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History is an Important School Subject

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Started: 12/22/2014 Category: Education
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We need to keep History in the schooling system
The first round will be acceptance
second argument
third rebuttal and conclusion


I will accept this topic on the con side that history isn't an important school subject. I would like to ask my opponent to tell me in her first speech if I can give a plan. If not, I will still debate but I would like to know if I should give one.
Good luck to my opponent!
Debate Round No. 1


You can give a plan. I would be interested in what you will have that be.

History is an important class for school to keep for their students. Even if you are not going into politics, you still need to know about what has happened in the past. Everyone knows the old saying that history repeats itself. Well it's true. You can even watch it with parents and her children. Even if the parents are separated from her children, you can still see that they choose the same paths as their parents did. If you do not know the past, how can you prevent the same things from happening in the future?

Also, on top of having knowledge about the past of the world, or even just in your own country, history is just an interesting subject. Lots of people hate history and the class they have to sit through to learn it. They probably think, "What's done is done. Let's move on." Well if you actually pay attention just a little bit, you might find something that fascinates you.

When you go to a job interview for a company, don't you want to know a little bit about the company before you apply or go to the interview? Then you would get on the computer and look up their history. Funny that you should find what they do, their policy, and depending on the company, who they have traded with or been partners with in the past. It's really cool to find out things about your company, and it really impresses the employer when you know so much about them.

I know, kind of went off topic and away from school, but in a weird way it ties back to school. Sitting in class learning history, can make it easier to look up histories on new jobs. In fact, as you go through life, you might even find that you enjoy learning about the past more and more.


My plan is that history is offered as elective in school. This way, if students actually do want to take the class, they can. However, as my opponent said, many kids hate history class. I will prove that they have the right not to take it.

First off, my opponent said that history repeats itself. This is a cliche that is actually not always true. She said "if you actually pay attention just a little bit, you might find something that fascinates you." Although you may be interested in history, its not actually that important to real life. Take another mandatory class, math. If you don't know math, you're pretty screwed. Math shows up all over. When you're doing your taxes, do you have to know the exact birthdate of King Henry II and when he reigned? No! Even if history did repeat itself, which I WILL prove is true in one second, you wouldn't need to know all the stuff history is teaching you, just the very bare basics. My opponent also used the example of a job interview, but this is neither something you would learn in history class, nor learn how to do.

Now, why history doesn't always repeat itself. Take the example of the Revolutionary War. So many times in history, and logically, the powerful side (Britain) will beat the weak side (the Colonists). But here, that didn't happen at all! Or take the example of MLK. Discrimination has thrived for so long. But here you have a guy who's good at speaking to completely tear the idea up! There are occasional times when history does repeat itself, but for the most part, it does not. Heraclito said that When you enter a river twice, you do are not the same one that entered before and the river is not the same. Obviously people have known this for a WHILE.

So, I've refuted my opponents points and provided my own. Obviously, I have won this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry to say that you have not won. Actually, while very well put, you are quite wrong. While history is boring and a lot of people don't like it, you need to know about your government and how it came to be that way. Why do people watch the news? to learn about what is going on. What is going on right now will lead up to future events. it is the same thing with the past. Everyone keeps saying, "I don't know why everyone hates American." Well, take a look at history and you will find out exactly why people hate America. You might also have some clue as to what will happen in the future with wars and things. Also, Revolutionary War. Let's just talk about that really quick since you brought it up. How do you know about the Revolutionary War? I can guarantee you weren't born during that. So you know about it because of history class. Well, if you didn't have history class, chances of you knowing anything about that war is slim, and you wouldn't have been able to use that comment against me because you wouldn't have known about it.
Also, if you take a look at history. Lots of countries saw what slavery was doing to our country, and they either had some revolutions themselves, or they just stopped it altogether.
Slavery will probably never repeat itself because of history classes letting us know that a war of slavery helped put an end to that.

Also, along the lines of history repeating itself, I can confidently say that it had. World War One caused World War Two. Because things were not taken care of properly after World War One, a lot of countries were upset. I know a lot of people think that WW2 started because of Nazis, but that's not true. It started because Germany wanted to take back control of all the land that got taken away from them in WW1. However, they got carried away with it.

But History may not repeat itself Exactly the same way, but events happen because of what has happened in the past.


I would first like to offer my apology in having the last speech. My opponents can't refute anything I say. While there is nothing I can do about this, I still apologize.
My opponent has said that you need to know about your government and why it is this way. All throughout my speech I will be reinforcing the idea that you can always look at the news. People might say, "Why is everyone against America?", but this is a very public topic. I'd like to say that history class must not work very well if nobody knows all the answers it offers. It has been around for a while. She said that it will give you a clue about wars and things in the future, but I have already proved that history doesn't always repeat itself. She said that WW2 started from WW1, but these were two events that happened within a couple decades of each other. Slavery having other wars in other countries was because people there heard about the American Civil War, and that spurred on their revolutions.

Now I will repeat my main contentions to end this debate in my favor. History is irrelevant, if you're doing your taxes, you don't have to know when King Henry II was born and when he reigned. My opponent didn't really refute this argument. Second, history is not interesting for all students. This coincides with my plan of making history an elective class. Take another elective, say art class. Some students love art class, so they take it. But other students don't like art. It won't really help them in life, so they choose another elective that they do enjoy.

I have refuted all my opponent's points and reinforced my own. Again, I have obviously won this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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