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Guns are the most common denominator in shootings, nothing else.

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Started: 6/13/2016 Category: Politics
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First debate, I am trying this things out.

Whoever accepts this debate I'd like to explain the format. Nothing too complicated:

Pro: Introduction statement
Con: Counter arguement (statement that counters mine) + reasoning
Pro: Complete argument + response to reasoning
Con: Complete argument


I think argument 1 is for acceptance. I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I think I messed this up, I added to little argument boxes, let me restart it, care to join me on that one?


Yes, I'd like to restart this debate and delete this one. Thanks.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by ballpit 2 years ago
There should be no votes on this to be entirely honest due to the fact that no arguments were presented whatsoever.
Posted by 42lifeuniverseverything 2 years ago
This resolution is not nonsense, however, it rests heavily on the definition of shooting. If you define shooting as a purposeful act of violence, then I would argue that actually bias and beliefs are the common denominator in every shooting. Or a public debate that rages afterwards. Not all shootings have to include guns. But honestly, why don't you say that "Guns are the most common denominator in mass violence today". That is a better resolution and more fair to Con.

Posted by ballpit 2 years ago
This resolution is nonsense anyway, No hate here but technically when you shoot you are using a gun most of the time because that is what a gun does it shoots.
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Vote Placed by Danielle 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro does not make any arguments in favor of the resolution and forfeits. Con exhibits superior conduct by following the rules and gracefully accepting a concession. Neither side many arguments.