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Has Obama been beneficial for the United States?

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Started: 7/23/2015 Category: Politics
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During his two terms of presidency, Obama has given us many wonderful things. He had created a healthcare system that is universal and stays with you even if you lose your job. He prevented the Bush Depression that was obliterating America by killing 800,000 jobs a day with his 'stimulus package'. Not only did that create 2.1 million new jobs, but it also boosted our economy by 3.5%. Our president issued an executive order that provided a haven for those immigrants without documentation yet, who were striving ambitiously to become loyal American citizens. He narrowed the line between racial groups to form an America that is more unified than ever before. And also established major improvements on foreign policy from all around.

They note that 2014 was the best year for jobs developments. When Bush took office, he created tax breaks on the rich that finally ended in 2013. So 2014 was the first year that Obama's economic policies really took hold. Many Americans got new insurance coverages, and we have multitudes of new job opportunities. The Republicans have claimed audaciously that taxing the rich will demolish our economy, but it turned out to be the opposite!

President Obama is currently working on nuclear weapons deal with Iran that prevent another catastrophic war. A Republican president would have undoubtedly created another war with a Middle Eastern country, and wreak havoc on our economy at home because they're spending our money (and lives) for the war. Besides if our negotiations go awry we can be comforted to know we avoided a confrontation with Iran.

There are many things the great man has done for us. If you desire to provide a knowledgeable rebuttal, go ahead.


I have to accept this challenge. I could never live with myself if I don't take this as a great opportunity to outline the fallacies of Obama's presidency.

First, you state that Bush killed 800,000 jobs a day. Not only is that false, but it is numerically impossible for 800,000 people to lose their job in one day. I will not believe your blind assertions without actual evidence from respectable sources.

You state that he issued an executive order that gave safe haven to illegal immigrants. This order is a major violation of the Constitution, something that this man swore he would defend. Illegal immigration is a direct violation of our immigration laws. When you violate the law of a nation, you are branded a criminal. He has effectively allowed foreign criminals to stay in our nation. You happen to claim that these are people who are "striving ambitiously to become loyal American citizens." I find it rather ironic that the first act these illegals commit is a criminal act, and yet you still callously brand them as people who want to be loyal.

1. The number of Americans on welfare has increased tremendously, and more then 11 million people have left full time employment.
2. Our nation lost its AAA credit because of this morons spending.
3. Obama spent 25 billion dollars on bailing out Chrysler and General Motors. Chrysler is now owned by an Italian company, therefore he had no reason for these bailouts.

Additionally, he has forced upon the American people this looming monstrosity of a healthcare plan, which forces people to buy healthcare, whether or not they want to. Not only is this a breach on our inalienable right to Liberty, it also does more harm then good.

This plan disproportionately hurts younger people, by forcing a redistribution of wealth to older, sicker people. Obamacare was passed due to insurance companies and their illustrious lobbyists. As a result, these companies could gain more then 20 million new customers.

Really, 2000 char limit?
Debate Round No. 1


"Since the start of the recession in December 2007, 8.4 million jobs have been lost."-

Despite the bits of exaggeration the media portraits to us, the jobs that were lost the year before Obama took office is completely phenomenal. Bush did lose 8.4 million jobs in his last year, and Obama's 'stimulus package' bailed us out of the disasters that would have happened. Heck, the guy even created a website to show his tax payers how the package was spent. And again, the package boosted the economy by 3.5% and gave 2.1 million americans jobs.

The Constitution is the law of the land, but laws can also be changed. The immigrants in this country who don't have documentation yet are doing the jobs that we decent Americans would never envision ourselves doing. Obama provided the haven for about half of those immigrants, meaning that he handpicked the most determined and hard-working illegals. There are reasons those people journey to our country, mostly because they desire to work laboriously to be successful. The USDA says that "about half of the hired workers employed in U.S. crop agriculture were unauthorized, with the overwhelming majority of these workers coming from Mexico." Because there is a minuscule minority of Americans who want to pick cabbage in the sweltering sun all day.

1. The economy has created over 10 million jobs since then, and if we continue the current trend, Obama could claim 16 million jobs between that point and the end of his term.
2. He planed the sequestration that reduced the deficit by 4 trillion.
3. He prevented the collapse of the automobile industry with the bailouts.

