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Gravity should be illegal

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Started: 12/13/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe this debate is pretty self-evident, I will for the idea of outlawing of gravity, con will debating in defense of gravity. First argument you can accept, then debate from there.


Debate Round No. 1


I know that the law of gravity is a controversial issue right now, but I am firmly against it. Not only do I believe the law should be revoked, but I believe that gravity should be made illegal. In 2002, it was estimated that 393,500 persons died from falling in 2002. If we where to illegalize gravity, thousands of lives could be saved. Furthermore, A huge amount of broken bones, as well as back problems, are caused by gravity. Not only would the illegalization of gravity make people healthier over all, but it would decrease their medical bills. Even problems like heart disease could be reduced with the prohibition of gravity, because it would allow blood to flow much more freely through the body, reducing the strain on the heart.
Of course, on a more personal level, there is the moral issue of gravity. Currently, every man, woman and child is required to observe gravity at all times. This is clearly unconstitutional. Even if we where to not outlaw gravity, it still seems like a much more constitutional law would be to make the observation of gravity an elective. I understand that gravity was a necessity in the beginning era of our nation, but this is an outdated opinion. With the advent if magnetics, aeronautics, and quantum mechanics, gravity is not only becoming unnecessary for our nation, but it is a burden for its citizens.
finally, people would most likely enjoy the new found freedom weightlessness would bring. In a poll taken in 2012, 92% of participants said that they would prefer living in a weightless environment.
In conclusion, the law of gravity is an outdated and unconstitutional rule, and the outlawing of gravity would bring nothing but safety and comfort for most Americans.


Hello sexy, oh so tasty, hasty, pasty, manly pro, I'm a ninja this is my dojo and the rap for the con's about to go, with me writing it SOLO!...

Firstly, I ask, do you have a clue?
Why one plus one even equals two?
Why we get afraid when a ghost screams "BOO!"?
Why I am so superior to you?

Well neither do I so on a second note,
This is why, I insist, you should give CON the vote,
I don't mean to brag, boast or gloat,
But I'm like a coyote and you're a goat...

Let's tear you apart,
Let's make it hella fun,
Tell me, deep inside your mind, soul and heart?
Doth thou know not why the Earth rotates around the sun?
Doth thou trulyeth haveth no idea for the reason?
The answer, believe me you, is GRAVITY son!

Tell me without the sun, where would we be as a species?
Where would the plants, the pornstar babes, and the bumble bees be?
Well I can tell you, mister Pro, so homo, your mind must be running slow,
The answer, as I go with the flow, is clear enough for me to show,
The answer to the question raised is that they would all be dead,
For with no sun, there aint not heat or light,
With out groovy UV you'd be... DEAD!
No, in fact you know what? You'd never have been born,
There'd be no beautiful poetry, No magnificent porn,
There'd be no intellectual debates, No politicians on which to vote,
There'd be no lizards, no iguanas, no newts, no frogs nor toads.

Is this really an existence, or lack of it to be exact,
That a person as smart as you would want? No life, no skinny or fat,
People to run around the world and compete for natural selection,
No love, no hate, no, No sex, no foreplay, no affection?
Just an absence of what we are, of what we'll every f*cking be.
Is that what you want for you, your children, your ancestors, for the love of your and for me?
If so I'm very sorry, to worry, but I must truly tell it to thee... You have no emotion and your inner mind is quite a sick story...

Debate Round No. 2


I'm afraid my friend, that you don't understand,
The nature of the debate we have at hand, and
I'm gonna try and explain it to you,
Nice and slow, cus' you clearly don't have a clue,

You see I stated in my argument that I posted before
That although gravity was once useful
We don't need it anymore.
Gravity may have allowed the earth to form, but in case you didn't know,
The whole thing was done over 4.5 billion years ago!

And now your talkin about what we'd do without the sun
Well, that arguments so pointless I may have already won
Since when did our government have jurisdiction in the stars?
Next you'll be talking about how healthcare effects the folks on mars.

that's all I have to say,
for now I am done,
except, by the way,
coyotes aren't even goats natural predators son!


The world's governments never ever had jurisdictional power,
To stop gravity, to slow down time, an hour is an hour,
They never had the power to change a supernova,
But then why on earth did you drive into this debate mister Range rover?

This debate is over the need, not for speed, nor greed,
But the requirement and essential dependence we have for gravity indeed.
You think the Earth would be perpetually orbiting the sun without gravity?
I suggest you go to college saying that and try to get a physics degree...
Sheesh, you messed up your logic there, gravity is EVERYWHERE,
absolutely anywhere throughout the universe, Down HERE, UP THERE,
Planets orbit them do to what?
What allows Jessica Alba to live to have such a sexy pair of tits and a butt?
What allows you and me to exist in this realm to debate who, how and what?
What allows sexy and ugly people to f*ck, down and up, to pour things into a cup?

we need it bro, I win,
Thanks for EVERYTHING,
But next time you ride a car or bike, give it a spin,
You might be happy to find out gravity is working.
Debate Round No. 3


natoast forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Posted by natoast 5 years ago
Sorry about missing the last round. I was too busy hanging out in a vault for 2012.
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
nato i agree. They dont' realise we are discussing the law of gravity :P
Posted by natoast 5 years ago
It's ironic because you're the idiots.
Posted by The_Master_Riddler 5 years ago
Hey man, what the heck, how can you illegalize gravity. You even sound dumber than Michelle Bachman saying that greenhouse gases are not harmful to the environment. XP
Posted by morgan2252 5 years ago
What sort of idiot thinks of outlawing GRAVITY? Gravity can't be outlawed in the first place, so it isn't woth debating about. And, if we didn't have gravity, we wouldn't even be standing here right now. Nothing would come together. All of the atoms that make up humans (and anything elese) would be floating hopelessly in space. No stars. No Earth. No people. Nothing. It would be a very boring universe.
Posted by Azul145 5 years ago
Nato you are the biggest idiot I have ever seen. Bigger idiot than Obama :)
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Reasons for voting decision: Con to pro because of inappropriate videos by con. Spelling ,intakes by pro in first round. Pro was an idiot from round 1 so con gets arguments.