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Harvey Beaks (Pro) vs The Amazing of Gumball (Con)

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Started: 9/21/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Harvey Beaks was a great show that beats Gumball.Firstly,Harvey Beaks has great jokes,it has jokes that include dirtiness,humor,and always different.Jokes on Gumball?...Let's just say that anti-pants isn't a great choice for jokes.Second,the music on Harvey Beaks was like listening to the music on making fiends(because they use same music producers).It has songs with action,comedy,& drama.Gumball's music sounds like the producers doodled a little.finally,the characters.The characters on Harvey Beaks are great!They match up with the show,and have different personalities.When they made characters on Gumball,they just used objects and things that don't even match the show.Vote for Harvey Beaks,and don't follow a loser cat.


The Amazing World of Gumball has such creativity and it's so diverse like every character has a different personality and a little quirk about them. Harvey Beaks is just another Nickelodeon show that they think is funny but it's not. The last good Nickelodeon show was iCarly and they could never top that. Nickelodeon has only ever made one good cartoon and that was SpongeBob, but they should've stopped that show years ago. Nickelodeon tried to get views by using stupid trends but they end up using those trends late anyway. Or they use those trends in their show and they ruin them with the cheesiness and context of the trends.

Cartoon Network goes out of their way to put diversity in their shows and their animation is off the chain. They have story lines that attract viewers and actual life lessons that kids can learn from. Although I must say that Harvey Beaks and The Amazing World of Gumball are similar in animation and Gumball and Harvey look very alike. It's the context of the two shows that differ so much. I must admit though that Gumball is not Cartoon Network's best show. If Harvey was compared to other Cartoon Network shows, Harvey would definitely not stand a chance.
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