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Halo better than Call of Duty

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Started: 10/4/2015 Category: Games
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Use this round to accept.
Does anyone want to accept??


Considering the two games are in 2 separate 'war' eras, 'futuristic and present', you can not compare them fully. It all depends on your taste. If you like modern day warfare games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor etc. you will most likely not like futuristic FPS games such as Halo.

Regardless of the era where the game is placed, whether is it on planet Earth or some other planet and the time gap between the games.

Personally, I think Call of Duty has the best campaign missions, whereas Battlefield has the best multiplayer. If you truly want to compare both games you should play both of them for a quite long time and decide which one you like better. It's mostly about the taste and what kind of battles you prefer. Some prefer FPS games from, for example, the French Revolution (an abstract example) or 'FPS' without the Shooter when playing RPG games from the medieval era.

It's all about the personal preference. I can't emphasize that enough!
Debate Round No. 1


I have played both games and over many years. I love past and present games I just prefer Halo more.
Well you did disregard my saying that this round is only to accept (so 1 or 2 sentences would suffice).. you now have one more round than me.. but I won't dwell on this as you didn't say that much and I believe that was your intention.

I believe all you wanted to get out is that it is personal preference (in more words than necessary) but nevertheless I concur, it is about personal preference but there are other things you can take into account like which game has more, reviews, scores, community and basically better overall game. I mean one might like one thing in a certain game more. For example I love the zombies in call of duty but the rest (the rest being multiplayer and campaign are average) whilst everything in Halo is way above average (usually not just according to me).. This is were I am going into what I said before -- Reviews and Scores -- (which is one better than normal players) as the reviewers are reviewing and take everything into account and nearly always gives any Halo game a great score and better than call of duty (plus the reviewers are more likely to have played both games) whilst normal players may not have a certain platform to play a certain game or a normal player may only just play zombies or multiplayer and nothing else. What I am saying is despite the large quantities of cod players (unfair to bring popularity into a substantial part of the argument), despite that, Halo always gets the better reviews/scores.

That intro was longer than expected but all I wanted to get across is that, yes it is about personal preference but there are more things to take into consideration like Halo has much more to offer and appeals to a wide variety of gamers from people who love to get engaged with an expansive well written universe to hardcore MLG players (MLG, Team Doubles, Team S.W.A.T playlists) to casual gamers (social big team, action sack playlists) to creative gamers who like to mess around and create literally anything in FORGE to people who love making montages, machinima's (Theatre mode).

*#1)* Campaign.

Why Halo's STORY is much better than call of duties plus why having a continuous storyline and spin-off storylines all within and connected to the same lore of the universe is better:

It's widely known having an epic expansive lore about a games universe draws people into it. Games that have this lore are stories usually told over many games or are very background detailed and connects everything together. Everyone knows franchises like Mass Effect, Half Life, Dead Space, Skyrim etc are better than your stand alone franchise like Battlefield, Rainbow Six,Cod, Defience etc. These games are at the top of the list of games last generation and usually have novels and such written about it's universe BECAUSE it's so engaging. Mass Effect has it's graphic novels and Halo has not just novels but New York Best sellers (Highest accolade for a novel). With the backstories created by these novels ENRICHES the universe further and is brought into future games.
Cod has nothing. Don't get me wrong cods campaign is good great actually but it's no Halo and is not in the same category. It's mediocre. It is widely known that cod's campaign is a one play-trough type of thing and everyone just goes to the multiplayer.

Now onto GAMEPLAY in the campaign. All cod is an arcade corridor shooter. Meaning it has a step by step constricted gameplay. Shoot in hallways and rooms (which is not bad) BUT that is all cod is and it gets very boring and bland very quick (hence the one time play-trough), Even the vehicle sections (if you can call them that) you are on a restricted path. Oh and nearly forgot the enemy A.I. is horribly predictable in cod. They spawn in the same place, usually walk to the same place, pop up in the same window etc.

