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Gun Control is Not Going to Help Prevent Gun Violence

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Started: 4/10/2016 Category: Politics
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The format

R1- Acceptance

R2- Arguments

R3- Rebuttals of the arguments

R4- Conclusions, no new arguments

I apologize in advance if I am unable to argue for a certain round,


1- BoP is shared.

2-Forefeitures create a bit of an exception, if you forefeit round 2, you may argue AND rebut in R3, if you miss round 3, you may provide rebuttals.

3- Be civilized and enjoy debating
Debate Round No. 1


Hello and thank you for agreeing to debate me. I look forward to a lively debate. Also, welcome to DDO.

Firstly, most guns in the USA are bought legally.

"First, except for a few guns stolen from package services and dealers that were never sold, legally or otherwise, virtually every gun sold in the United States was legally purchased – by a law abiding citizen. "

In fact, at the risk of practically arguing for my opponent, the percentage of the guns bought by criminals and then used to commit crimes are microscopic. Insignificant.

"If the question is actually “What percentage of criminals legally buy a gun and commit a crime with it,” the percentage is extremely small. The last data suggests that a fraction of one percent of those who commit a gun related crime will legally purchase a gun and then commit a crime with it. Most of those crimes are “crimes of domestic violence,” essentially crimes of passion, and the gun happened to be in the house. If no gun were present, some other weapon, knives, clubs, fists or something else, would have been used instead. While the overwhelming majority of professional criminals will use stolen “street guns” that are cheap but very definitely illegal. "

However, that is not the question. In fact, the question is "Out of 100% of gun crimes, how many crimes are committed with legal guns?"

This greatly changes the status quo, while keeping it the same question. Two sides of the same coin.

The amount of murders and other violent crimes committed with legally purchased guns (that is, bought by the criminal who committed the crime in a legal way at a licensed gun dealer and signed all the paperwork) is around 6% of murders and very few other crimes.

From there, it's simple math. Around 94% of gun crime is committed with illegal guns, acquired illegally.

"The overwhelming majority of gun related crimes are committed with guns that have been stolen, and traded for drugs. Those guns are passed from criminal to criminal, sold and resold, and may very well be used in hundreds of crimes before they are recovered from someone accused of a crime. "

To use my over cited (sorry) source, yet again, we have a breakdown of how illegal guns are obtained.

"We do have a handle on the source of guns recovered from persons arrested and accused of a crime. Of guns recovered from persons arrested and charged with a crime:

84 percent of those guns were stolen in a burglary; including 4 percent stolen from a relative or a friend.

6 percent of those guns were confiscated and resold by a “law enforcement officer.” Legalized armed robbery, in other words.

2 percent of those guns were stolen from the police or the military.

2 percent of those guns were stolen from a parcel or delivery service"

So, the overall total is this- only 6% of guns used in crimes are legal, 94% illegal.

Argument conclusion-

The overall amount of guns used in gun crimes is mostly illegal. If we begin gun control, it will stop, overall, only 6% of gun crimes. Most of the gun crimes committed with this 6% are crimes of passion and would likely have been committed with or without those guns. So gun control would work in a world with no illegal guns perfectly, but in a world with most crimes committed with illegal guns, it would do no overall good.



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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4
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