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Guild Wars is better than World of Warcraft

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Started: 3/1/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First off, I apologize for creating this debate. I know one has been made already, but when I looked through it, I couldn't help but think "Oh dear, this World of Warcraft supporter makes no sense."
Therefore, I will make a new debate about this issue and hopefully end up with a better debate.

Second, my native language isn't English, so I might mess up somewhere along the line when it comes to wordplay, sentence structures, etc. Just an FYI.

Third, I will use sarcasm, irony and cynisism, so I could come over as a d!ck.

Fourth, please try to avoid accepting my debate if you are unable to form coherent sentences. I am looking to debate, not decipher cryptic messages.

The rules are simple, I just want some arguments why you think World of Warcraft is better. Ofcourse, I will try to debunk your arguments, but we shall see.

I will start off.

Warcraft 1/2/3 had an amazing story. Having played them all, I was thrilled when I heard WoW came out. However, when I played it, I did not see any of the beauty Warcraft 3 had. Besides having some of the same races, the lore in WoW has completely tarnished to the background. If you get the right quests and read them carefully, you might gain a fraction of the actual lore that's going on in the current World of Warcraft.
Since Guild Wars Prophecies came out, you were right away thrown into a world filled with stories, mainly in the form of missions. These cutscene filled happenings always kept you gripped in a story that's far beyond current WoW's lore. Besides that, the quests actually make sense when it comes to a story line. You will encounter great bosses, for example killing them, or aiding them as part of the story.

//Progression through the game.
This brings me to this: WoW has no bosses that make sense. Whereas you have to kill Undead Rurik on the Ring of Fire as part of the story, epic (early) raid bosses such Onyxia make no sense. They're just there. Why? Who knows. Maybe if you read all the 20.000 WoW books, you'd know. Maybe.

In WoW, you will be grinding quite a bit. Yes, nowadays questing will bring you higher levels quite a bit easier, but it's still an everlong hike to a spot that you will at some point achieve... and then what? You're level 85. You basically just turn into a raid/PvP machine? A game that'll eventually turn you into a healbot, a DPS-monger or a tank, without a purpose besides doing the same thing over and over?

In GW, you will quickly achieve the max level cap (20). Quite easily, now with Eye of the North. But that doesn't matter. You arrive at level 20, and THEN the world actually opens itself up to you.
And if you just want to kill other players, you can simply create a level 20 PvP-only character.

PvP is such a great thing in many games. However, PvP should be a test of skill, not how many macros you can have on your hotbar, or how good you are at spamming F, Shift+F and CTRL+F (which were my most used keys as Fury Warrior).
Besides those 3 keys that are almost pushed into the bottom of the keyboard itself, you have a sh!t-ton of skills in your other action bars. Depening on how many actions bars you have set up, your UI will most likely be cluttered with skills you will only use once a minute. (The previous counts for WoW)

In GW, the PvP is kept dynamic, and very strategical. How?
You only have space for 8 skills and you cannot change them once you entered the arena, battlegrounds, or whichever place you PvP in.
You will always need to look at all of your skill (except if you bring a revive with you) to find the perfect time to active your skills, should you want to succeed in this tactical warfare. To me, that sounds an awful lot more exciting.

Besides the outposts, Guild Wars is pretty much instanced. Once you leave a city, you're in your own world. This has led to many people saying Guild Wars is a terrible game because you cannot play with your friends, cause you're all alone.
On the contrary, you can actually play with your friends, and your friends alone. Not some random nutter running to steal your (for example) last boar that you had to kill. Great, now it's gonna take another 10 minutes to wait on this Ogre to respawn in Deadwind Pass.

WoW and GW both have something as a clan, Guilds. Both have individual ranks in a guild, so that's a plus. However, four things make GW guilds better.
1. You have your very own Guild Hall, in which you can compete against different guilds, or just host fun tournaments in your guild/alliance.
2. Alliances. Your guild can actually be part of a big network of guilds, called alliances.
3. You can buy merchants, skill trainers, dye traders, etc. to come and live in your Guild Hall, all to your benefit.
4. You can actually control outposts in Guild Wars Factions, if you have a high enough kurzick/luxon factions. (similar to honor points)

This is always such a cliche subject when it comes to WoW/GW, but eh.
GW is buy to play, whereas you gotta pay to play WoW.
Yes, you can circumvent the paying to play WoW, but you'll never get the same quality as on the retail WoW server, whereas you will maintain the excellent quality on Guild Wars, because it's simply a $30 buy to get the first three game, forever.

