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Hillary Clinton will not get the inner cities to vote like Obama did because she's not black

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Started: 8/10/2015 Category: Politics
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I support the argument that Hillary Clinton will not be able to get the inner city minorities to come out to vote because she isn't black.

Obama was a political phenomenon. Districts with historically low voter turnout were posting incredibly high voting numbers for Obama. That is what made him unbeatable.

Because she is not black, Hillary will not be able to repeat Obama's results. Even if Obama campaigns heavily for her, the black community will never be as motivated for a white woman like they were for a black male.

Sad, but true.


Thank you for the debate! I am really excited for this debate, and I wish you luck. I negate the resolution, and I support that Hillary Clinton will win the votes of the inner city Americans. BoP is on both of us. The Judges must vote for fact, not personal opinion. Etc.

First a few definitions/ Clarifications:
Inner Cities: the area near the center of a city, especially when associated with social and economic problems
Black: I prefer the term African-American.

My arguments will be based off of three contentions.

Contention 1 is: That the inner cities are not all African-Americans. They also Include Caucasians, and Hispanics/Other.
According to U.S. City Stats (Racial Demographics, Population) [1] the average percentage of African-Americans in inner cities across the US (31 Cities) is 33.4% [1]. Now the average of caucasians in inner cities across the nation (31 cities) is 43.4%. Continuing across with the same logic, the average inner city population of Hispanics/Asians is 23.2%. So, although your statistic of disctrics with historically low voter turnout, may be true, we must assume that it isn't, because there is no factual evidence to back it up.

Contention 2 is: Using my opponents logic, and the stats above, inner cities will vote for Hillary Clinton.
My opponent said that inner cities will not vote for Hillary because she is not African American. Well, using his logic, this might not be true, if the inner cities were 100% African-American. But as we see in the above CITED evidence, inner cities are more populated by Caucasians, and if Hillary Clinton, is caucasian than, they will vote for her, and she will win the majority of the votes in the inner city. Now technically I already win using his logic. But as we know, a statement with no evidence, is simply an uneducated guess. So let us bring in some statistics.

This leads me to Contention 3, which is: African-Americans heavily favor democrats, and will vote for H. Clinton over any republican canidate.
According to Civic Youth [2] in the 2008 election, in which the canidates were Barack Obama and John McCain, African Americans heavily voted for the democratic canidate. African Americans ages 18-29 [2] voted 68% for Obama and 32% for McCain. Of these African-Americans 65% were Registered Democrats, 25% were Registered Republicans, and 10% were not registered to any specific party [2]. Now in African Americans ages 30-44, 52% voted for Obama, and 46% voted for McCain. Of these African Americans, 50% were registered democrats, 40% were registered republicans, and 10% were not registered to any specific party [2]. Now in African Americans ages 45-59 49% voted for Obama, and 49% voted for McCain. Of those African-Americans, 50% were registered Democrats, and 50% were Registered Republicans. [2] And Finally African American age 60+ 47% voted for Obama and 51% voted for McCain. Of those African Americans, 50% were registered Republicans and 40% were registered democrats. Leaving 10% independent. [2]. Now using the logic, of the registered African Americans, most of them agres 18-59 are Registered Democrats, and will most likely, vote for H. Clinton in the 2016 election.

Finally I would like to add, that Obama, was not necessarily a political phenomenon. People did not necessarily vote for him because he was an African-American, but more because he had the power to influence Americans better than McCain. Although I support the possibility of H. Clinton winning the votes of the African-Americans, I do not think that H. Clinton has the power to influence the American Population as a whole, like Obama was able to do. H. Clinton will win the democratic primaries, but will most likely not win the entire election as a whole.

I thank HarrisonJHamilton for the debate, and win him the best of luck.

[2] 3
Debate Round No. 1


HarrisonJHamilton forfeited this round.


My opponent forfeited so I win by default.

Extend all of my arguments
Debate Round No. 2


HarrisonJHamilton forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments. It is obvious that I won this debate. Thanks.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ruthruthruthruth 3 years ago
My parents can't wait to vote for Hillary just because she's a woman.
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