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Harry Potter is a better series than the Twilight Books/Movies

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Started: 5/6/2013 Category: Entertainment
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This is a debate for the argument that Harry Potter is better than Twilight. If you want to debate this topic with me, here are the rules:

1. No insulting my personal taste. If you like Twilight, that is fine, but I will not insult you for liking Twilight. Similarly, you must not insult me for liking Harry Potter more than Twilight.

2. No being a Grammar Nazi. Poor grammar will count against you in the voting period, but that does not make it okay to point out every single typo.

3. No being rude. The title basically says it all. Rules #1 and #2 could probably fit in this category, but I had to put more stress on those two.

4. No forfeitting.

5. No plagiarism. Copying and pasting an argument without at least citing your sources is annoying, and it doesn't make you seem any smarter.

NOTE TO VOTERS: If my opponent breaks any of the five rules above, all points automatically go to me.

With that being said, let's start!


I feel that Harry Potter is not as good as the Twilight Saga for several reasons:

1. Twilight has a much better plot.

2. Twilight is much closer related to the books than Harry Potter is.

3. The characters in Twilight are not all evil or all good.

4. Twilight has a graphic novel as apposed to Harry Potter.

5. Twilight is more believable in fiction aspects than Harry Potter.

6. Harry Potter only depends on his wand as opposed to the Cullens who have different powers and allies.

7. Twilight goes deeper into the story than Harry Potter.

8. Twilight takes place in a normal setting as opposed to "Hogwarts."

9. Harry Potter has poor executions of Romance as opposed to Twilight.

10. There is much less cursing in Twilight than in Harry Potter.

Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to thank my opponent for joining this debate.

However, I must object their reasons for why Twilight is better than Harry Potter.

1. How so? Please give me an example.

2. That's why the movies say based on the books, not ripped off of the book series.

3. The characters in Harry Potter are not 100% good or 100% bad either. Take the protagonist Harry Potter, for example. He is loyal to his friends and brave. He saved the world from the worst serial killer ever. But yet Harry has a short temper. For example, when his enemy, Draco Malfoy insulted his mother, Harry attacked him in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Thus, this proveds that even the hero has flaws. Also, although Voldemort, the antagonist, is a cruel sociopathic killer, he seems to have a small warm spot in his heart for his mother, proving him almost 100% evil, but not quite.

4. A graphic novel does not improve either series better than the other in terms of the story itself.

5. Twilight isn't very believable in a sense of realistic action. Take the dialogue, for example. If someone said, "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb," few people would think of that as romantic. Many people would laugh at how cheesy this line is. Also, Bella seems to be cool with whatever Edward does. Even when Edward says, "I like watching you sleep. It's kind of fascinating to me," which is a very creepy thing to say that only Bella seems to find acceptable.

6. Which is why Harry Potter is a stronger character than all of the Cullens!

7. Harry Potter is very deep. It involves the gains and losses of loved ones, such as Dumbledore and Sirius Black. Many morals are taught in Harry Potter. One is from Dumbledore, who says "Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity the living." This teaches readers to move on and help those who are in real need. I cannot find any morals in Twilight.

8. A made-up setting is more original, creative and interesting than a normal setting.

9. Harry Potter is not a romance book. There is romance, but it is not descriptions of kissing on every other page, or how a guy's eyes look good, or anything like that. Similarly, Twilight has opposed executions of morals and friendship as opposed to Twilight.

10. Although this fact is undeniable, the swear words are considered milder than others. It is still clean enough to be a childrens' book. Twilight, although not filthy, still has some innuendos and swearing.

Plus, there is the undeniable fact that Kristen Stewart cannot act; she has little emotion when she portrays Bella. This makes the movies not as great as the Harry Potter movies, in which every actor can actually play with conviction.



1. In Harry Potter the plot is basically the same thing every single movie and book. Voldemort is after Harry, like always. Harry has the EXACT same enemies in every single movie, which becomes very redundant.

