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High school students should wear uniforms.

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Started: 2/28/2014 Category: Education
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I am arguing that students should not be forced to wear uniforms in school.
First, if students have to wear the same thing as everyone else, then there is no way to express your personality. Your clothes are a way to show who you are to others. Next, this would be another thing to buy. People will say that you will not have to buy as many outfits, but although you do not wear these clothes to school, you still need clothes to wear around town and at home. You buy clothes as it is, so why not get more use out them before you outgrow them. You will never wear your uniform after you're done with school, so why not pay for clothes that you can re wear over sand over again. Also, some people may feel restricted and uncomfortable in these outfits that they are forced into. Everyone has a different body shape and type. Why should we force everyone to look and dress the same? Some people also say that clothes can distract students from learning, but if they are uncomfortable in the uniforms, they will not learn. We should allow student to dress in clothes that they are comfortable in. Lastly, I believe that it can draw away from school spirit. If you have to wear uniforms, you cannot wear a specific outfit with your sports team. You do not have the option to show team spirit when you are forced to wear the same outfit as everyone else.

I believe that there are some pros to having uniforms, but the cons outweigh them. Your clothing is a way to express yourself and is a freedom that should not be taken away from you.


For this debate, I will argue for a school uniform, although I do not necessarily support it.
Your main argument is that clothing is a way of showing creativity, and expressing one's self, which is hard to argue against. However, a school is a learning environment created for everyone to have a safe and positive experience, and as uncertain as it may sound at first, personalized clothing can be a opposition to this. First of all, bullying may occur as less well-off students may be harassed for their clothing, if it does not fit the modern "style". Second of all, some clothing may be considered indecent, and to put a strict line to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable clothing is difficult, and their will always be loopholes. To address your concern about school spirit, the uniform may be democratically "elected", or voted upon by a mix of students, teachers, and parents, to create the perfect costume representing the school in a mature, and fashionable way.
I can understand concerns about the censorship of creativity by enforcing uniforms, but the voting should take care of them.
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Posted by benito_felipe 4 years ago
I go to a high school with uniforms, and I think they should be required.

It cuts down on a LOT peer pressure and bullying. The kids can focus on enhancing their minds, rather than their appearance.

Of course, a lot of teens get fed up with uniforms after awhile. So they might not be the best demographic for it.
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