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Started: 4/1/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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All eveidence points to the factthat Adolf Hitler is alive and well in Miami. I know this for a fact. Here is what happened. When people think he "shot himself" he was having a baloon party and brought a knife. the ballons popped and brought a loud shooting sound. Then he became a shape shifter and went into the aitr ducts as a blue footed sprout. he rolled outside and flew away as an eagle. THIS IS THE CRAZY PART. He then turned into an average American boy named Tin Tin who solved mysteries and had awsome hair. Recently a movie was made off that very person. Thats right TIN TIN IS HITLER. Now that everybody believes he is dead he is living his life in Miami in hiss original form. I saw him oin the bus two days ago. Take a look
he is alive


Ladies and Gentlemen, how could Hitler be alive and living in Miami, when Hitler never left Europe?
My BOP: To prove that when the Hitler-eagle (Eaglter) flew away he stayed in Europe
When he was the most powerful man in the world and had Europes resources at his disposal, did Hitler ever go to enjoy the waves or shoot some Casino? No. Hitler is terrified of the Miami way of life, he is sexually incompetent and chronically anti-social the lures of beautiful Floridian woman and amazing parties have no influence on him. He would have went to anyother place in the world except Miami. Hitler hates sun parties and woman. He would never go to Miami.


So I've given analysis on what Hitler does not like (Miami), but then what does he like? Iceland. This is mainly because there very few of the racial minorities in which he despises (Another reason he would never go to Miami), and a very strong German speaking population. He lives in Iceland now because there is a very strong presence of the German language, a lack of sun (and racial minorities), and lots of cool space and silence where he can curl up and read a book with my cat, Boots.
Debate Round No. 1


Now, I see why some people may believe he lives in Iceland, but what you have not thought about is why he wouldnt go to South America. There are many reasons why he wouldnt want to go there, but there is evedince why he would. There are so many non perfect people it would be a feast to him and he would have fun killing them all. Also I have proof. For example, Christopher Eger writes, regarding a German Submarine that sailed for Aregentina after the official German surrender[6]: "U.S. authorities feared that Hitler had fled using the submarine, and was hiding somewhere in South America." Eger, being the illuminati tool he is writes off this theory as insane later in his article, but the fact that he was forced to acknowledge that there was any evidence of such an escape proves that there is at least a significant amount of evidence to support the claim. Argentinas economy increased massively in the post war years[7]. The Nazis stole millions of Dollars worth of Gold[8]. Coincidence? I think not.
MAny people have questioned my shape shifting Tin Tin theory so here are other ways he could be alive.
Sub-point C: Time vortex

The GERMAN scientist Albert Einstein theorized in his theory of relativity that if someone went around the Earth at the speed of light, it would seem like less time had passed for them, or some other scientific flim-flam. Point is, there are ways to essentially be frozen in time and space, and it's likely that the Nazis with their scientific genius figured out how.

Sub-point D: Cryogenic Freezing

Hitler hated Jews. Walt Disney was rumored to hate Jews. Walt Disney was rumored to be Cyrogenically frozen. Coincidence? I think not. Disney likely got the idea from Hitler himself.

Vote pro and thanks for accepting even though you are wrong.


Pro has dropped his entire argument. He has to prove why Hitler would be in Miami, yet he is now arguing that Hitler is in South America. South America or Iceland, I don't really care as long as it is not Miami.

Two thirds of his last speech are arguing that Hitler lives in Argentina: So this is why I have won:

P1: Pro must argue that Hitler lives in Miami to win this debate

P2: Pro is arguing that Hitler lives in Argentina

C: Pro has not won this debate

Rebutting Sub Point C

I never said Hitler wasn't dead...I only argued he's not living in Miami...
Debate Round No. 2


navin63 forfeited this round.


Fact: The Ostrich lays the largest egg of the bird family
Debate Round No. 3


navin63 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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