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Gun Control

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Started: 9/23/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Guns are the number one reason for death in children and teenagers and are the number one cause of homicide in all age categories. Now I don't want to hear the crap about how "Guns don't kill people! People kill people!" Yeah, well bad people use guns to kill over 30,000 people every year. This statistic is growing at a steep incline. People will say how they want to protect themselves as is their right through the second amendment. If you really wanted to protect yourself, your family, and your country overall from our own gun-owning citizens, then you would support gun control like so many other sensible Americans do.

The video attached shows what guns have caused innocent people. Watch this video and see if you are still against gun control.

Pray for Newtown.


Yes and No. guns are A reason for deaths in the United states, but it is not the only one. actually from 2003-2010 the number one reason for deaths in the United states was heart disease, and homicide was fifteenth on the list. And if you didn't want to hear that "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." then why did you start this debate? it is true that people do kill people, the gun is just the tool. Guns are not the only way that people are being killed. There are MANY different causes, such as bombing. Also, if homicide is such a huge problem it wouldn't matter if all guns were destroyed or illegal, there are MANY different ways to cause death. you better believe that its are right! only someone who is naive would say that gun control is a good thing.. whoever says that is probably some Obama voter who has NO clue what they are talking about!!! we do want to protect ourselves! even if there was gun control you honestly believe that if someone wanted they couldn't get whatever gun they wanted? there would be a black market for guns! if gun control did pass, there would most likely be a 10% increase on public shootings! Guns are a VERY good thing to have! if someone walked into Walmart and pointed a gun at someone, and you had a gun, you could just shoot the guy then! you would probably save many peoples lives! Owning a gun is our right through the Second Amendment!!! If someone broke into your house and they had a gun pointed at your family, you have every right to shoot them! so if you Truly want to protect you family and your country, then you would vote against gun control!

Also, if we let the government take away our right to keep and bear arms, just imagine what else they might try to take away from us!!! Thank you.

"A free people ought to be armed!"
- George Washington
Debate Round No. 1


I am just going to rebut the ignorance you just spewed to the Internet:

    • I didn't say that guns were the number on cause of death for everyone, just children. They are the number one cause of homicide for everyone in the world, but you don't really seem to care that millions of people die every year. That 30,000 statistic was just the US!
    • I have heard of one bombing in America and about one hundred shootings in America in the past ten years. Guns are just more common and if we take them away then all will be well.
    • Just because someone votes for Obama (and I'm not saying I do) doesn't mean they are stupid and ignorant. Rather, you are the one who is stupid and ignorant.
    • Your entire paragraph had one fact and that was about heart disease. You just made up numbers. That is not an argument. Your prediction that public shootings would increase 10% has no factual basis; you simply pulled it off a whim.
    • You cannot bring a gun into WalMart to protect yourself. Someone will call the police.
    • Taking away guns is not taking away everything as you stated in your semi-dramatic exit at the end.
    • George Washington said that while a war was happening in the next town over and he was fighting in it. It was a different time and people need to realize that. Death is not imminent. We haven't had an attack on the continental United States since 1865. You are not some brave soldier fighting in Afghanistan you are a normal American who has every right to sit and let the police do their job. A security system or a community watch system will be much more effective than a gun and will attract a lot less law suits.

As this is my final argument, I would like to conclude by saying that my opponent offered no factual information just opinions. I have made legitimate contradictions to his baseless statements and therefore should be claimed as winner of this debate. Gun control is a way to raise gun safety not lower it and should be supported as a way to have the law on our side if ever we needed it to be.


Alright, I'm sorry for that bit of confusion in the beginning.

Okay, first that was an unfair statement. i did not say that i didn't care that millions of people are dieing every year ( and there is no way you can know what i am thinking so that is completely unfair to state that i don't seem to care about people dieing), i am simply saying that millions of people die every year anyway! dieing is natural, and no one knows how long they have on this earth.

okay, first just because you have only heard of one bombing does not meant that that was the only one, and also, i said that bombing was one example of people being killed. there was also 9/11. there has been many other incidents.

When i say "Obama voter" it means they are most likely not thinking about what they are doing, they don't care what happens to this country. (not in all cases just most) because, we all saw how much Obama put us in debt compared to Bush. so i understand someone voting for him the first time, but after they saw what he did to our country his first term, they should have been more wise in their voting decisions,and why they voted for him. also when i say "Obama voter" it means they are willing to let the government take complete control of our country, and they don't care if all our guns are taken away from us, because they don't realize how much it might hurt our country.

Your statement about not being allowed to bring a gun into Walmart is false. if you go to this website, it states clearly that you ARE allowed to carry a handgun with you in to all Walmart stores. ( You are allowed to bring a handgun anywhere you please, according to to the Second Amendment. except of course to places such as the airport
and the state capital building etc...)

Taking away your right to own guns is like taking away your right to have children, or a house, etc...

Your statement about it being a "different time" and not having been attacked sense 1865 is completely ignorant. it is a different time, but George Washington was a very wise leader, and he knew exactly what he was talking about. it does not matter what year it is the fact is, "A free people ought to be armed!" if you are free you should have weapons to protect yourself! if you don't, someone could attack you, and you wouldn't be able to defend yourself. also, how would you know if i was a soldier fighting in Afghanistan or not? My brother was over in Afghanistan during Christmas this past year, so how would you know these things? you don't... so you are just saying what you think you know.

The police are here to "HELP" protect us, and make sure that every one is following the law. they are not our personal body guards who we can let take care of our lives for us. Just because there are police does not mean that you cant
do your part as an American and help our country, even in small ways.

No it would not. you said "A security system or a community watch system will be much more effective than a gun and will attract a lot less law suits." No. a security system could break down, and a community watch system is too much of a hassle, someone could forget it is there turn, and something bad could happen. Having a gun would be WAY more effective.

As this is my final argument, i would like to say that my opponent is not thinking about how much more effective a gun is, and how as an American citizen we have every right to own a gun. My opponent is voting on taking away our right according to the Second amendment. so to end this debate i would like to say to keep the second amendment, vote against gun control, to help protect ourselves, and our country.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by fluffernutters 4 years ago
I believe these are somewhere close to the statistics Taylor was shooting out.

This article does show he may be inaccurate on the crime rate increasing by banning guns, but it also shows there would be no solid evidence showing that removing the 2nd amendment would decrease it either.

And I think this quote more adequately summarizes pro-gun feelings on the issue.

"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." - Benjamin Franklin
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