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Halo as a series is better than Call of Duty as a series

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Started: 1/31/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Overall, the Halo videogame series has been been better than the Call of Duty series with its storyline, characters, and gameplay.


You can say it a million different ways but COD (Call of Duty) will always be on top and Halo in its shadow.

1) The Halo series has lower ratings than COD

2) The Call of Duty series has been around longer than Halo by about a year.

3) The graphics and online game play of COD triumph Halo tremendously
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate, and good luck to you.

To begin, I will point out several fallacies in your argument.

You Said: " The Halo series has lower ratings than COD."

Using IGN, I compared game ratings between each game of each series. I found:

Halo 4 was given a rank of 9.8/10 Black Ops 2 was given a rank of 9.3/10
Halo: Reach was given a rank of 9.5/10 Black Ops was given a rank of 8.5/10
Halo Wars was given a rank of 8.4/10 Modern Warfare 3 was given a rank of 9/10
Halo 3 ODST was given a rank of 9/10 Modern Warfare 2 was given a rank of 9.5/10
Halo 3 was given a rank of 9.5/10 Modern Warfare was given 9.4/10
Halo 2 was given a rank of 9.8/10 Call of Duty: World At War was given a 9.2/10
Halo: Combat Evolved was given a 9.7/10 Call of Duty 3 was given a 8.8/10
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was given an 8/10 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One was given an 8/10
Call of Duty was given a 9.3/10

All games were ranked under their X-Box or X-Box 360 versions with the exceptions of Call of Duty 2, which was ranked off the PS2, and Call of Duty, which was ranked off the PC.

The average score for the Halo Series is 9.2/10, Call of Duty's average score is 9/10. Therefore, the Halo series has an overall higher series ranking than Call of Duty.

Next you said that Call of Duty has been around about a year longer than Halo, but it hasn't.
The release date for the first Call of Duty was October 29, 2003.
The release date for the first Halo game was November 15, 2001.

For COD, I used
For Halo,

The year a game came out does not affect how good it is, example: Ocarina of Time, but if it did, as you suggest, Halo would be the better game.

Finally, "The graphics and online game play of COD triumph Halo tremendously."

This comment my opponent has made was somewhat opinion based, yet he gave no support to his opinion.
When comparing graphics, I must assume that we are comparing this generation's consoles. Using Halo Reach as an example, which competed with Black Ops in 2009, I have made the conclusion that the graphics from Reach are better. This is because of one simple thing about the game that amazed me, you can see the serial number on the side of a bullet. In clear font. I have yet to see the same detail in any Call of Duty game.

A small vote was taken regarding which game they thought would be better with graphics and as a game.

The person who set up the voting announced Halo: Reach as the winner.

My opponent has failed to support any of his three points, 2 of which I have disproven.
I challenge con to prove my points wrong, and in advance, game sales do not effect the quality of game you play.

Over to you con.


MAGskill forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I had no other points to make, and a rebuttal is pointless without something to rebut against.
Vote pro


MAGskill forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by THEVIRUS 5 years ago
Halo in its shadow!!!????!!!

Halo came out and revolutionised FPS gaming. Without Halo, CoD might be even sh!ttier than it is now!
Posted by BigSky 5 years ago
Never did I say Call of Duty wasn't fun, I have just proven that Halo is the superior series. I await Con's response.
Posted by TheEliteGoose 5 years ago
Personally BIg SKy won this debate but i look forward to it, i maybe wrong.....

MAGskill post evidence please
Posted by mike374040 5 years ago
Call of Duty is better than Halo, no more needs to be said.
Posted by No-this-is-patrick 5 years ago
Call of Duty actually has some realism put into it. (not talking about black ops) But the call of duty series started when the games were involved in world war 1 and 2, where as halo is NOTHING realistic, but still one can also argue that the halo series (because it is not realistic) does it's purpose as a video game better: Entertain.
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