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Greed is more powerful than loyalty

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Started: 9/14/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Greed is more powerful than loyalty. A dictionary meaning of greed is: "an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food". Someone with a huge desire for these things may do whatever it takes to gain whatever it is they want to gain. It might end up hurting family and/or friends, or in general harming their relationship with others. Greed can be a poison to the mind, a poison so bad it makes the mind go insane with it. Greed grows, and will ignore all attempts to loyalty.
Extremes that actually do happen as a result of greed include things such as murder, stealing, kidnapping, and stuff like that. These are huge extremes, but there are other things people might do to gain stuff, such as bribery and threats, or sometimes they do nothing. It all depends on how deep the greed is, or how much they want whatever it is they want.
As a result of their actions, a person will break or damage their relationships with others. Murder and such will, other than get them in jail, destroy their relationship with everyone they know (except for people who helped them or urged them on). Smaller things like threats and such will harm their relationships, but not destroy them completely (unless they have that one friend who can "never forgive you for that").
The effect that greed has on the mind is a huge one. Other than being a "fast-spreading poison", as mentioned before, it can stop your whole life from moving on. Greed can make you go insane with wanting (or make other people go insane with your wanting), and even if you know you don"t want to do certain things to get the thing you want, you might end up doing them anyway. You may end up regretting everything you did, or maybe not if you"re some psychopathic person who wants power and will kill people to get it" that sounds like something Macbeth did"
Loyalty is far, far away from greed, and will be pushed away if it attempts to come closer. Greed ignores all loyalty, even friends and family in some cases. Basically, greed is bad and should not exist if we"re to have a "perfect world". But, as I have said, greed is definitely more powerful than loyalty, for, with greed, a person may end up doing something they regret, harming their relationships with people, and harming themselves (specifically the mind).
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Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
if all that happens to you by being loyal to your master is that you hate people and become limited, then there is no greed in play to not be loyal.. everyone is born a master
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
depends on the need or lack of satifsaction to be loyal
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