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Has the introduction of the Internet helped or hindered us

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Started: 12/21/2016 Category: Technology
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The Internet has brought we as a people closer together since it's introduction. Because of the Internet communication across the world and across languages have been made possible in an instant, the opportunities for education that the Internet has brought are endless giving the option for equal education for all just clicks away. Families are able to be closer, friends can remain friends, even across the world all because of the Internet. We are able to share ideas and works to better them and ourselves, without the Internet we would still be in a relatively dark time unable to communicate as easily or as freely.


The birth of modern technology was a wonderful thing because it made life easier but it also has put a burden on many social aspects of our daily lives. Instead of going out with your friends and having a discussion about something they have done, now you just see it on social media and it doesn"t bring that connection of talking about it and laughing about it. The internet creates the fallacy that we are closer than ever when we are really farther apart than ever. Now when we go out instead of talking with our friends we go on our phones and talk to other friends. So even though it helps with technology, it hurts us as a nation of people.
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