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Haiku is better than Limerick: debated in both of the forms

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Started: 5/9/2011 Category: Arts
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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The art of debate,

through Haiku, an ascension.

Let us now begin.

Our time we can't waste-

poems remain a brief art form,

But, fairness remains:

Lim'ricks have more mass,

for balance, five poems from me.

and four go to con.

The con will argue

Thusly: The lim'rick is best

Using that art form.

Round one: But to take

The gauntlet of joining in.

Round two we will start.


I must take your statements in jest.
You think the haiku is the best?
Although they claim to be deep
they put me to sleep
You read one and ignore the rest.

Four limericks you say I must make?
I'll show here why they take the cake.
From my point of view
I hate the haiku
For writing them makes my brain ache.

For the true point of limerick
Is to pull off one simple trick
You write up a crack
to make anyone yak
and the rest of the poem will click.

One problem - There isn't enough space for 4...
Debate Round No. 1


Con says Haikus bore;
An anecdote with no weight;
Read and prove him wrong!

Con says ease is best;
A good poem should've meaning;
Ease is for the weak.

Though a mental feat,
The haiku, enlightens man.
Lim'ricks are a jest.

Limericks are thin,
They can hold no lasting truths,
Only five line jokes.

A haiku brings truth;
a lim'rick, con cedes, just "yaks".
Meaning wins, choose Pro.

I apologize to con for me not setting enough lines for four. It was a mistake. I hope we can continue as such, with a good match.


thewebinator forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Due to thewebinator forfeiting the round, I guess the only thing I can do is wait for his counter argument in the next round. Also, if he is unavailable because of something like a family crisis, I don't want to take advantage of that. Please don't count the last round against him for not posting, something pressing might be preventing him from posting, and please don't count this round against me as well. Thanks :)


thewebinator forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, it would appear the con abandoned this debate. There's nothing for me to argue against. With all of my arguments standing and the con having quit the debate, Vote Pro.


thewebinator forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by tiscooler 7 years ago
I apologize if there are not enough characters, that was an accident. Perhaps it is for the best. With three limericks, we have exactly equal amounts of lines to debate with, plus a limerick gets almost triple as many syllables, can we agree to continue as such?
Posted by thewebinator 7 years ago
Creative, although almost impossible to make 4 limericks in 500 characters. Slightly unfair advantage to the very concise haiku.
Posted by Kung-Fu_Action_Jesus 7 years ago
Some of your haikus have 8 instead of 7 for the 5-7-5 setup of a haiku.
Posted by I-am-a-panda 7 years ago
The temptation for semantics :P
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Vote Placed by XStrikeX 7 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit. Btw, Pro, your 1st round 3rd haiku's 2nd line has 8 syllables.