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Heath Leger's Joker was the best joker in the franchise

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Started: 10/10/2016 Category: Movies
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In The Dark Night Rises Heath Leger (In my own opinion) was much better for a couple of reasons:
1: While Jack Nicholson was a good Joker has "equipment" was more then gag weapons such as the the flower on the shirt.
2: When Heath played the Joker he didn't have the sort of characteristics you would usually expect for a Joker but he had qualities that made him shine... and of course the pencil trick... you have to love the pencil trick
3:Heath made the Joker look like a anarchist more than a mad psychopath with when he burned a massive pile of money saying "Its not about the money... its about sending a message... everything burns" and also with them amazing puns

The Joker: If we don't deal with this now, soon little, uh, Gambol here won't be able to get a nickel for his grandma.

Gambol: [explodes] Enough from the clown!

[He rises to his feet; Joker does too, opening his coat to reveal a cluster of grenades, attached to a string around his thumb]

The Joker: Ah-ta-ta-ta! Let's not *blow*...

Man No. 1: SH**

The Joker: ...this out of proportion.

Looking to have a casual debate, just about the different Jokers in the series



I am willing to accept and as you said franchise I believe you are talking about everything batman related. To which I raise you the best Joker in my opinion: Mark Hamill. Also it's Ledger not Leger and it's The Dark Knight. Not the Dark Knight Rises.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok sorry about that my auto correct changed the name and about the film it's just because I was thinking about it in the way they came out and I think its weird how the 2nd one was called the Dark Night and the third one was called Dark Night Rises but that's a subject for another debate. Any ways I don't think that Mark Hamils interpretation of the joker isn't better then Heath Ledger because the Joker in that version relied on the more funny version such as gags as traps and not actually being very evil


While I do like Heath Ledger's version Mark Hamill's is just the best for some reasons.

1. Laugh: Mark Hamill's version nails the joker's laugh perfectly something Ledger's seems to struggle a bit with it.
2. Real Evil: With his new appearance in The Killing joke we see what Hamill brings to the table. A truly twisted joker with no morals as it should be. Joker at it's core is a sociopath with no redeeming qualities.
3. Unstable: With his appearance in the Arkham series shows that while intelligent, his joker is truly unstable. Even when facing death Hamill's joker trashes his last hope to stab batman. And truly he has some sick sense of humor.
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