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Hillary Clinton wreckage

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Started: 1/21/2016 Category: Politics
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Its obvious HIllary Clinton should be thrown in Russian jail. I support the Russian fund for fighting Hillar Clinton. If u Wonderz what that fund is, here is link.
Debate Round No. 1


Hillary Clinton has sided with Vladmier Putin quite a few times. With this, it is obvious that they are in cahoots. OR ARE THEY? You see, Vladdy boy over in Russia has been buttering Hillary up with his MLG. When there is enough butter on the toast, he will eat it. (imprison Hillary)


That was a stunning argument. Pro hasn't even proven why Hillary Clinton Should get thrown in a Russian Jail, He just states Imprision Hillary, after the rest of his nonsense. My Sources will be in the comments

Hillary Clinton should not be thrown in a russian jail. 1. Russian Laws don't apply in the United States so throwing Hillary Clinton in a Russian jail makes no sense what so ever.

Pro Fails to point out any wrong doing by Hillary Clinton to get her thrown in a russian jail. That makes his argument irrelevant, just claiming someone should get thrown in jail with no evidence is quite rude. Hillary Clinton does not deserve to get thrown in a russian jail all across the world Hillary Clinton has fought for woman rights in the workplace as well as in everyday life. Hillary Clinton worked with President Obama to get the affordable care act signed which has gotten millions of people insured!! Hillary Clinton as First lady created the Children's Health Insurance Program. Which has provided healthcare to more than 8 million children! Senator Ted Kennedy said quote " If not for Hillary the Children's Health Insurance program wouldn't exist today" This shows how important Hillary Clinton has been for fighting forUniversal Healthcare. Hillary Clinton has always fought for safe access to abortion for women. Hillary Clinton has been a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood, which has given access to millions of women across the world.

So why should Hillary get thrown in jail? Definitely not the scandals that republicans of used against her. Not to mention 9 republican committees found her innocent 9 times! The Secertarys of states office claimed that she did nothing wrong of the handling of her emails. Many other scandals against her have been debunked.

So Pro please answer the question why should hillary clinton be thrown in jail?
Debate Round No. 2


Okay... You've just opened up the line.... Time to get serious.....

Hillary Clinton gives access to abortion. HOW IS THAT A GOOD THING. KILLING BABIES. Now, on what you've said about the-"scandals." So, Hillary Clinton uses her personal email on an unsecure line...... AND SENDS OUT SOME OF THE MOST CONFIDENTIAL THINGS THERE ARE. Don't tell me she did nothing wrong. And why did we find her innocent? Because, Obama was the gosh dang president, acting as lead prosecutor for the FBI. But.... the health care stuff is right. She does give people health care... BY RAISING TAXES. This year, a certain person i know was taxed 120,000 dollars.. IN INCOME TAX. Now, for my next argument...

Why would Hillary be thrown in Russian Jail? This is obvious. Russia is preparing for a silent infiltration of the USA to capture Hillary Clinton and be thrown in jail. How will he do this? Well, we can see ISIS can breach the borders, and then they have a NEGATIVE relationship with us. Think. Vladmier is often called "a friend," or an "ally" by Obama or Hillary. This would make it ideal to sneak into the country using favors from Obama, then arrange a meeting with Hillary through same "friendship." Once Hillary is at the meeting place, a Russian guard will throw a smoke bomb, covering the scene.
After this, Vladdy boy and his guards will haul Hillary to his van, which he will smuggle back to Russia. again, with favors from Obama.

Now, the fund is currently being raised to bribe Obama if the favors aren't enough, and to afford the smoke bomb.


I have never seen so much nonsense in one argument, Pros arguments are simply untrue. Pro's arguments make no sense especially in pros last paragraph.First lets look at the difference between a fetus and an infant. Since pro actually doesn't know the difference between a fetus and a baby. I will show the defintions here.

Fetus:"The unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby 8 weeks after conception"

Baby:"A very young child usually one very recently born"

Embryo:" An unhatched off spring in the process of development";

As you can see an abortion is not the killing of a baby it is the termination of a fetus or an embryo inside the womb. So therefore Abortions arn't "Killing babies!". Isn't it agreeable that the government shouldn't force any women to give birth? Should it be their choice if they want to get rid of their fetus? Why should the government tell a women if your pregant you have to have that child?

Email issue: Hillary Clinton did not send out "THE MOST CONFIDENTIAL THINGS THAT THERE ARE" It has been a proven fact that when Hillary Clinton sent her emails they were classified at the time. So it posed no rick to our security. And actually many figures in politics have also used a personal email address for government bussiness! (Source in comments) Also we have never found Hillary Clinton inncocent or gulity there has been no formal testiomony or anything! On the email issue!

I hope Pro does know that the person he was talking to probably was making over 250,000 dollars a year. He was probably be in the top 1% considering that the top tax rate is around 40 percent (on income). Note the Obama adminsitration has only raised taxes on anyone making over 250,000 dollars a year . That doesn't need a source it is a well known fact to conservatives and liberals.