I hope someone wishes to debate about this with me.
Yes, I do know it's a bit odd since GW2 is due to go into closed beta, but it still interests me. And I'm sure WoW will be played anyway by people, regardless of GW2. ;)


Hi, this will be a very interesting debate, but I will try my best.
Ill first start out with my arguments and in later rounds, address my opponents.

Ok lets first start out with a definition, to be better is to be more attractive, favorable, or commendable (merriam webster dictionary.) But in order to determine which game is more favorable, we also have to look at the attractiveness to the whole population, not just to individual personal preferance.

First and foremost, World of Warcraft is more popular world wide. Over 10.2 million people have subscribed to World of Warcraft, making this game the #1 most popular MMORPG. Guild Wars only have sold 6.2 million units, clearly showing WOW is more popular and outweighs the sales of Guild Wars. Just these numbers alone should convince a person that WOW is obviously more favorable then Guild Wars because the more people play WOW than Guild Wars.

Next, WOW has a better community scope. This point kind of goes hand in hand with my first contention because with the expansion of players in a game, comes an expansion of community one can interact with. A larger community within a game, leads to an augmentation of many other paticular qualities in a game. For example, merchanting in World of Warcraft would be much more desierable because of the scope of the community. Just by community alone, many other qualities in a game are better because they depend on a player community. I gave the merchanting point earlier, but in addition, team wars and team conquests are much better with a sizable community (easier to make a team, better interaction, etc).

Last, WOW has endless things to do and encourages fun. The quests drive the plotline forward and allows users to continue playing without the loss in fun. As you mentioned, WOW is a subscription game, and has a 1 month fee to pay. Despite this, WOW still has more subscriptions (meaning people who quit the game and unsubscriped are not counted towards this statistic) while statistic regaurding popularity for guild wars measures the one time fee which includes people who quit. WOW still outweighs Guild Wars in appeal because existing subscribers outweights people who merely bought the game (includes people who play and those who dont). This is because of the appeal of game which has a neverending plotline, one that Guild Wars lack.

For all these reasons I urge a Negative vote
Debate Round No. 1


Daga forfeited this round.


U got pwned nub vote for me
Debate Round No. 2


Daga forfeited this round.


zooonar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Daga forfeited this round.


zooonar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Yep 5 years ago
nice language lol...
Posted by Daga 5 years ago
@Korashk It isn't disingenuous to call GW an MMORPG, since MMORPG just stands for RPG capable of being played with a massive amount of people. So it justifies it. :P
Posted by Korashk 5 years ago
Everybody should play Guild Wars. Especially now that you can get the whole shebang for like 50 bucks which is basically three tangentially related RPGs plus an expansion on the original that sets up the lore for Guild Wars 2.

It's also disingenuous to call Guild Wars an MMO, since it really isn't. It's more like a regular RPG that you play online with other people in order to beat.
Posted by BlackHitlerJr 5 years ago
It's all about Travian. #AllPraiseBeToAllah #highfashion
Posted by Daga 5 years ago
@Kyro It's an MMORPG, like WoW, and it shares certain aspects of the MMORPG genre, but there's a vast difference. I'd need much more than the 1900 character limit to explain it. :P Try it out yourself, I'd say! :)

@DoctorWho You're named after an amazing series. Your cock, however, isn't. Troll more!
Posted by kyro90 5 years ago
I know what WoW is but idk about guild wars. Whats it about? Though I think ive heard of it...
Posted by Mirza 5 years ago
Your arguments are easy to refute, but making a direct case against Guild Wars is difficult considering a very new and totally remade version is nearly out, and I haven't played the old one. I'll think about this.
Posted by Beachgirly 5 years ago
Wait never mind I looked into Guild Wars and it is
Posted by Beachgirly 5 years ago
Humm okay, but it must be good if your saying it's better than WoW... Ohh and assuming it's a MMORPG right?
Posted by Daga 5 years ago
Well, then I suggest you look into it, since it's an amazing game. ;)
They have a trial, if you wanna give it a go. :P
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