Theft Auto V isnt realistic doesnt count as an argument.
Posted by Duncan 3 years ago
Eurotruck simulator.
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Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro gave up on the debate. I will interpret "k" in round 4 as Pro agreeing with everything Con says.