2. All I meant by this was that Twilight follows the book closer than Harry Potter. I feel that just because a book is similar to a movie it doesn't mean that it is being "ripped off."

3. In Harry Potter The characters ARE 100% good or 100% bad. Just because Harry defended his mother that doesn't mean he is even slightly evil. Voldemort may like his mother but he still wants to kill Harry Potter which does in fact make him very much so evil.

4. A graphic novel may not improve a series but it definitely enhances it. I feel that visualizing the story in an artistic setting can help you understand the author's ideas.

5. "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." That is an EXPRESSION. She doesn't literally mean that a lion fell in love with a lamb. In case you didn't know Edward is a vampire, vampires don't sleep! Edward is infatuated Bella so he finds it beautiful how she sleeps. It is meant to be romantic. If some perceive that being "weird" then I don't know what to tell them.

7. In Twilight there are many lessons learned. You learn that just because people may be different you can still be with them. You learn to accept others for what and who they are. Twilight teaches that everyone can find love.

8. "Creativity" is perception and personal taste. I personally find Hogwarts irrational and confusing. It is difficult to take seriously, even in a fictional setting.

9. I understand that Harry Potter is not a romance book but I think that they do a poor job of displaying love toward each other, except for the love between parent and child. In Twilight there isn"t kissing on every page ( I assume you were exaggerating.)

I agree with what you say about Kristen Stewart but Daniel Radcliffe is not much better. Radcliffe doesn't do a very good job portraying Harry and doesn't execute emotions well.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Yes, the plot is similar. But there is a twist to each plot. For example, in the first book, it is about getting a stone that will save them from Voldemort. In the second book, it is figuring out where a secret chamber is, and who is behind the attacks, which happens to be Voldemort. In the 3rd book, it is totally different; it is about Sirius Black, a serial killer who may not be guilty. The fourth is about a sporting event of competitions. Voldemort is not the main problem; he does not show up until the very end. The fifth book is about starting a defense organization and rescuing Harry's godfather. Voldemort only shows up in several pages. The sixth book is more oriented towards romance and relationships, along with discovering who the Half-Blood Prince is (who is NOT Voldemort), and starting the very beginning of Voldemort's defeat. Finally, we have the seventh book, which is all about defeating Voldemort. This is not the same plot in every book, if you ask me.

2. The Harry Potter movies are similar to the books; they just cut out the confusing parts that you'd have to read the books to understand. Twilight movies are not similar to the books. Last I checked, the Twilight books weren't good, but at least Bella had emotion in the books, contrary to the movies.

3. No, they're not. Hermione Granger is another example. Although she's mostly good, she's a bit of a show-off when it comes to schoolwork. Severus Snape used to be evil, but he turned to the good side. Now, although he is good, he is still rather cruel. Ron Weasley, though good, has a tendency to be rather rude.

4. Harry Potter is very descriptive, and it does not need a graphic novel to help readers visualize it.

5. I know it's an expression. But how many people actually use idioms in real life? Here's a hint: Not many. And just because Edward doesn't sleep and he is infatuated with Bella doesn't excuse him for watching Bella sleep when they aren't dating yet.

6. I noticed my opponent skipped #6. VOTE PRO for CON not responding to every argument!

7. In Harry Potter, morals are taught within every subject, such as death, friendship, family, ambition, bravery, wisdom, and yes, love. Twilight only teaches about love.

8. It is even more difficult to believe that werewolves and vampires live in a nonfictional setting.

9. At least they don't stalk each other, speak to each other in metaphors, or fall in love with guys that glare at them.

10. My opponent skipped #10, too. Yet another reason to VOTE PRO!

Daniel Radcliffe was a child at the time he played Harry in the first movie, and yet he managed to actually have emotion when he acted, unlike Kristen Stewart, who was a young adult at the time she played Bella. I literally cannot tell if Bella is happy or sad in the movies without the dialogue and narration, because her face is blank. A rock could play Bella better than Kristen Stewart. Unlike Daniel Radcliffe, who was JK Rowling's pick for the Harry Potter movies.

