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Hillary should be in prison

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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hillary Clinton has committed crimes that would land the average person in prison for quite some time. But despite the ample amount of evidence she is not even going to be charged. The first round is for acceptance so round two will be the only round we have to make our best argument for our position.


The greatest thing about this country is that we have the right to free speech, to bear arms and the right to due process. We cannot start a lynch mob to go after someone because we believe they broke the law. When all the evidence is laid out, we will see what happened. I do not agree with many of Hillary's political polices, but that does not mean we can simply demand she should be in prison because of that. We need to allow the justice system to do their job during a very heated political season and not allow rhetoric from both sides to cloud our judgement when it comes to our basic liberties and demand someone to put on trial for something we may not know many facts about.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting the debate. Indeed she should be tried in a court of law but the judicial process is not being given the chance to provide justice. In the following link, Director of the FBI, James Comey testified infront of congress regarding the issue.
The video reveals that Hillary is guilty of the following:
1. She conducted government business (containing information marked confidential) using a personal email account on a private server that was stationed in her home.
2. She went on video claiming the she never sent or received classified information on her emails which Comey revealed to be a lie.
3. 110 emails out of 52 email chains have been determined to contain classified information at the time they were sent.
4. Claimed she only used 1 device, Director Comey revealed that to be a lie.
5. Claimed all work related emails were returned to the state department however thousands were discovered to have not been returned.
6. Claimed she did not know what the "C" meant in regards to classified information despite her extensive political career having direct access to a wide variety of classified information.
7. The FBI is uncertain as to whether or not her emails were hacked due to the lack of proper security measures.

Despite the abundance of evidence Director Comey says he does not recommend that she be prosecuted even though he stated that he knew of many prosecutors that would. Comey goes onto to explain that she was indeed "careless" and negligent with her handling of classified information but that it does not necessarily mean she had intent. We have seen countless people charged for far less types of negligence. This is a matter of national security and Hillary has been caught lying both to Congress and the American public.
This is a perfect example of a double standard, the law should apply to the average American but not to those with power. Were she just an average American she would undoubtedly be prosecuted for her crimes but power certainly has its privileges.
And this is not Hillarys first time being investigated by the FBI. She was investigated by the FBI for fraud during the Watergate scandal. Hillary is the only 1st Lady to be fingerprinted by the FBI for involment in a crime. Many people will make the assertion that past events don't have any bearing on the present but that is not completely accurate. Often times a criminals past will be used to establish a pattern of behavior to help determine what the consequences should be for the current crime. Take a repeat drug offender for example, if that person has a history of drug crime that will more than likely make the sentencing more severe than had it been a first time offense. (I apologize for the narrators irritating behavior)

From the age of 27 years old Hillary has established criminal activity, this is a person who has a pattern of behavior.
Given her record it is simply astounding that she is not in prison but to think that she is up for a presidential election is unfathomable.
It's also important to remember that the crimes she's committed are serious felonies at the federal level.

My opponent will surely lean on the fact that neither Comey nor Lynch believe that prosecution is warranted but given all the evidence their decision becomes all the more deplorable. They are literally admitting that laws were broken but because they cannot prove she knew she was committing a crime they are still not going to take action.
The average American would not be so lucky.
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Debate Round No. 2
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