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Harry potter(pro) vs Percy Jackson(con)

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Started: 11/1/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This argument is which character is simple better. I hope I will find someone to defend poor Harry Potter. The rounds will go like this:

Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3: wrap up

I would like someone who has read both books to argue with please accept, anyone it is my first debate and I would like to be able to vote so.


I abpstop accept this argument and Harry Potter is simply better.
Can we make this interesting and use statistics from the movies and books that these characters are featured in.
Go Pot-Heads :)
Debate Round No. 1


I would not like like to use stats if that is okay. Here we go.

If I was basing this on the magical effects in the movie I would win hands down but because this is just a character battle..... I win again. My case below.

Harry does badly anything himself to save himself it is all herminony ( I am not sure. I spelt that right). The books should be based completely on her. The only reason they aren't is cause voldermort was to nice to kill a helpless baby.

Percy is amazing because he has a wide range of problems not just one pesky adult stalker wizard. Percy has monsters,Demi gods , and real gods after him. Percy also has to rely on pure skills. Fighting and swordsmanship. As Harry has magic to rely on. I love the way element give the books a more realistic feel. For example the gods use to be are way if understanding what happens in our world. I personally think that the couples are way cuter in Percy Jackson then Harry potter. Harry only dates Ginny because the Wesaleys (spelt correct?) because the are his only, and closest thing to a family.

My closing case is,
Percy has some bigger beings watching over him making us feel more secure in our brains, a natural instink. Compared to Harry potter who has no one watching over him leaving the world in the book being unprotected , should something had happens to him. Which is completely unsettling in my brain.

Your turn my dear competitor,
Good luck.


abpstop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent seems to not want to join in on this debate at the time. Or maybe we have a scaredy cat because they don't want to admit I had a amazing argument.

Vote vote vote again.
Tell tell tell you friends.
Percy Percy Percy is better.
The Harry Harry Harry.
To get you to vote vote vote.
I made a song song song.
Just just for you you.

Vote Percy !!!!


Sorry Guys my power was out and couldn't post my argument.
Harry Potter is a better character for three main reasons. The first reason is the magic, Harry can do anything from teleporting to summoning apparitions to come to his aid. The second reason is his story Harry isn't just the son of a god he has a purpose and real human problems that he faces on a daily basis. The third and final reason is that Harry can make his own decisions in life. He doesn't have to rely on his father to take care of his problems it is just him on his own.

To go against my opponents frist contention. Harry does badly anything himself to save himself it is all herminony. Harry is always saving himself it is only in a few instances in the holy series of seven books that Hermione ends up saving him. Like when Harry was fighting the serpent, he was by himself and Hermione was out cold talking a beauty nap. My opponents says that Percy Jackson is better because he has gods looking over him but would you rather have a god looking over your or have free will with real consequences.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by stelly5504 5 years ago
@abpstop I don't think it's fair that u posted in the wrap up round. That left me wit know way to defend myself If you're power went out and you missed a round you should have forfeited or messaged me.

Ps I notice a spell check error I said " Harry can badly do anything to save himself. "
I meant to say Harry can barely do anything to save himself.
Please excuse.
Posted by stelly5504 5 years ago
I cant agree with you on this one @thetallest1. I hope my contender will post his debate soon so i might change my mind.
Posted by thetallest1 5 years ago
honestly Harry Potter is better. Voldemort acted based on a profecey.
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