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Harry Potter (pro) vs Twilight (con)

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Started: 8/2/2013 Category: Entertainment
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For years, I have wanted to have this debate, because I know how much people love both series of books/ films. I would like to wish good luck to whoever accepts this debate. :)


Round 1: Acceptance only
Rounds 2/3: Arguments

I hope to have a fun, easy-going debate, so please only accept if your going to argue. Trust me, I have had many people accept a debate with me, but then forfeit every round. :)


Both of those... paradigms of extreme aberration are fascinating in their incompetence. How could you possibly consider this a valid debate, let alone declare that YOU yourself will argue your standing on this? But, of course, it is no wonder that your interests in literature are spread thin, for you are a woman. Let everyone be witness; I have achieved a victory.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, look. I started this debate because I wanted to hear other people's opinions, and have a FUN debate about it. But, since my opponent has failed to be nice, and flat-out called me a fraud, I may as well take this seriously.

To be honest, there are many reasons why Harry Potter is better than twilight. For example, it is aimed at a wider audience. Harry Potter was given an adult version, whereas twilight was aimed at teenagers and teenagers only.

Second, the characters of Harry Potter go into more depth. Example, my personal favourite, Severus Tobias Snape. At the start of the books/films, you see Severus as the professor who just hates Harry and Gryffindors. But, as the series goes on, you see there is a lot more to this man than meets the eye. As it turns out, he does not hate Harry, he hates Harry's good for nothing father, because James bullied Severus when they attended Hogwarts. Not to mention, James is the reason Severus lost Lily's love AND friendship. Finally, Severus ends up working as a double agent for Dumbledore, at great risk to his life.

But in twilight, all you get are good little vampires, and the evil ones.

I do hope my opponent gives a fair debate, and quits declaring himself the winner. It's just silly.


Oh, you're still yapping away, I see. Let me see what your deviated mind has conjured in my absence...

Addressing your point about Harry Potter being aimed at adult audiences, that is incorrect. My father, my mother and many of their adult acquaintances have tried reading the book or watching the film and have said, regardless, that it has no soul, nothing interesting and provides no serious entertainment (of course, I haven't exactly interviewed them, but that was the general vibe they gave off) whilst Twilight has piqued my father's curiousity for at least the first two films. Quote a valuable source: "Beautifully shot but a soulless cash machine, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" delivers no dramatic payoff, no resolution and not much fun." (
Key words, NO DRAMATIC PAYOFF, and that's only the one of the last two parts of the film.
Regarding the depth of character... I'm actually snickering at your argument as I am typing these words. Depth of character? Poor little Severus Snape had his love taken away and holds a grudge against James Potter because of it, detesting the very sight of Harry, James' son, as he constantly notices the similarities between them. That is quite idiotic, firstly because he brought it on himself, hanging around with his Death Eater friends. Secondly, it teaches my soft-minded coetanous ilk about retaining hatred for one particular person who is, obviously, a different individual from the one they originally hated, even if they were father and son. Yet again, I'll repeat it: James did not STEAL Lily's friendship and, possibly, love from Severus; Severus gave them both to James as a result of him joining up with the Death Eater league. Slytherin... always the little annoyances.

Let's finally begin discussing Twilight.
Starting off with Bella, the little damsel in distress, and moving off into other topics as time passes. Through the series, she undergoes a great endeavour as she takes all the mental abuse, so to speak. Finding out vampires exist, falling in love with one, getting abandoned by one, giving birth to a vampire child. In New Moon, the volume where Edward leaves her, she felt utterly destroyed by the separation as soon as it took place. There is a scene I remember vividly, where she actually slept out in the woods, curled up in the foetus position as she was pondering her existence without Edward. That scene reflects the hungering love she felt for her vampire mate, it was a desperate situation and yet she survived. Of course, she later tried to kill herself in many ways, extreme ways for the most part, as to invoke the delusions in which Edward attempted to prevent her from doing it. Again, a display of exhasperating affection.
Skip around 200 pages of her love pain and we reach Edward, who, despite being the one who left for her safety, felt like he could not live without her so he decided to show the world that vampires exist and get ravaged by the Volturi. Yet AGAIN, a true display of love being a disease. But fortunately for Twilightfans, they both retain their lives.