Obama care is known for its dramatically low inflation rates that haven't been seen since 1961. Therefore he had prevented the skyrocketing of healthcare price.

(And yes, I finally noticed, 2000 characters is a bit short.)


Under Barack Obama, the U.S. economy has performed worse than it did under any other president since the end of the Great Depression. After every other recession since World War II, the U.S. economy always regained what was lost and got even stronger before the next recession began. During this "economic recovery", we have not even come close to getting back to where we were in 2008. In fact, the number of Americans living in poverty and the number of Americans that are dependent on the government both continue to explode even as Barack Obama runs up trillions of dollars of new debt.
Yes, Barack Obama is not solely responsible for the economy. In fact, he does not even have the most influence over the direction of the economy. However, if he had been willing or able to actually do what was necessary to fix the economy, he certainly had ample opportunity. For example, the Democrats had full control of Congress during Obama"s first two years in office. They were in a position to push through just about anything that they wanted to. More importantly, Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing to stand in the way of the nightmarish policies of the Federal Reserve. But Barack Obama has made no moves to reign in the Fed or to stop their idiotic policies. In fact, Obama has had nothing but good things to say about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and he nominated Bernanke for another term.

1.Veterans received poor health care and even died because of the incompetence and cover-ups of Obama"s VA.
2. Barack Obama has broken the law repeatedly by making at least 23 unilateral changes to Obamacare.
3. Obama has been illegally trying to force Christians to pay for abortifacients via Obamacare.
4. Obamacare has been a disaster that cost millions their insurance and sent health care costs spiraling into the stratosphere.
5. Obama has taken over 700 billion dollars from Medicare to plunge it into Obamacare.

I will provide my sources in the comments section.
Debate Round No. 2


The Bush tax cuts, over 50 percent of which benefited the richest 5 percent of American taxpayers, cost about $2.5 trillion over the decade after they were enacted. Ten years later, Bush"s tax cuts are still the main driving factor of the national debt.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the country trillions of dollars. Combined with Bush"s tax cuts, war spending was a main factor in blowing up the deficit and spending the surplus accumulated under Clinton. We would've collided with a devastating collapse if Barack Obama wasn't there to bail us out.

Our president did push out as much as he was capable of, and has done a multitude of magnificent things in the process. He has passed the $787 billion economic stimulus plan, which greatly reduced the chance of a depression. He signing into law the expanded State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), that the White House says provides benefits to 4 million additional working families. He regulated the differences in pay wages between men and women. And most essentially he withdrew the troops from Iraq. In the end of just his first 100 days, he had 65% of America's approval, an astoundingly high number.

1.Obamacare has created a universal, less expensive version of health insurance that tens of millions of uninsured Americans can access.
2. ObamaCare includes a ton of cost curbing measures which have led to health care spending growing at the slowest rate on record (since 1960) in 2014. Meanwhile, health care price inflation is at its lowest rate in 50 years.
3. CHIP is expanded to cover up to 9 million children.
4. Medicare is improved for Seniors by measures that eliminate the donut hole, keep rates down, cut wasteful spending and fraud, and expand free preventive services.
5. Small businesses with less than 25 full-time equivalent employees can get tax credits for up to 50% of their employees' health insurance premium costs.


Firstly, you are comparing Obama and Bush. This debate is not for comparison, it is just an overall argument about his level of benefit to the American people and its economy.

In retrospect, his benefit was quite malignant and very detrimental to the country. In 2008, he called Bush "unpatriotic" for raising the debt ceiling, but Obama then turned around and raised it 3 times, and is due to raise it a 4th time as well.

He has been the cause of an extreme worsening of race relations, since he refused to acknowledge certain beliefs and types of people that may and have proven to lead to different nationwide issues. During the recent shootings, he has refused to shine light on Islamic terrorism, and only refers to it as terrorism, or terrorists. This is not the case, as these vile acts are asymmetrically derived from the same vile book that these people worship so heavily.

ObamaCare has been a failed cacophony of false promises and a mismanaged budget. The Affordable Care act stated that you are required to buy healthcare. You can see why people would be skeptical of a man who forces 25 million people to buy healthcare. You can attribute that to special interest since a few companies will receive millions of new customers.

He has created 6 trillions of new debt, and has made our industries nonexistent.

