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Gravity...........Fact or Fiction ?

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Started: 2/15/2011 Category: Religion
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This is not a real debate.

Winner will be decided on who presents the worst and most humorous arguments.

Resolved: Gravity Fact or Fiction

I as Con will argue that the theory of gravity is fiction

Pro will argue that theory of gravity is fact

Opening Arguments....................

My fellow bible believers. We all know that the theory of evolution is false, cause the bible says man was created about 7000 years ago, and evolution takes millions of years. But there is another satanic godless secular theory, that the God hateing scientists with the help of the lesbian feminists have snuck into the education curriculum, and that is the "theory" of gravity.

Now what these gravitationalists want you to believe is that gravity is just some kind of product of natural phenom, that the pulling down of objects is just some kind of cosmic accident. Well lets look towards the holy bible to see what God has to say on this......

Pslam 8:3
"3 When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,"

Thats right scientists, its God that determines the place of heavens and all those things things that move there in. Not some accidental force of "gravity" that these heretics want you to believe.

Now some of these gravitationalists might refer to micro gravity, such as throwing a tennis ball into the air. But this doesn't prove that gravity exists on a macro level. This is an unwarranted assumption made by gravitationalists cause of their presuppositions of naturalism (read God hating homosexuals)

Now think about it, God is all knowing and all powerfully, is God just gonna let things drop at random ? God is a God of order not chaos.

What we need is to teach the alternative to this secular abomination, an alternative based on the holy bible, this alternative shall be known as intelligent motion of objects.

In conclusion if something moves...........God did it.

I look forward to Pro reply who will no doubt spew the lie of gravity as they have sold their soul to satan.


My friends, IllegalCombatant is nothing more than a hate-breeding socialist, sent to disrupt those principles that we hold most dear.

Of course, as we all know, all free nations have fought long and hard for the acknowledgment of our right to gravity. It was not until only 3 centuries ago that Sir Isaac Newton, a long time promoter of gravity, finally passed the worldwide allowance of this fundamental right.

My opponent wants to take away our gravity. OUR gravity, that our ancestors fought and died for! Well I say no. Sure, it starts with gravity. Then what? I'm guessing next he wants to abolish babies and sunshine. IMAGINE a world where power driven Fictationalists like IllegalCombatant ruled. Where we are force fed propaganda leading us to believe that babies and sunshine and gravity don't exist. That's the future my opponent advocates for and I, for one, wont let it stand.

If you think that we can give in for JUST a second, think again. We gave these Fictationalists a chance. One particularly well-known Fictationalist figurehead was given rule of Germany in 1941. Do you remember what happened then? Oh, that's right. The HOLOCAUST.

Sure, my opponent can throw around OBVIOUSLY doctored and misinterpreted Bible passages, but you're smarter than that. I will give you the true word of God based on Acts of the Apostles, which was deemed by Pope Leo VI "More reliable than Psalms in every way."

Acts 14:8-13
Gather my children for even you must hear this tale of the
respectable man, Joheminiah.
Although, lame at birth, Joheminiah was
very much in love with the teachings
instituted by Jesus. However, many a
tear danced in his glassy eyes for he thought that
Yahweh did not love him. Alas, this was not true
for one day, Paul came the weeping man.
Truly moved by the sight, Paul massaged the man's neck, saying,
"Why are you crying? Stop being so lame." The man, healed, walked to
his church and prayed.

Did you catch that? Read it again, this time, taking only the first letter from every line. See it now? It says, "G-R-A-V-I-T-Y F-T-W."
"Gravity-for-the-win"? Why would God leave us this inspirational testimony to gravity if he supported my opponents non-sensical Fictationalist ideology?

Another passage in Isaiah 32 states:
"Gravity is real, deal with it."

My opponent makes the religious argument when that same evidence obviously contradicts his beliefs. This shows how poorly prepared my opponent was in his research.

Another religious authority, Pope Benedict XVI, just released a public address the other day stating how Airplanes fought against the Lord's will:
"These synthetic demons of the sky threaten the very fortitude of the Church. Trying to reach the heavens, pulling God's children where they ought never be.... it is enough to make me sick. I'm glad to see that terrorists are getting one thing right..."

Why would the Pope, the man in charge of carrying out God's word, want to abolish Airplanes? Because they defy gravity. These crafts were built by the descendants of the same men who built the Tower of Babel. It is obviously the Lord's intention to keep gravity where it is. If gravity wasn't real, then why would the Pope be fighting so hard to defend it?

Of course, it is well known that Jesus' major preaching point was that "Gravity is just God hugging the world". So why does my opponent say that it isn't real? Why does my opponent REJECT and QUESTION THE VERITY of the Lord's embrace?
You tell me.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank the gravitationalist for their response.

I think its important to get back to the topic at hand. Now lets think about if gravity really did exist. Everything would drop. Even the universe would be dropping. Is the universe dropping ? of course not, showing the falsity of this gravity theory, and remember its just a theory.

Now if gravity isn't causing objects to drop, that leads us to the conclusion that God did it.

Now we have to ask, in light of these facts, why would the so called scientists still hold unto this blatant ungodly doctrine ? I can think of no other reason than they want to deny God, teach evolution and rape children.

Now Pro brings up Isaac Newton. See God made the apple drop on his head, to teach Isaac a lesson about stopping this gravity theory non sense. Apparently Isaac is a slow learner, but that's ok cause Isaac will have lots of time to consider his mistake on preaching gravity since God has thrown them down into hell forever. That should give Isaac lots of thinking time.

