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Hillary Clinton better than Donald Trump

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Started: 7/7/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hillary Clinton has many times over during her time as the First Lady and the Secretary of State that she will be a strong president that is not afraid to take on political opponents. The first and most important thing that she stands for is a certain bi-partisan way that can bring congress together and truly achieve her goals. This way, promises won't be dead like many claims of previous politicians. Second, she is for antidisestablishmentarianism. Basically, America as a nation is still not ready for a political revolution. This before mentioned word (antidisestablishmentarianism) referred to the Anglican separation of the church by radical liberalization. But, this ties in with today's political environment, as an enormous rift, or separation, of the two parties that have governed the state are gaining ground. Hillary is able to keep things together. And lastly, but not least, Hillary has a very experienced history and a real voice in Washington. She can get things pushed through and knows how to make deals. Her experience, or resume if you will, far outweighs the puny one of Donald Trump. Now, as to the email scandal, this was just a publicized mistake. All these backroom deals come with the job of being secretary of defense, and the direct under to the POTUS himself. So, the email scandal was blown up past proportions and definitely wasn't the corrupt debacle that the lurkers of the internet made it to be. And Donald Trump is just an angry and punitive man, and does not have any respect for others. He boasts of business savvy, but a fortune was already there for him. He is a relatively minor player in Manhattan real estate, as stated by the real top dogs. His net worth of a self proclaimed 10 billion is nowhere near that. Even Forbes may have it wrong, and 4.5 billion may be closer to 2, according to economists for notable real estate journals. This man has filed for bankruptcy on file at least 7 times. Many of his, again, self-proclaimed, 515 businesses are scams. Trump University is an extremely notable scam of a business, much less a university. Others, such as Trump steaks and Trump suits, are total flops, losing more money than tax revenue showed. Trump is just eager to put his name on things. Trump just does not have what it takes to be the president.


In my opinion, both are terrible, but Trump is the lesser of the two. For one, Trump has called for abolishing the minimum wage, which is a big plus. His tax plan would significantly reduce marginal tax rates on all classes. It has been estimated that his tax plan would increase the size of the capital stock by roughly 29%, would increase wages by 6.5%, and give americans 5.3 million more full time paying jobs. Compare this to Clinton's tax plan, where it has been estimated that long run real GDP will drop by 1%, capital investment would drop by 2.8%, and wages would drop by approx. 1%. The US economy needs economic growth. We are nearly a decade past the 08 crash and we are STILL hesitant to raise interest rates from post recession levels. U6 unemployment is still at 9%, inflation isn't budging. There is also the matter of international affairs, while Clinton was pro-middle eastern intervention, Trump was against it. The world plain and simple needs a strong America, lest regional conflicts flare up (see Russia and Urkraine.) Trump would embody strength, I have serious doubts Clinton would be able to do this. In conclusion, both Trump and Hillary are awful in my opinion, but Trump will serve our most urgent needs, and that is economic problems and geopolitical strife. I look forward to engaging in this topic with you further.
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