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High school diploma is as equal representation of education as GED!

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Started: 10/8/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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*Welcome, whoever believes they can attest to the topic that education can be equally represented through both GED, and the default high school diploma.

First round is intros, begin with explaining your opinion on what exactly the topic means in general.

Second round is personal beliefs on the topic yourself, and how you feel about the topic.

Third round is rebuttal in actuality to the other debater's opinion on the topic.

*Disclaimer, this is a short debate. Long debates tend to be more difficult to allocate time to finish.

*Spelling will count against you, and will be pointed out and used against your argument.

To begin defining High school is to of a dynamic topic to explain with accuracy. So I will explain the general idea of education in high school.


A debate is always on a question, say: "Should a GED be recognized as equivalent to a conventional diploma?" (yes or no). There are two considerations: Getting a GED is obviously not the same as attending classes for four years. For that reason, if you have a GED you can't claim to have a diploma. But a GED is evidence of possessing the academic skills and knowledge that a high school graduate would be expected to have. So, in that sense, it is an equivalent. I would hold that a GED should be accepted in lieu of a diploma for meeting educational prerequisites, say for admission to college. Employers of course won't be fooled, as they realize four years' attendance implies a measure of personal discipline a GED doesn't. So, employers should be able to decide for themselves how to treat a GED.
Debate Round No. 1



"A debate is always on a question, say: "Should a GED be recognized as equivalent to a conventional diploma?""

Sorry for going off topic but YOUR WRONG.

The true definition of a debate is "a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward". (Emphasis on topic)

You were referring to my statement as not a question, which was what in your case the correct format of debating, but a a general statement. In actuality the phrase "High school diploma is as equal representation as GED", can be interpreted for the reader as being for, or against the topic. When you ask a question like "what color is the sky", the opponent would struggle preparing a defense because the question asked is most likely already a known fact by both debaters.

The definition of GED, "used for educational testing services designed to provide a high school equivalency credential"

My opponent will now share his ideas.


We probably agree on what the GED itself is. We also seem to agree on what a debate is, a discussion between two sides who give opposing arguments. What's crucial is that there are two sides. Issues can be expressed either as questions that have a yes or no answer (for example, "Should we allow abortion?"), or in statment form ("We should allow abortion"), pro or con. We don't normally debate sky color, but notice the question "How should murder be punished?" has many answers (death, prison for life, prison with parole, probation, etc), and two-sided debates usually avoid such multi-polar discussions.

I've already given my general opinion on GED as an evaluation tool. I think the proposition: "A GED is equally representative of education as a diploma" is incompletely formulated. Equivalent in what way? You can obtain a GED with little formal education if you study. The GED is thus a knowledge equivalent, but it may not duplicate important social aspects of attending high school.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you my equally intelligent friend for providing accurate information that was accurate to the topic.

At the speed of light I will explain what I my stand point is when referring to GED.

I myself is thinking about dropping out of high school to obtain my GED after 4 months of classes. I have eligible reasons that should convince any one that opposes them. I do not have time to inform you on my plans so I will move on.
The test itself consists of literature, arithmetic. science, social studies, and the ability to read/analyze writings.
In more simple terms all the necessary skills needed to succeed in the occupational life. Therefor all the people who believe that one who does not receive said high school diploma is at a disadvantage in obtaining a job.

I currently work in the fast food industry, and I do say it is a pit. Therefor I am actively looking for more jobs, and what skills they require. NONE OF THE JOBS THAT I APPLIED TO LEFT OUT THE GED AS REQUIRED EDUCATION.


I'm not sure we're really having a debate on the question at hand. Dropping high school is not usually advisable, although some students cannot avoid it if personal or family circumstances make it necessary - such as having to work to help support a poor household. This is indeed tragic, and getting a GED can be recommended for those who must leave school, or for adults who have already left school in the past. It does enable admissions at open colleges, and may be considered even by selective shools. For employment advancement, it's less effective, yet better than no credentials. Remember there are people with college credits working fast food. If you are seeking the GED, I think that your class must have graduated at the time you take the tests if you haven't turned 18 - you may want to check on that.

Meanwhile, for debate position I'm sticking to a view of the GED as meaningful, but not fully equivalent to a diploma, for reasons I've stated above.

Debate Round No. 3
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