Now Pro brings up the pope, I ask you, can we really take the words of a man seriously who continues to wear that funny hat ? I think not.

Now people would rather believe in this gravity non sense, cause they don't want to admit it is God who is in control, and thus its God to whom they are accountable. Its easier to satisfy their sinful desires believing it is some impersonal natural law called gravity, and not the all mighty God that causes objects to fall. But they are without excuse as the apostle Paul says.....Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world Gods invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."

Now if gravity was real, then Jesus would of just fell of the cross, but since it was Gods will that Jesus be crucified that is why he hang up there. How else can the advocate of gravity explain it ? they can't.

Gravity............Just a theory.......a very wicked, sinful, god denying theory.


4stFire forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Teach the controversy !!!!

Gravity vs Intelligent motion of objects.

Jesus is LORD !!! and that means he is also lord of all things in motion. These atheists want to worship a false God, a God that doesn't cause objects to drop !!!

In conclusion, gravity just a theory.

I thank my opponent, one of the minions of satan, for participating in this debate.


My friends, I have just emerged from the basement of some strange, Russian man's house. Although I managed to escape, it is apparent that some group, no doubt the dastardly Fictationalists, want me out of the picture. Alas, that Russian man's rope had just as many holes in it as my opponents argument. I apologize for my absence, but it is apparent that during my leave, not much with substance was said.

To begin, I would like to deny my opponent's primary contention: If something moves, God did it. This is utterly preposterous. To think that someone, even God, could keep track of millions of tiny things, causing them to drop or not, is ABSURD. This is God were talking about, not Santa Claus. God spends way too much of his time keeping gays from marrying and transposing his face onto tortillas in Mexico for him to care about moving things. God INVENTED gravity, just as a rich alcoholic mom would hire a babysitter, to take care of the silly stuff he hates.

With that out of the way, I would like to bring my opponent's moral fiber into question. Who would DARE question the pope under the insult of his hat. We all know that God's Speaker, Pope Benedict, wears that hat because of his misshapen head, which he is dreadfully self conscious about. Now, what sort of person would bring that to surface in the middle of a legitimate debate. My friends, bringing attention to the Pope's hat is like asking the handicapped girl why she doesn't go swimming at the birthday party. Simply RUDE. So I ask, is this person, someone so obviously quick to judge, someone that you trust with your gravity?

And please. Jesus didn't fall off of the cross because he could fly. Jesus preformed hundreds of miracles and suddenly when he doesn't fall off of the cross, it is because gravity doesn't exist? I think not!!

God uses gravity EVERY day. How else could people fall all the way down to hell? God isn't going to personally take someone all the way down there by himself. He hates it down there. Its too humid and it makes his beard frizzle.

Now, IllegalCombatant and I disagree on a lot of things, but I'm sure we can come to agree on one thing: God HATES fun. He hates it. Thats a fact and we ALL know it. Now think. Have you ever been at an amusement park, and rode one of those rides that drops you from fifty feet up? I know I have. Tell me, if God really did control gravity, then why does he allow this blatant abuse of gravity for amusement. If God really does move all things down, then why don't we just float there, having no fun at all? It just DOESN'T ADD UP...

Now, let me make one thing clear to you. Gravity DOES exist. Don't let anyone fool you otherwise. If someone told you that hugs weren't real, what would you do? You wouldn't blindly believe it, would you? NO. You would pray, and meditate until you came to a conclusion.

I meditated.

I prayed.

And God spoke to me.

I cannot tell you all of what he said due to copyright infringement and the fear of not doing it justice, but it went something like this:

I was walking alone through a beach. One pair of footprints making their mark in the sand. Then, suddenly, there was two sets of footprints.
God: Hey bro
Me: GOD?!?
God: Yeah
Me: What are you doing here??
God: I fell off of my heaven chair.
Me: What?
God: I was leaning back and... I fell.
Me: Aw bro... that sucks! But... wait. Does that mean...?
God: Gravity exists, yeah.
Me: I have to tell everyone!
(Then the rest of the dream consisted of God and me building sandcastles and braiding each other's hair.)

So, my friends, I hope this is proof enough to you. This dream transcript clearly shows that God is not in control of gravity and that gravity is, in fact, real.

Thank you for your time in this very serious matter. I hope many of you will consider signing my petition to prevent Fictationalist from putting taxes on Gravity.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BlackVoid 7 years ago
Rofl this is hilarious so far. I love pro's line about abolishing babies and sunshine. Thats epic.
Posted by BlackVoid 7 years ago
Rofl this is hilarious so far. I love pro's line about abolishing babies and sunshine. Thats epic.
Posted by mongeese 7 years ago
Perhaps God did it... through gravity?
Posted by wjmelements 7 years ago
So, in order to win, must I prove gravity, or disprove that "if something moves...........God did it"?
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Total points awarded:10 
Reasons for voting decision: Excellent effort by both, conduct to Con due to the forfeit.
Vote Placed by petersaysstuff 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I lol'd at pro's responses. GREAT!
Vote Placed by BlackVoid 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This is very hard for me to vote on. On one hand, I felt that while both sides were funny, pro was hilarious. So many epic lines and very easy to read. But the forfeit makes it tough, especially since I'm sure pro really didnt want to. In the end, i'll just go with this, because I cracked up so much at pro's lines.