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Guys are more racist and less social than girls.

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Started: 12/7/2008 Category: Society
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As you can see,
Girl are easier and simple to understand. They don't talk too much but they try to listen to what some one says.
They are also more social to make friends from all kind.
They don't really more care about what kind of person it is.

But guys are something else.

They always stay in groups and talk about something. Like an other guy.
In that way,
Guys always be racist than girls.
You can see that even in all happening in our cities how many problematic people and troubled are guys.
That's the first thing to prove that girl are better and understand than guys.

In Europe are things just the same.
Black guys always make friends with white girls more easier than how they could do it with other white guys.

But these white guys accept someone until when they know him very well. For example if they sport together or make music together.

These things are true and understandable.


Hello Kizamag ,

First of all girls talk more then boys and they often interrupt .
Secondly girls aren't easy to understand they don't say things strait and clear .
(example : a boy will say I didn't like it , but a girl will say it was ok , but it was uninteresting )

Your argument is like that (Guys stay in a group and talk to each other = guys are therefore racist = girls are better than guys )
So if a guy is in anti-racist group and talks with his friends about that issue , he will be racist , because he is in a group .
Your argument is not right.

You say that white guys will accept someone if they know him very well ,
therefore girls will accept somebody that they don't know very well . But in reality is totally different I see more often guys talking to a stranger and girls forming their little groups of 5 friends and doing everything together .

I think you are making a stereotype of white guys .
Good luck with the argument
Debate Round No. 1


It's understandable that all of them often and always interrupt.
But a fact that girl aren't easy to understand is not true. Of course from research we can listen that girl don't always say things strait and clear is very well acceptable.
But we are not talking about the way of explaining or understanding something, but we are talking about the way of ACCEPTING something.
And your example doesn't really match that all girls don't explain what they think.
Even that, I'm talking about the way which THEY ACCEPT things.

My argument is that Girls are more social and less racist than guys.

If we look back to the history. So, we will turn back to the German of to the Us, the most people to influenced others were man. Hitler for example, but Girls or Wife don't care about those things.
In fact girls are more open that guys. And I'm rephrasing it by saying: Girl accept things even if they don't want, like you said also it before. That's why they don't manifest any racism action to ot


Milukas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


kizamag forfeited this round.


Hello Kizamag,
Sorry I forfeited my argument .

You say that girls are social ,so why are their are girls which are outcasts?
Also you say that girls accept better things then men so why do they do such a big dramas from small things.
You say that men influence more other people and that is ,because for a long time only men could been
viewed as leaders .So men did the bad things like the Holocaust ( Hitler) and the good things like Gandhi which
gave independence to India by peace which saved many lives , not a war like America .So you can't say that men are more racist than girls ,because some of them did bad things and girls at that time didn't have power in politics (that has changed today,now women and men have the same rights).
You say that girl don't manifest racism , so why some women were part of the Nazi ,KKK , fascism and even some worked in Auschwitz as SS . And today some are part of racist political parties.

Vote for Con, because Pro didn't prove his argument .
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by paramore102 8 years ago
Not all girls talk a lot the girls that you may be referring to may be those that have nothing in there hands of just don't care what come out of their mouths. Guys talk just as much, maybe not in front of the girls because they want to look cool but when they are around their fiends well there a different story now isn't there?
Posted by theitalianstallion 8 years ago
Girls talk a ton, and although they cannot carry a conversation as efficiently as men, they talk way more because they find more stuff to talk about.
Posted by paramore102 8 years ago
Milukas not all girls talk alot.............. you should get you facts right. most boy tend to carry a conversation better then most girls!
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