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Hip-Hop Is Better than People Make It out to Be

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Started: 8/15/2015 Category: Music
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Many people make hip-hop out to be a terrible genre of music. It's disrespectful. It has foul language. It sexualizes women. Yes, it does this, but other genres of music exhibit the same and other issues.

Let's use lyrics as a start.

Many hip-hop/rap lyrics do have more sexual topics. That comes as part of the genre. Rock comes with more sentimental lyrics. Pop comes with a wide variety. Country comes with its own thing. Hip-hop just happens to have a different standard. But while I say this, not all lyrics are bad. Some do talk about more mature themes, some are arguing against rules or talking of being an inspiration, and some are just different topics for which the writer had ideas. One example is from Eminem's 'Monster.'

"But if one kid out of a hundred million
Who are going through a struggle feels it and then relates that's great"(1)

Eminem, Marshall Mathers, or Slim Shady did not have a wonderful past. Yet he wants to inspire kids who relate. If they have had hard lives or tough times, he wants his lyrics to help them keep their faith. Not all lyrics are bad.

Now we'll talk about sexualizing women.

As stated before, hip-hop sexualizes women because that is part of the genre. Many of the debaters dislike this, saying that pop and rock have better themes in their lyrics. On the contrary, you have popstars such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Ke$ha, who willingly sexualize themselves to make money. These girls will talk of inappropriate themes. Why do you say nothing against them? Is it because they are scantily clad, attractive young women?

An example of rock sexualizing women (on a milder degree) is Van Halen. While I am a fan of them, some of their lyrics I find inappropriate though no one seems to recognize this.

"What a sweet talkin' honey with a little bit of money
She turn your head around
Creature from the sea with the looks to me
Like she like to fool around"(2)

This song, 'Beautiful Girls,' talks of meeting a beautiful girl and "fooling around." Surely this counts as men being men instead of writers not considering that maybe not every attractive women is looking to sleep around. Because that's what I gathered from others' opinions.

Standards society has stereotypes- and stereotypes about rappers.

We all create stereotypes, especially about musicians. What stereotype? That depends on the genre.

All country musicians are cowboys who lived in the back hills of Kentucky their whole life.

All rockstars are druggies and alcoholics.

All pop stars are ditzy, vapid, and don't write their own lyrics.

And, of course, rappers must be "gangsta." They come from the shabby neighborhoods. They're criminals. However, that could not be farther from the truth.

Rappers can be gangsters or sexists that objectify women as property, but many other people do the same thing without having any ties to hip-hop. Due to the preconception that rappers are from "the hood" and commit a different crime every week, there is not much chance for a growing fanbase of this genre. Now, if you are not a fan of hip-hop, images already imprinted into your brain have a permanent spot.

Rappers are different types of people. They are high schoolers, middle schoolers, elementary schoolers, college students, and grown adults. They have different personalities and rap for different reasons. Perhaps some can't sing or dance or maybe they have no other way of stating their mind. I am a middle school student. I work hard to keep straight As, diligently do my house chores, and rap. I rap because I have ideas and almost no way to share them with anybody. I don't get in trouble, sag my pants, or act disrespectful for the heck of it. I am a decent person with morals and values.

Why can't everybody have those?

Now, some people simply say that rappers and hip-hop artist have no talent, but many of the singers have wonderful voices and pitch control, and rappers have wonderful flow, pronunciation, speed, and lyrics. Many of the rappers will also produce their own music for their tracks. They do this because they"re good at it. Rapper or singer, pop or hip-hop, girl or boy, everybody has standards for themselves and for their music.

If everybody out there didn't put their all into their work, we would have a bunch of artists who slopped together whatever because they were bored, and they had nothing else to do. Yet there is so much good (and bad, admittedly) music that exists. Every genre has their stars and runts. Focus on the ones worth listening to, and you"ll be fine. And with less "justifiable" reasons to complain.

I know that, because of varying tastes and styles, you can"t determine exactly what is better. It's just tiring because so many people say "so-and-so is better than hip-hop" because this. Or "so-and-so is the best and hip-hop is the worst" because that. You have your own opinion. Keep it. Stop rubbing it in everybody else"s faces.



I want to thank you for accepting the debate.

number won- definitshon- hip-Hop is what bunnys sing wen thare hopping. its not a very good sound to hear. and there for its worse than you think it is.

thank yew.
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Posted by mentalist 2 years ago
Hip-hop and rap are different. Hip-hop has been sabotaged by corporate interests, so anything mainstream has to pass through a bogus corporate filter. Underground hip-hop is still true to the art.
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