Moving right along, and summarizing quite a bit, Eclipse is just a fight between Victoria's fledgelings and the Cullen coven. Victoria's love interest was murdered by Edward, and so, she decided to kill off Bella as revenge. An eye for an eye, except here, in the ending, when Edward was in a headlock, Bella mustered her wits and cut herself, blood flowing out and distracting the attention of Victoria and her little puppet, giving Edward time to kill them both off. That shows that, as weak as you are, you can still make a turning point difference. From a philosophical point, it shows that you should ALWAYS do something in a whatever type of battle, physical or mental, even if you feel overwhelmed.
My opponent has decided to leave out the better reasons as to why Harry Potter is better than Twilight, so, with great respect, I shall leave out the other details of this volume.

In Breaking Dawn, the final installment of the saga, we have the birthing of a dampyre (half-vampire, half human) child. Let's observe it. Despite the monster infant tearing Bella apart from the inside, she retains her love for it, showing signs of aggression to anyone who even mentioned the death of the baby. That is true motherly love, I say, as a mother will always receive pain in the upbringing of the child and will still love it afterwards. An excellent display of kindness that Stephenie Meyer has depicted very clearly. Yet again, I shall not explore further into this volume, leaving place for the third round.

I very much liked the idea of some vampires having mental powers. Edward can read minds, Alice can see into a rather specific future, Jane from the Volturi can cause agonizing pain simply by looking at an individual and Bella can create an area of effect shield from mental attacks such as Jane's. It is an innovating event, a refreshing glass of water, that differs in a unique manner from the traditional vampire powers, that were turning into bats, going through walls, transforming into fog, etc. The fact that their bodies are as hard as diamond is also a great perk. The only thing that they could have NOT done is the sparkling. That's the only thing I detest.

The special effects are awesome, for lack of a better word. I can attest to the fact that they are as fine as the effects in Harry Potter, if not MUCH more advanced. It is simply a sight to see. The wolves are one of the many things that they have outdone themselves with. Their movements are fluid and the overall look of them is very realistic. Of course, Harry Potter has his spiders but those are not present in every movie, only in two, for as much as I remember.

In conclusion, I would definitely like to point out that Harry Potter and Twilight cannot be compared in plot and character, and that is why I did not center on comparing.
Debate Round No. 2



My opponent recently stated that Harry Potter does not appeal to adults, because members of his family aren't fond of it. Well, that might be their opinions, but there are many more adults in this world, believe it or not, and many of them love the Harry Potter series.

Secondly, I would like to draw away from character depth, and state a known fact about Slytherins. My opponent stated that they are, "always the little annoyances.", when in fact only few Slytherins are evil/annoying. Example of a nice Slytherin: Merlin.

My concluding argument:

One reason why I (like many other people) love Harry Potter, is that the books are much more creative. J.K Rowling created new things and backed them up with their own leagues and history, whereas Stephanie Meyer did things like spark up baseball.

1. Merlin is a slytherin-
2. Extra arguments-


Everyone forfeits, eh? I'm snickering as I type these words.

Members of my family AND the friends are not fond of it. I believe that, if any adult respects him/herself enough, he or she will not indulge in this pathetic series of mental vomit that J.K. Rowling has produced.

Your first argument, the one about Merlin being a Slytherin is relatively irrelevant for I added that phrase as a ways of embellishing my argument and you, being the "intelligent" being that you are, could easily bring it out from the context. The phrase WAS at the end of the paragraph.

Your concluding argument is acceptable and understandable but easily parried. Since Twilight centers on the vampire society, a well-thought through... "organism" that avoids bringing too much attention to itself, I believe Stephenie Meyer stands justified in her choice of not creating any special sport like Quidditch. After all, they're mythical creatures, not wizards, they cannot just cast an enveloping invisibility shroud spell so they can invent a new sport. Then again, why should they? What's wrong with baseball? The book is already creative enough with the afore-mentioned vampire concept.

I would try harder but since Con decided, in her disrespect, that I'm not worth the effort that I had put in against her, I shall do the same.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by princesszelda 4 years ago
Well, someone's on their period. Good Lord. -_-
Posted by funwiththoughts 5 years ago
I cannot tell whether or not Caitiff is trolling, but I'd be willing to put my money on "yes."
Posted by animal.abbie123 5 years ago
Now wait a gosh darn minute, here. All Sophie wants to do here is have a relaxing, fun debate based on opinions. If you don't think it's worthy to be on this site, then don't accept it.

And no-one has won this debate until all rounds are completed and the voting period has ended. So there!
Posted by Kentrix 5 years ago
Caitiff has indeed won this debate. Debategirl221 you might as well delete this account, pack your bags and move to Canada
Posted by animal.abbie123 5 years ago
Sounds cool :) Good Luck, Sophie!
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