Halo on the other hand has a lot more variety. You can do everything cod does plus more. Not only is Halo a corridor shooter it is a sandbox shooter too (Large open battles areas). No two battles is alike. Halo is known for it's infamous "30 seconds of fun"... ergo every 30 secs something new happens.
Go in all guns blazing
Stay back and snipe
or in Co-op do them both
Use a vehicle warthog with your co-op as driver/gunner Use a mongoose/Ghost/ Wraith/Banshee
Sandbox Battles (wide open spaces) Many, Many different ways to advance and attack using strategies applied while playing with a brother/friend etc.
Halo: CE's enemy A.I is one of the best A.I. in any game and still is. They're unpredictable. They flank you. They run away if their leader is dead etc.
Lastly SKULLS. You get skulls to change the gameplay up = longevity.
SOUND DESIGN and AUDIO is amazing, nostalgic and award winning. Audio IS everything in the entertainment medium from movies to games. It creates emotions. No doubt Halo beats cod in that category. When you think of music in games Halo will always be mentioned.

*#2*. Multiplayer (Can be compared to BF But this is vs Cod)
First of all: Take a look at this playlist that I will be referring to:

Below is why Halo requires more skill and in turn is makes it a better more balanced multiplayer game. Before I continue let me say you have many other game types that suit the casual gamer from Social Big Team to Action Sack to creating literally anything with FORGE.

Why Halo takes more skill:

- Part 1-

Both games take a certain amount of skill but Halo takes much more in comparison to Cod. When you are getting shot at in Cod 9/10 the is nothing you can do, you generally cannot run away and unless the person shooting has downsyndrome you can't kill them. Halo you actually get benefited for having a good aim and intelligence or awareness.

-Part 2-

Who are the most skillful gamers in the world... MLG players. What game is played the most in MLG for 8 years running...Halo.
Say if a person shoots at you first you have time, if skilled enough, you can overcome the odds and kill him. Not who sees who first. Hence the armor.
It is all about precise aiming (4 shots to the head with br), Strafing (dodging), strategy and map control.

-Part 3-

Cod - People say more guns. Bad reason because it makes the game unbalanced.
Halo starts you off with the same weapons...ergo everyone is on equal footing. It's how you use those weapons is how you succeed. It's about about skill, strategy &(sometimes teamwork).
Plus in Halo nearly all your kills are from your weapon (True FPS style) not having the computer do it for you (attack dogs, pave low).

Point-streaks vs Kill-streaks (Middle to end of video):

-Part 4-

What I like in halo is that whenever you die your enemy actually deserves the kill. Cod's OP weapons & kill-streaks, spawn trappers, spawn kills, drop shots, or some squeaker with a sniper quick scoping everybody. I don't really consider any of these things fair kills and they are the only things that ever kill me.
Cod - A game where you camp with a knife (easy kill) to get a kill-streaks just so you can get more easy (non-player kills) with Pave Low, Attack dogs etc. (Done by the computer not by the player) and LAG is a major influence to determine many gun fights. Lag is worse in Call of Duty.

-Part 5-

Even something has simple has Grenades take skill. Watch Walshy's Grenade Tutorial. Start at around 4:20. For example trow a nade on the ground then trow the second it will propel further in your intended direction and kill your target. Look at this video:
Walshy's Grenade Tutorial:

And Kampy's Montage (Great Editing - Creativity - Another great thing about Halo and it's comunity):
Kampy :: Apex - A Halo 3 Montage

I almost forgot to mention callouts and team work. You see a lot more co-operation where it counts. You hear a lot more strategic thinking & callouts than screaming insults as in cod.

(Halo will always be more intense & exciting than any MLG game in cod)

Extra Info:


More Info on TRUE SKILL Ranking:
Halo has this True Skill Ranking in most of it's games. This pairs you with people of the same skill range as you.
In cod it's random. You could be fighting with or against noobs in one game and really good players in another.
You see the only way you can get better for yourself is to play with people of similar skill level or higher...just like in any other sport.
I mean the whole gameplay of halo requires skill to be a above average player.

*In Conclusion:*
Cod is an easy pick up noob-friendly arcade shooter (which isn't bad at all but that IS all it is).
The multiplayer is an all round shoot fest with no regard for strategic thinking, skill, team work etc. and is littered with many game breaking features like the over use of certain OP weapons (Noobtube, Model 1778 etc.) and littered with many little kids that just makes the experience worse (I know this isn't IN the game put it is apart of it).
Halo has more to offer but to be above average at Halo you need a bit of skill that many cod players either intentionally or unintentionally can't wrap their minds around.

