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Guns should be banned for US Civilians who arent part of the Law Enforcement

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Started: 11/4/2015 Category: Economics
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I think that guns need to be banned to the Civilians in the US that arent in Law Enforcement. This will decrease shooting in the US. Sure, there is an ammendment giving US citizens the right to own guns. However if this right is risking our saftey and is being abbused it needs to be taken away.


If guns are banned for every US citizen, other than Law Enforcement, self defense is taken away. Criminals don't follow laws. Law abiding citizens would give up their guns while criminals would illegally get them just as they do today. The people who would no longer have guns would be defenseless and more homicides would occur. The only good this could possibly do is that there is a chance suicide rates would go down. Banning guns for US citizens is a very bad decision.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, sure criminals may still have guns however most criminals get what is easy to get and if gun were illegal and banned it would prevent alot of criminals from getting guns because they want the easy way to get them. Think about this if a criminal has a gun to carry out a homescide. Where did that criminal originally get the gun? Now a days most criminals get their guns from local gun shops or they get it from someone else. And even that someone they get it from had to buy the gun from somewhere. If guns were banned the only way criminals can buy the guns would be from a different country and they would have to bring it through US customs which is wayyy hard. So putting that wall in between criminals and guns will make it harder for them to obtain them in the US. Another way homecides happen is because gun shops sell guns to these "stable" people who seem totally fine and all the legal documents check out. Then later those same people become "unstable" and use those guns they bought in the past to kill people. Its like putting a bomb in the middle of a city that you think may or may not detonate. Its just not worth it.


Most criminals may get their guns these ways but if guns are banned they will resort to other ways. They could get them from other countries and other ways. Many drugs are illegal but people still find ways to get a hold of them. Criminals will find a way to get guns. Also if guns are banned today there are many still out there. Criminals aren't going to turn their guns in. In Australia guns were banned and homicide rates went up. The same will happen here. Guns make America safe.
Debate Round No. 2


I have got to be honest your arguments are really good. However there is one thing your missing. when guns were banned in Australia they also took the guns away from law enforcement. Same for Europe, guns are banned there and law enforcement officers also are not able to have guns. So if there are no guns for law enforcement of course crime rates will increase because no one has anything to fear. They will shoot knowing there will be no shots in return from the Law Enforcement. So if we made guns illegal for "Citizens" not law enforcement crime rates will go down. Another thing that will help with my point is what you said about drugs. " Many drugs are illegal but people still find ways to get a hold of them". Yes, this is true and is true when talking about guns. However if drugs were all of the sudden made legal there would be so many deaths and so many injuries and crimes resulting in drugs. And we are seeing the same with guns in America. Gun crime rates are way high for a country that is supposed to be "safe". I would like to show you some research i made. Handguns are one of the easiest guns for US citizens to get their hands on because laws aren't as strict for them as rifles.

On the link you will see a graph showing crime rates based on weapons. On the graph handgun crime rates are horrifically high compared to other types of guns. If you use an Ak-47 for example which would be put in the "Other guns" categories, a criminal most of the time is not going to try to obtain this gun because it is really hard to get because it is very hard to get because laws are strict on them. So they are going to result towards the easiest most legal thing to get to dodge the law and that is a handgun.

So if you were to make guns illegal for US citizens and not for law enforcement it will decrease gun crime rates because its going to make it harder for criminals to obtain and they will still have something to fear if they carry out a crime with a gun and that is law enforcement.


Thank you for the compliment your arguments are great also. You said that when guns were banned in Australia law enforcement also had to give up guns, this is false. Look at this link this is the official library of congress website and very accurate. After the introduction it states that Australian police carry firearms. Even, as it says in part B, State and Territory Police Forces carry pistols. In Australia they did exactly what you are saying to do and things have gotten worse not better. I agree that if drugs were legalized there would be many deaths, crimes, and injuries related to drugs. The difference between drugs and guns is that you can't defend yourself with a drug. With a gun you can.

In the graph you sent handguns are shown as the most commonly used weapon for violence. I agree with this but that doesn't mean that they are the easiest to get. It may just be the most convent. It is small, light weight, and concealable. Right now criminals probably resort to handguns over the Ak-47 because Ak-47s are illegal. If all guns are illegal they may get the Ak-47 over the handgun because they are both hard to get but still very possible. This would cause more deaths and violence since its fully automatic and can do much more damage. Also in the graph it shows that gun violence since 1993 has gone down significantly. This article talks about this. Also notice how in the last paragraph it says, "About 10 percent of state prison inmates said they purchased [their guns] from a retail store or pawnshop, 37 percent obtained it from family or friends, and another 40 percent obtained it from an illegal source." 40% obtained their guns from an illegal source so as I previously said they will still get their guns. The other 60% will probably follow and do the same.