He pulled out of Iraq early, which gave rise to ISIS, as the region was incredibly destabilized. Even though his top generals and personnel advised otherwise, he still pulled out of Iraq.

He has allowed millions of illegal immigrants across the border, and has constantly fought against voter I.D. laws, because the liberals state that they are unfairly targeting "blacks and Latinos". This is just a cover-up since without these groups voting, no liberal would be in office; they rely heavily on fraud and random people voting.
I am out of characters so I cannot post more.
Debate Round No. 3


To undermine your statements, Bush's problems led undoubtedly to Obama's responsibilities. I was simply giving examples of what tough economic situations our president had to go through.

Virtually all of President Obama's actions were to save us money. The withdrawal, the sequestration that led to a four trillion save, the healthcare which provided the least inflated insurance for over 50 years. Obama is completely patriotic, brimming with brilliant ideas that saved America from sheer demolition.

World relations has dramatically escalated when Obama took office, and had been improving ever since. It is utterly despicable for you to associate our president with the Muslim religion just because he left out the specific label for the kind of terrorism there is.

Obamacare is in fact not a failure, for it's pros greatly outweigh the cons. If people didn't have healthcare, then unexpected medical costs will absolutely make them regret not getting coverage. That is why Obamacare is there to provide universal, inexpensive medical care that you won't lose is you lose your job. There are reasons we must have healthcare, and obamacare is the easiest and cheapest one to get.

Nope, he used six trillion to prevent chaotic economic collapse.

He pulled out of Iraq early, but when he finally killed Bin Laden, literally everyone thought Islamic terrorism was over for good. Even Republicans.

Mostly, the I.D laws are for immigrants who simply lack the identification yet, but will anticipate receiving them in the future. A stunning 54 percent of young white voters supported Obama, compared with 44 percent who went for McCain. So no, Obama doesn't just win with "black and Latino" votes, although he did receive 96% of the votes from African-Americans.

Here is the complete list of the things that our president has done for America:

Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll vote for me. Now for my opponent's rebuttal..


You state that all of Obama's actions were to save us money. By that logic, he borrowed 6 trillion dollars, so he could save us money.

Stating that Obama is patriotic is a mile long exaggeration. He has shown absolutely no patriotism to our nation or to the nation's troops. He refused to attend the funerals of the soldiers killed in TN. He refused to lower the flag to half-mast, and finally did it 5 days after the shooting.

He has completely ignored Russia's warmongering in Europe, and even snickered when Romney stated the impending growth of Russian hostility in the 2012 election.

Obama has shown very little in his devotion to the Christian faith, and it only leads me to believe that he is either barely devout or is not Christian at all. He refuses to acknowledge that terrorism is driven by what is written in the Quran, which is a clear cut fact.

ObamaCare is the biggest failure of them all. He has spend a great deal of money paying for the healthcare of people who cannot afford it, but if you look at studies done about Obamacare, you can see that it most negatively affects young men and women. Not only does government involvement drive up demand, which in turn drives up prices, but it also kills all competition. People who were covered before and liked their plan are now forced out of it due to increased regulations.
Much of our economy is based on medicine, whether it is selling pharmaceutical drugs or getting a treatment from a doctor.

Obama has increased the national debt much more then Bush has.

Not only is Obama a horrible president, but he is inadvertently a liar. He promised that he would not have lobbyists in his administration, and now employs over 40 lobbyists. He pulled out of Iraq early, which gave rise to ISIS.

Also, no one agreed that the death of one head figure would end terrorism. That is quite an understatement. His top generals told him not to pull troops, and he still did it.

Sources in comments section.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Brian1813 3 years ago
I completely concur with that statement, except for the "kid" part.
Posted by bballcrook21 3 years ago
This is so hard to argue. Why did this kid put a 2k character limit? I cannot state anything in such a small character count.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to Con because Pro called Con's actions "utterly despicable," even though Con hadn't even done what Pro accused him of doing. Arguments point was quite close, but I awarded it to Con because Pro would often make empty statements like "Obama is completely patriotic, brimming with brilliant ideas that saved America from sheer demolition." Statements such as these were usually made by Pro, mean very little, and are not very well supported. This debate was tricky, because the debaters even didn't seem to agree on any of the basic facts, let alone Obama's benevolence or lack thereof.