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Has the quality of the Need for Speed franchise declined?

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Started: 10/6/2015 Category: Games
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Pro in my opinion... I think it has been on a decline since Need for Speed: Carbon.
NFS: ProStreet is an awful game. NFS: Undercover is basically sonic 2006 (it wasn't finished). NFS: Shift 1 & NFS: Shift 2 are boring and have nothing to do with need for speed. NFS: The Run is very, very bad. The only good game that came out after NFS: Most Wanted is NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010).


I agree with you that some of the NFS games did lose the brand's important factors during 2006~2009. But NFS is getting more popular and fun since 2012, such as the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 and Need For Speed: Rivals became one of the best NFS games I've encountered. It also did increase in sales since 2010 after NFS:HP came out, so I disagree with you, even if 2006~2009 NFS games were bad, I think it's actually doing pretty well now.
Debate Round No. 1


Los3eds forfeited this round.


Another thing that I just want to say is that the chart that you put on looks like someone's point of view of the quality of NF game overtime. There isn't any official watermarks or anything to prove that the chart is criticized by an professional gaming review company or anything. Also, I don't see how the quality is still declining after 2010, NFS boomed after 2010 with awesome reviews about their games being awesome and how well they're made. So if you can't prove that the chart is from an professional gaming review, such as IGN, I will keep going.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I looked at the chart, I say it didn't look like a professional chart. One of the lines (2nd farthest left) is crooked. This might be an error (well, it is, actually), but most online charts I've seen have straight lines separating/representing the points. As for the chart itself, it's just a picture. Actually, it IS a picture. the URL says "/pictures/Need+for+speed+games+quality+chart+disagree+or+agree" this could've been made with photoshop or something, and posted on the site. As for the "disagree+or+agree" part. It seems like a poll. I'm questioning the validity of your chart. The website where the picture is called "Funnyjunk", where people can post funny videos, pictures, and GIF images. This cannot be defined as a valid source at all. For proof of the site being "Funnyjunk", remove the parts after 'pictures'. It'll send you to the homepage. Con definitely wins this time.
Posted by FPSKorea1 2 years ago
oh and also, i forgot to type this on my argument, but that chart that u put on looks like a personal opinion of somebody. NFS Run, NFS HP, and NFS MW was a HUGEEEEE success with awesome reviews. This includes the nfs games like the most wnated 2005
Posted by Bosoxfaninla 2 years ago
It's EA..... Of course it did. EA logic... Just slap on a new title and call it a new game.
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