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Hillary isnt a good person

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Started: 10/13/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Hillary Rodham Clinton a very controversy person.She deleted 1,500 classified emails putting national security at risk.Proven liar under oath about the email server.Let 4 Americans die in a terrorist attack on a US embassy after several pleas for help letting one of the 4 cattle pronged,raped,tourted,and burnt to death.46 people who are tied with The clintons both bill and hill have mysteriously died.Hillary has freed FALN terrorist just to get more voted in the New York senate.Defended a rapist calling the 12 year old victim she wanted it letting the criminal go back on the streets and later in a interview Clinton laughed and said she new he did it.Hillary has broke her oath of secretary of state by not defending the Americans in Benghazzi Lybia. Hillary has also armed isis through giving money to terrist supporting countries like saudi arbia and quatar (this was found out by leaked emails) .Voted for a war that made isis rise to power(the Iraqi war).Lastly she has been described rude by foreign leaders except once again from her biggest supporter Saudi Arabia( also a place she arms )which beheads you if your gay chops your fingers if you read the bible and if a women isn't wearing her clothes right they beat the woman almost to death. Does this sound Presidential?


First off,

I am happy to debate with you and wish you good fortune and luck.

Secondly, your point has no actual basis on fact.

First off, I fully agree with you that she is hiding her emails and made a bad mistake about that. Those killed in Benghazi are not her fault, ( and people sooner or later die. She did not laugh at the 12 year old rape case, as that has been proven fake as well. That man did rape the kid and everyone knows it, but that wasn't Hillary's job. She was a LAWYER. Her job is to protect her client, and she did a good job on that. That is a point to show that Hillary Clinton does know what she is doing. She has NOT given money to ISIL as that is our enemy, and money given to Saudi-arabia also has explainations. Your beloved GOP candidate who is at war with the party also supported Iran. The ideals of Islam may be hard on gays and Christians, but does this give you meaning to nuke em'?

So let me ask a question? Are you Trump or are you truthful?
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Posted by NWO_Sucks 1 year ago
The Clinton Foundation took in massive amount of cash for the Haiti relief fund. Haiti got 5 percent and the Clinton Foundation took the rest. The foundation pays for the Clinton's lavish lifestyle. Hillary lies even when it would be better to tell the truth. Based on what I have seen they continually lie and cheat. In my opinion that makes them somewhat despicable.
Posted by CalebIMclean 1 year ago
I think she is a bad person too. Hillary has been lying all of her life! I would vote for Trump.
Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
Oh look, another person reposting the "Hillary laughed at a rape victim" nonsense.
At least she's not the Zodiac killer, right Kanye?
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