Plus, the Harry Potter movies has won over 50 awards total. The books have won many as well. The Twilight movies have only won 28 awards, and one was "Worst Film" from the Chainsaw Awards.



1. Similar is an understatement. Its always about trying to defeat Voldemort. if you think that a twist is just trying a different method for stopping Voldemort, you are mistaken. I think that the plot is nearly the same in every detail.

2. Why do you think that Twilight movies are not similar to the books? Do you have any examples? Again, "good' is just a perception. Your "good" could be my "bad." You have already said that Kristen Stewart had no emotion, let's not be redundant.

3. Do you understand being evil? Someone who is evil is AGAINST the protagonist. I personally NEVER remember Hermione or Ron being against Harry. Snape hit Ron in the head with a book!!! How is that good in the slightest?!?

4. Harry Potter is about as descriptive as a rock is alive. The graphic novel just a nice, insightful tool.

5. Think logically with me for a minute here. Edward is over a hundred years old. In his time people were very poetic. It is called being artistic. He is not watching her in a creepy way. They may not be dating but it is evident that they are in love, so I find it completely acceptable.

6. I didn't skip this I just found your point irrelevant. Lets be mature please.

7. Twilight teaches more than just love. If you would have even read my previous statement you would have known that. Twilight teaches that we all should except each other for who we are. Please read what has already been posted.

8. It is called "fiction." I don't suppose that you believe in magic, at least I hope not.

9. Its called infatuation, not stalking. Edward has an antique sense of taste and his only intentions of watching Bella were in romantic ways.

10. This was not "skipping." Again, I found your point irrelevant.

I respect your points, but I do not agree with them. I just question something. Do you already know this information about the awards for the two movies prior or did you look it up? It is perfectly fine if you looked it up, because I looked things up myself. I am just curious that you have no resources listed.

Whoever wins the debate, I just wanted to say thanks for such a great debate topic.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sonicearth4 3 years ago
If Harry doesn't have the slightest evil then why does he use the cruciatus curse (torturing curse) in the deathly hallows and then proceed to say, "now I know what she meant, you really need to mean it"
Posted by Notgoodatthis 5 years ago
That's pretty sad since Harry Potter is obviously better than Twilight.
Harry Potter creates this magical mythic world. It's a story about friendship, love and the epic battle of good against evil. While Twilight is about this girl who basically does nothing and falls in love with a vampire. There are a lot of moments in the film where it just shows Stewart's face and her poor acting which is a pain to watch.
Posted by jonwontonb 5 years ago
Harry potter master race
Posted by TheGamer1998 5 years ago
Harry Potter to the MAX
Posted by DebateKate 5 years ago
In the argument for round two, on #9, I meant that Harry Potter has better executions of morals and friendships, as opposed to Twilight. Sorry 'bout that.
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Vote Placed by Legitdebater 5 years ago
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:33 
Reasons for voting decision: Didn't really like the style of the debate, however, I found that Pro had better arguments. Pro proved twilight was quite one dimensional and proved that the plot and acting was better. Pro loses a conduct point for pointing out that Con skipped an argument, and jumped to the conclusion because of that. Sources because Con used one.
Vote Placed by Gondun 5 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: There were good and bad arguments on both sides, but I believe that Con had more logical fallacies in his case. Also, you should respond to an argument, even if you find it irrelevant. Conduct goes to Pro because Con copied almost all his arguments directly from his source. Despite having the only source, Con does not get source points because his source is stupid.
Vote Placed by Walrus101 5 years ago
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Total points awarded:06 
Reasons for voting decision: First of all, your style of debate annoys me, to say in the least. The list is not an effective way to convey information. Conduct goes to Con since Pro declared to the audience that the con skipped, when he really had not. No spelling or grammatical errors were found. Con had better arguments and actually used sources, unlike Pro.