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Has tech wizard made our life graceless

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Started: 1/30/2016 Category: Technology
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Yes the techs have made us cattle who are following the same path of getting a 'like' .From evolution we got tech and now our condition is deteriorating!! Its well said one cannot resist it but it also creates a loophole for the unsocial people who are craving for destroying worlds peace


I accept this debate.

Since Pro has not established any rules, here are a couple guidelines to follow:

1) Be polite and respectful. Avoid the ad hominem logical fallacy.

2) Sources are not necessary, but recommended.


Pro has not established a clear resolution. Based on assumption, it seems that they’re asserting that technology is making life graceless and is leading to a general deteriorating of society, and that social media is forming a drone-like mindset amongst the masses.

As Con, I will argue that technology actually enhances and improves life for all and that social media is not turning the population into mindless cattle.


Tech: Technology

Technology: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Technology Enhances & Improves Life:

Has tech wizard made our life graceless” - Pro

From evolution we got tech and now our condition is deteriorating” - Pro

Pro has not said much to support his assertion, so we’ll discuss how technology enhances and improves life.

Technology has not made our existences any less graceful. Rather, it has opened many new opportunities and has advanced the human race as a whole. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

1) Leaving the planet’s atmosphere and venturing into space.

2) The creation of automobiles, which are used on a daily basis for transportation.

3) Many medical advancements.

4) The vast improvement of communication with the ability to simply contact people around the world using the Internet, as well as being able to upload images and videos to show friends or family, via social media.

5) The primary cause of many great scientific discoveries, which allow us to learn more about ourselves, the universe, and our history.

6) The immense warehouse of knowledge and information that nearly everyone can access known as the Internet.

These are only a few things that indicate how technology has done the opposite of what Pro claims. Not to mention, each of these differing aspects are continually evolving to have even more positive impacts on our lives. Technology makes things more efficient, which gives us time to spend on other things, it lets us live longer, and has made communication faster than it’s ever been before. It is certainly not reducing our gracefulness.

Social Media Is Not All-Consuming:

Yes the techs have made us cattle who are following the same path of getting a 'like' .” -Pro

Social media is not as destructive as Pro implicates. While some users may just be in it for the likes, not all of them are. It is unreasonable for Pro to attack all of social media for the faults of a (relatively small) portion of the users. Social media is not a quest to gain likes, but rather, it is a tool inherently meant for the sharing of information with family, friends, and the world. It is more efficient than texting and email in some ways, which is why people prefer it. Social media has contributed to the development of businesses, and therefore, the economy, and also has been used as announcement platforms for movements and organizations.

To get the point across that social media is not all-consuming, let’s look at the figures for traffic for a few popular sites.

Facebook has roughly 1.55 billion monthly users, and around 800 million daily users. The current human population is at an estimated 7.4 billion people. Looking at it from a statistical standpoint, ~20% of the complete population uses Facebook monthly, while ~10% visit Facebook daily. This leaves a staggering 80% people who don’t even touch Facebook on a monthly basis, as well as 90% who don’t use Facebook daily. [1]

Instagram has around 400 million monthly users, which adds up to a small 5% of the population using it, leaving 95% who don’t. [1]

And finally, Twitter has monthly active user base of about 320 million. That’s 4% out of 96% who don’t use it. [1]

It’s worth noting as well that these user bases are not mutually exclusive. There’s a large chance that users who use Facebook will also use other social media platforms and vice-versa.

These figures indicate that there is a massive amount of people who don’t even bother with social media in general, much less spend time blatantly pursuing likes. Essentially everyone who uses social media is there by their own choice; they are not being forced by some higher-ups.


I will not address Pro’s, “Its well said one cannot resist it but it also creates a loophole for the unsocial people who are craving for destroying worlds peace” statement, as it is unclear what the intention and meaning behind it is. If Pro would like to offer more insight, I would be more than happy to talk about it.

In conclusion, technology’s benefits far outweigh any negatives that could come up and social media is not what Pro indicates that it is. The burden of proof now lies upon Pro to provide a compelling argument as to how technology is damaging society and how social media is transforming the population into mindless cattle.

Vote Con.


Debate Round No. 1


I duly respect the words of my opponent. As said by my con ,"Technology has advanced the human race as whole". Yes the race is advancing from the scratch ,but the fact is not false that this advancement is leading to many problems like climate change,population explosion and global warming.In all these problems technology has its hands . I am not saying that we should go back to the same old primitive age but I what I want to say is that it has made our life hopeless .My opponent has represented the figures of people using Facebook,twitter, instagram .These things possesses a danger of sharing any sensitive information in a blink of eyes .


The rise of technology have created deadly weapons , the atomic bomb dropped twice on Japan brought to surface the fact that if human minds becomes selfish due to their prestige then its because of technology .The people who dropped the bomb did not even thought for a while what it will bring to the people who face
d it. The ravaging wars represent the a greater guilt at the humanity that we are unable to stop these wars .

CONCLUSION:- These facts are enough to prove that technology made us graceless as human life is more important than,as my con said "exploring new planets and aliens ","Travelling","or accessing knowledge" .


Pro has ventured away from his original resolution that technology is making humans graceless by bringing up issues like global warming and climate change. These are red herrings, so I will therefore not address them. [1]


To be brief, overpopulation isn’t necessarily even an issue. It’s essentially a myth being perpetuated by the ignorant. [2]

Social Media:

“These things possesses a danger of sharing any sensitive information in a blink of eyes .“ -Pro

Pro is referring to the potential of sensitive information being shared on social media. The issue with this is that users on social media have the choice to post as they please. It is their own fault and responsibility if their information is leaked, not the fault of technology.

The cases of unwanted events being shared in the form of cyberbullying are so limited that it has virtually no effect on the human race in total. Pro fails to address that essentially ~75% of human beings don’t even use social media (not including bots or sockpuppets that have social media accounts, which I didn’t mention previously). [see previous figures in R1]

Deadly Weapons & The Atomic Bomb:

Whether or not the creation of deadly weapons and the usage of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are bad is both questionable and subjective. Not fact, as Pro claims in their conclusion.


Simply put, war is perpetuated by human beings, not by technology. The complete removal of technology would not end war. If technology never even existed, war would still go on. That is human nature.


Pro’s arguments are flawed and my primary points remain virtually unrefuted.

Pro’s conclusion states that his points are facts when in reality, most of them are extremely subjective and nothing more than opinions.

Pro also used a strawman logical fallacy in the end of their conclusion in an effort to make some points I brought up earlier seem notably more ridiculous and unimportant. [3]

Pro has not successfully defended their resolution that technology is making human life graceless and that social media is having the effect of turning the population into drones.

Vote Con.


Debate Round No. 2


Vikrant_chandra forfeited this round.


Pro has forfeited.

They failed to uphold their resolution and my points remain essentially unrefuted.

Thanks to Pro for an interesting debate, I had fun.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by n7 1 year ago
Wtf is a tech wizard? Are they like technomages? O
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