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Harry Potter books promote sexism.

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Started: 8/21/2013 Category: Entertainment
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This is a FALLACIES ONLY debate. The rules are as follows:

1. Your arguments must be fallacious.

2. No BOP.

3. Your argument must be funny.

4. Koala.

Pro can dive straight into their argument once they've accepted.


I thank Jake224 for starting this debate.

I have read all the books of Harry Potter, yes the three of them, and I think I have enough expertise in this regard. I'm also clearly superior to my opponent in any positive aspect you would find in a human being. I'm very intelligent for my age. The headmaster once took me to his office and disrobed me to see if I had any super-computer attached to my body, though instead of focusing on the upper region where my head is located (usually speaking), he did an extensive search in the bottom for any loose cable or batteries and took his time to identify them.

This might be off-topic, but I still recall all the nights I spent crying in bed because of all those sexist inuendos that JK Rowling presented in his book. Like any male author, he is writing books to promote male superority. We all know what a wand stands for in bedroom terminology. The wizards could have easily used both their pockets and wands to cast spells on their opponent, but no, Rowling's ego wanted him to spread that awful sexism in his book to brain-wash little girls and boys and little boys and girls. [Just to avoid being sexist] Not to mention the fact that they place their wands back in their pockets when the magic is over. What does that tell kids about having sex?

I just woke up so I'm disinterested in reading what Con said in his opening statement, but I warn my opponent that any argument that sounds like "I've been here longer on this planet, kiddo" would directly force me to go into the monkey experiment and call myself the new replacement and he the old "don't climb up the ladder" monkey.

Other than that, the topic proves my point. Look what my opponent wrote in the topic. "Harry Potter books promote sexism." I shall regard this as an admission that Con agrees with me on whatever the topic says.
Debate Round No. 1


Harry Potter is full of feminist propaganda.

1. They have female teachers at Hogwarts.

2. One of Harry's parents was a woman.

3. Harry has female friends.

4. His owl is female.

5. His textbooks were written by women.

6. They use cauldrons, which are symbols of female sexuality (Dan Brown said it, so it must be true).

7. Dumbledore's sister was a girl.

8. Dumbledore is gay. Being gay makes you a feminist (and vice-versa).

9. Wands and broomsticks are obviously meant to be dildos, thus promoting feminist sexuality.

10. Harry once pointed his wand at Ginny's snatch and said "vibratio!", which proves point 9.

11. Harry then ate Ginny out, which proves point 10.

12. One of Harry's children was a girl.

13. He ate her out too, which proves point 12.

14. Hogwarts students don't carry guns, therefore they aren't real men and must be feminists.

15. Running into the barrier to access Platform 9 and 3/4 is a metaphor for blind faith in feminist dogma.

16. Harry ate out Germaine Greer, which proves point 15.

17. Harry bleeds a lot through the series. JK Rowling is trying to encourage menstruation.

18. Menstruation has been proven to make you a b!tch.

19. All b!tches are feminists and vice-versa, therefore Harry Potter is a b!tch.

20. Hedwig looks like a giant, bird-shaped tampon.

21. Harry ate her out too.

22. After using her.

23. For bum sex.

24. With Ron.

25. Which proves point 8.

26. 1 John 4:10 - 11 says, "In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."

27. Which means that feminists are icky, and therefore Harry Potter is not sexist.

28. Which disproves my premise.

29. Koalas.

30. Have syphilis, just like my opponent.


Pro's responses are rather quick. Please penalize him for not acting like a typical DDO debater that leaves everything to the last minute.

I'm not reading the list above but I'm certain that it disproves my opponent because if you look closely it looks like a fat woman working in the kitchen. I wonder where he got that sexist imprint from. I once thought I was alone in the house on a very hot summer's day. I felt like running and wanking, so instead of doing them seperately, I ran naked around the house while doing the handwork. When I reached the kitchen, I noticed that my friends were there wanting to surprise me with a birthday party. I have to say that I was the one who surprised them. I'm sure I would have not done such a thing if not for Harry Potter.


1- Harry Potter's main characters are all males. Even hermoine who looks like Richard Dawkins. (I think she is Richard Dawkins)

<a href=; />

2- The 'Men are better without girls' principle deduced from Dumbledore's intimate, butt-buddies relationship with Snape.

3- The fact that harry potter has a female author. And 'Female' has 'male' in it.

4- The fact that point 3 and 4 are brute facts.

5- The fact that if we look deep inside we could find 'Harry Potter is sexist' next to 'There exists objective morals.'

I have already won the debate because Pro agrees with me that Harry Potter is sexist. I know that he does. My intuition is to be trusted here. But I'm going to continue, so that people don't complain about me being too good for debates in the future. I'm really trying hard to be a normal, boring person like you guys. STOP READING THE DEBATE AND VOTE FOR ME IF YOU AGREE.
Debate Round No. 2


Harry Potter is not sexist. The evidence for it is overwhelming.

1. The FDA tested Harry Potter for traces of sexism, and none were found ( ).

2. Stephen Hawking performed a calculation to see if Harry Potter would every become sexist. His results were negative ( ).

3. Charles Darwin wrote about it in his book "On the Origin of Species" ( ).

4. Yo mama told me about it last night ( ).

5. Also, J.K. Rowling confirmed it ( ).

This evidence should be more than enough to convince you that my opponent is dumb.


I only agree with Con's statement "my opponent is dumb." I am dumb. Otherwise I wouldn't have read the sexist book harry potter and participated in this debate. There. In yo face.

I'm actually very dumb. I once thought a girl was joking with me when she asked me to be her prom date, so I showed up at the door in a hotdog-man costume I had borrowed from my dad(it was his day off). When I entered the house, her mother started crying and the girl stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. She took a deep breath and said, "How did you know this was my fantasy?" Well, things got complicated after that. I didn't like her fetishes and fantasies. Especially those which involved shoving unidentified objects and home equipment up my backdoor.


1- The FDA is a masonic, Jewish group ran by green-shapeshifting lizards. They don't count.

2- I don't know who Hawking is. He sounds like a bird, and birds cannot possibly read Harry Potter.

3- Darwin liked Harry Potter because of Dawkins' main role. Someone else must have wrote the origin of species. Probably Charles Darwin.

4- My mother is a female and females can't read.

5- JK Rowling is a female. Her opinions don't count.

My opponent resorted to fallacious tactics like logic to sound convincing, and in DDO we value debate tones more than logic and evidence. He surely loses the debate just on those grounds. He also is saying that something is not sexist. Everything is sexist. Even anti-sexism and orange-colored bunnies in the park. If you don't believe me, look deep inside your heart. The answer is there.

P.S: I'm still wearing the hot-dog costume. Vote for me. ;)
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Feminism if too strong turns back into sexism... Ok Troll debate, so troll vote. ARGUMENT: The fact that Harry used his owl for butt sex with Ron, was a compelling series of points. However as pro pointed out about the 3 Harry Potter books "Like any male author, he is writing books to promote male superority." Plus the whole Wands are dildo point, men can use them too (making them gender neutral); particularly if they don't want to catch cooties. SOURCES: I was blown away by how on topic con's sources were, I've never seen tinyURL used so well until this debate. In all seriousness, sources are a place where a troll debate can actually make real points, as much as a good Rick Roll can also be tossed in.
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