So being the more competitive game triumphs that of just have an easy to pick up and play game. Competitive aspect in Halo brings a lot more to it's game like the multiplayer being more fun because there is more satisfaction in knowing you outsmarted your opponent than 'who sees who first' seen in cod.

*That is why Halo takes more Skill than cod and makes for a more balanced multiplayer game


DusanDimitrijevic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I believe I have said all i wanted to say. I believe I got my point across in Round 1 so for this round I am for the most part giving evidence of scores and reviews from both games franchises and you can see Halo is that bit better.. but before that I want to finish of my main categories: In found one I have talked about 1. The Campaign and 2. The Multiplayer I want to add the the next one: 3. Creativity/Extra Features

Call of Duty has Zombies which is great and fun. But what I never liked about it and have witnessed many others say the same, it never really ends. You have no real goal. Other than Zombies call of duty has nothing more other than Spec Ops, which is merely a mission based mode with no creativity. You have two features taken from Halo (when I say taken.. I am well aware other games had this stuff but Halo is leading in this category.) The features I am talking about is of course a) Theatre Mode (Which was glitchy in Cod Black Ops - Controls sucked) - now Call of duty don't have it anymore. b) File-share system (Very limited and not as community friendly as Halo) c) Online Statistics (Again very limited in cod AND YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT).

Halo has, like I said before , the three features that cod has but better and Halo have FORGE. The game-types expand as far as this highly rated and hilarious youtube series: Achievement Horse, which shows of it's potential.

There are many playlists specialised playlists from Team Slayer, Team Snipes, Team Doubles, Team Objective Oddball, Capture the Flag, Regicide to GRIFFBALL for crying out load.

Plus you have ACTION SACK (and Custom Games): Which is a playlist solely dedicated to community created games and maps alone. Literally the maps and game-types created depends on ones imagination.
From Fat Kid to Jenga to PaintbalL to Rocket Race. Here check this playlist out just for Halo Reach alone:

Not only does halo have more game-types and maps but Halo's playlist differ majorly from each other. In cod: Team Deahtmatch and domination I believe are exactly the same as people don't go for the objective.. it'a all about the kills for them.

In conclusion Halo has much more to offer and appeals to a wide variety of gamers from people who love to get engaged with an expansive well written universe to hardcore MLG players (MLG, Team Doubles, Team S.W.A.T playlists) to casual gamers (social big team, action sack playlists) to creative gamers who like to mess around and create literally anything in FORGE to people who love making montages, machinima's (Theatre mode).

Now I have the three main categories Campaign, Multi-player and Extra Features/Creativity. I could've added Other like Audio/Sound Design but I have already mentioned it in the Campaign or even Graphics ()Although Halo has the better graphics it shouldn't really be counted as a main category.

My next topic I'm going to talk about is like I said above.. Reviews and Scores.

There are so many to choose from so lets take a look at the major critic on the inter-webs MetaCritic: (Pitting each game on the closest year they came out to each-other):

Best Halo Game: Halo:CE - 97
Best Cod Game: Modern Warfare 2 - 94

Halo: CE: 97
Cod 1 and 2: 74, 78

Halo 2: 95
Cod 2 and 3: 78, 80

Halo 3: 94
Cod MW4: 94

Halo 3:ODST: 83
Cod WaW: 84

Halo: Reach: 91
Black Ops: 87

Halo 4: 87
Cod Black Ops 2: 83

Halo MCC: 85
Advanced Warfare: 83

Best Halo Game: Halo 2 and Halo 4 - 9.8;:
Best Cod Game: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 - 9.5;

Nearly every Halo game is over 8 and 9.

Best Halo Game: Halo 3 - 9.5
Bes Cod Game: Black Ops - 9

Halo 4 - 10/10
Black Ops 2 - 9/10

Extra material- Videos Halo v Cod video's pitted against each-other and letting the viewer decide (again one up on sales):
Video 1:

Video 2:

Thank You sir, ladies and gentlemen for taking the time to read this.


DusanDimitrijevic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Fakedpoet 2 years ago
Well the Call of duty games are all pretty munch the same Idea with the Americans being the good guys and the rest of the world being dab and all.Meanwhile the Halo games follow a good story line that makes the player feel well installed in the series.
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