Pro fails to use anysources to claim how there will be a silent infiltration of the USA to capture Hillary Clinton. This idea is so remotely far fetched that it is hard for me to comprehend his nonsense. Remember Pro when Donald Trump called Putin a friend? Many Republicans have called him an ally and to let russia help us kill ISIS. So its not just Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Pro claims "a Russian guard will then throw a smoke bomb covering the scence . After this Vladdy boy and his guards will haul hillary to his van" WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!? Did you get this from some kind of republican/conservative blog? It seems like you made random nonsense up as you wrote down your argument. And why in the world will russia spend money. Imprisioning an American politician? Why would that happen? Why would Russia want to start a flame war with the US?

Pros argument seems like it came from a fiction story tale which he read in his college years, and believed it to be true.

Vote Con....
Debate Round No. 3


Okay... first of all...... your entire argument is laughable. "The emails were marked classified." WHAT THE CRUD? It does NOT matter, classified or not. Look up the contract for these types of things. Second of all... "The government shouldn't force a woman to have a child." Okay. OKAY. OKAAAY. Your right, no one should have children at all. And yes, that is a drastic example, but hear me out. Basically, here is another way of saying what you said about planned parenthood- The government should allow woman to kill their unborn children, and should not force anyone's body to act the way it should and not let anyone take responsibility for their actions.-----

Okay..... Planned Parenthood is a laughably contradictory name. Planned "Parenthood." They are killing unborn children. Thats right. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in, you are a human being. Larvae's are still bees. Fetus's are still humans. Second of all, Hillary Clinton, like it or not, disobeyed the law, putting the emails where they shouldn't be. Weather that is a large crime, that is for the court to decide.

As for all the crud with Russia....... I got this from Vladmier himself. I may not sound like it, but i'm Vladmiers cousin. And what are we planning to do with Hillary? Hold her for ransom, particularly if she is president.


I really can't believe what I am reading, I don't know if this is a troll debate or Pro is actually being serious with his argument. I find it quite amusing that he calls my argument laughable when Pro is claiming that Valdamir Putin is his cousin.

Pro contradicts himself from going from "Planned Parenthood is killing unborn babies to Planned Parenthood is killing unborn children"
Lets look at the formal definiton for child
Child: Any one under the age of puberty but under the legal age of majority. So, it is quite obvious that Planned Parenthood is not killing unborn children. Remember my last definition? A feuts is not an unborn child. Pro also states "No one should have children at all" Due to his poor grammar I don't know if this was a rebuttal against me or his actual argument. Is Pro trying to say that people shouldn't have children at all? Hopefully in the next round Pro can clean that sentence up. Pro you do know that some women who get abortions are raped correct? So why should they take responsibillity for that child? Really Pro? Really? You also claim that Larvaes are bees. Actually they are not bees here is a formal definition of larvae:The active immature form of an insect especially one that defers greatly from an adult" that definition is it reasonable to say that Larvaes are not bees? Is that reasonable? No it isn'tl

Pro once again contradicts himself from going from "Hillary Clinton like it or not she broke the law" To "Weather that is a large crime that is for the court to decide" I thought you just said Pro that Clinton sent some of the most Confidential things that there are. So is that a large crime according to you? According to the Daily News Bin Hillary Clinton did not break any law minor or major! Here is the link: three branches of government said that Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. Including the GOP house and senate, also the only reason why the FBI is investagating her emails is to find out what hackers attempted to break in to her server. Not to throw her in jail.

I am quite stunned that Pro is claiming that Valdamir Putin is his cousin this is the same guy his username is "ascrub" And his age is 108 years old. I am very surprised that Valdamir Putins cousin would be on debating... When you say your planning to hold Hillary Clinton for ransom. You sound like that drunk Uk drunk. driver that said "Valdamir Putin is my cousin". I am surprised you can even access from Russia I thought they would have censored this site.;

I don't know if this debate is serious or not. But never the less vote Con! Sigh
Debate Round No. 4


Does it matter what stage of life a being is in to be wrong? Even if they were r-ed, that wouldn't mean they would have to take responsibility for a child. Its called adoption. And, being, Vladmiers Cousin, I have special internet. Now..... your sources.... are the most random websites ever. And what proof do you have hackers are involved in this at all? Now, about the courts, am I a lawyer? (The answer is no.) Of course, i consider what she a did a major crime, but the court could easily just fine her and be done with it.

Vladmier Putin, my cousin, has a legit plan to take HIllary Clitnon, escpecially if she is president. Like it or not, its the truth.


Lsumichiganfan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Rami 2 years ago
Up for another troll debate? I'm not in a serious mood right now.
Posted by ascrub 2 years ago
THE FACT THAT I WON WAS AMAZING... and yes, this was a troll debate.
Posted by Lsumichiganfan 2 years ago
Posted by Rami 2 years ago
(Laughing) I'm sorry, but it is so clear that Pro is ridiculous, that if you want to win, you must be typing nonsense too.
Posted by Lsumichiganfan 2 years ago
I have supported Hillary for years through all the GOP Rhetoric
Posted by Lsumichiganfan 2 years ago
I was never A bernie supporter
Posted by Reformist 2 years ago


When did you turn into a Hillary supporter from a Bernie supporter
Posted by ascrub 2 years ago
Okay. Yes, first round is accpetance. LETS GO!
Posted by geho89 2 years ago
I am assuming Russian laws affecting an American? I don't support Hillary, but this is rather ridiculous. Imagine how many non-North Korean or non-Saudi Arabia citizens should be executed according to their law of the land.
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