Making guns illegal for US citizens will result in more crime since the people are defenseless. Criminals will know that no one can defend themselves so they won't be afraid to attack. Right now criminals don't know if someone has a gun on them or not so they are less willing to attack. Banning guns would be a major mistake.
Debate Round No. 3


Ok, I see your point. However I want to compare a couple of these fine 50 states. I come from both California and Alaska. Alaska have the most lenient gun laws and California having the most strict gun laws. Alaska ranks #1 in gun violence with Louisiana following at #2. California has a moderate gun violence crime rate. Why? Because they have strict gun laws and the only thing that is giving California moderate gun crime rates is because it is a border state. And that has to do with the illegal immigrants that are coming over the border illegally with illegal guns. That's an issue about customs and such and getting rid of the illegal immigrants with illegal guns from the border. If we got rid of that issue that is in the way of gun safety then we just have to deal with the Americans who have the guns illegally. A good amount of the gun crimes in America involved Mexicans, and any other illegal immigrants. So if we got rid of illegal immigrants and guns combined crime rates should ideally go down.

Anyways back to Alaska. Alaska has really lenient laws when it comes to guns. Therefore almost no matter who you are your going to be able to get a gun. USA today says that Alaska gun crime death rate is 19.6 per 100,000. Shockingly high. And this is all because of gun laws.

I would also like to bring up the horrific Sandy Hook incident. 20 kids and 8 adults were kill by Adam Lanza who opened fire at an Elementary school. Adam got his guns that he used from where? His moms house and his mom had the guns he used registered legally. If guns were illegal he would have not been able to get those guns he used from such an easy source. He would have to find the guns from an illegal source and he could have been caught in the process of finding those guns.

Same with the incident that happened recently with the boy who shot a little girl with his dads shotgun. If that dad didn't have a gun cause guns were made illegal. That incident would not have happened.

Turning to what was said in a comment that was just made. Criminals are going to go for quick and easy. Sure some go for under the radar but a lot go for quick and easy. Therefore finding a legal source to obtain a gun. They want to go in and out before cops can find them. Also if guns were made illegal. The government is going to trace as many people as they can who obtain a gun legally, take those guns, then move on to getting the guns obtained illegally. And if they were still illegally making guns how will they get bullets? They can't cause they aren't in stalk at most stores. And if they had some of their own they will run out at some point.

So my point I guess is that of course the US is not going to be a 100% safe country but if we can make it at safe as we can we would do it. Every gun taken away can potentially save 1 or more lives.


Haha9300 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Another thing I would like to bring up is explosives. How often to you see explosives in crimes? Very Very Very rarely. And the reason for that is because they are illegal. Same can go for guns if the US can make them illegal.

I would like to call out something someone said in the comments. Well first of all I would love to debate this topic with the person who left the comment. And the second thing is what he said in the bank robbery analogy. I don't know about you but I certainly wouldn't feel safe when I'm out on my normal routine and whenever I'm in a crowd of people know that someone has a gun on them and at any point can pull out that gun and start shooting people. I would rather live my life with assurance that a large large amount of the population is gun free. I know I already used this analogy but ill say it again. Its like placing a bomb in the middle of the most populated city and know one knows if it will detonate or not. They just live their lives crossing their fingers hoping it won't. Its not worth it. Get rid of the bomb, get rid of guns keep people safe.


Haha9300 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by GrandOldParty 2 years ago
The Second Amendment was put in place for this sole reason. The U.S. government gave their citizens the right so that they couldn't be taken over by a police state, the one Pro evidently supports.
Posted by IKnowWhatToDoWithMyMoney 2 years ago
So ban guns?

Like how the other guy said drugs are illegal but they are still in the country, lots are created here and the rest is smuggled in from other countries. Now lets go to guns, a lot are built here legally. Now that you have removed that, first off you will kill the businesses that sell guns which is not good. Second that just makes the demand for guns go up, so more people will try to acquire guns illegally and sell them for a high price. Since the price is higher and they can make a lot of money that will attract more criminals to do the same thing.

If there are no more legal gun makers, then there will be people running illegal business making guns under the radar. They disguise there business somewhere, or out in the mountains. And they can then sell the guns for high price and make even more money than they did selling legally.

Either way no matter what guns can always get smuggled in. And what about all the millions of Americans that already have firearms. Are you going to get them to give them up somehow?

You should have to obtain a firearms license to carry a gun. You should be background checked, have your mental well being tested. Etc... It shouldn't be easy, but it shouldn't be banned either.

What happens when a terrorist walks into a bank and starts shooting up everyone. Everyone will be dead when Tommy across the row might of previously had a gun and could of stopped the shooter before he killed many more. I'm a Canadian myself, but I recognize what works and doesn't. And banning guns wont do anything. It's just like drugs, if people wanna do drugs they're gonna do drugs. All the laws do is just increase the money spent on police trying to enforce them.
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Reasons for voting decision: Amazing. I consider myself super gun friendly but Pro brought up amazing points that really made me think about my position. I'm still for gun rights but it made me think. Great debate.