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History is important in your education.

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Started: 5/11/2014 Category: Education
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I think it is because it helps you learn from past mistakes. It also helps you understand the economy and why people do what they do. I think that History is very interesting yet very devastating. I sometimes think that there is no way that it would help you until you understand why people make you learn it. I don't like how we used to torture people back in the 1900's. But it is interesting and yet very sad.

It is especially interesting of how the nuclear bombs were used exept for now the U.S. has so many nuclear bombs we can blow up the whole world! It is very sad knowing that we can all be killed in the matter of months! That is a fact that history taught us so there is no way that we should flunk or just hate history for no reason. History helps and can be very interesting when you listen. There is so much you can do to help bring up your history grades and understand what your life will not be like in the future. I hope we will never torture or hurt people like that ever again.


It answers the question "what happened back then?" and "why did it happen?" But what do we actually learn from it? Do we gain logical thinking like we do in Mathematics? Do we practice our vocabulary like we do in Literature? Do we become acquaintances with different forms of living and non living things like we do in Science? Does it boost our creativity like in Music and Arts? Or do we fortify the nine components of Physical Fitness like we do in PE? Sadly, I don't think so.

History is the study of the past... ok, so?

I don't think that the sole purpose of History is to learn good deeds and manners, since it's called "History" and not "Values Education". I also do not think that History is the one that tackles brilliant stories, because literature has already took the slot. If so, then what is it for? That makes me wonder.

Now readers, I ask you:
If history wants you to repeat the good things that happened back then...
Would you let history repeat itself?
Debate Round No. 1


well it helps by understanding how people spoke back then and how they got hurt and how it effected thier lives. it would really help you by thinking what it must've been like to live the way that they did and what happend to help you understand better and why they would do the things they do. I also think that if you really want to understand history and learn what happend then go ahead! History will also allow you to think: what would you do in that situation? I also think that History will help you in future jobs to understand why they would do that. It would be horrible to be like those Jewish people when they were bricked up then starved to death. I actually listen in History because it helps you understand how you would fix a similar problem. I am mostly interested in the wars and the devastation that the wars caused. Ex. World War 2 ended the Great Depression. So I think all of you that hate History should listen for once and see what you can learn from it. Try to pass.........


First of all, I do not hate history, and I did pass that subject, with a 96 grade in card. But that's not really the point is it?

I have understood the value of history, it is a subject that provides knowledge from the past, but what is it's use? That's the question. It is a subject that is hard to understand and requires more dedication than most subjects, it also requires lots of memory. But after a lot of hard work? What happens?

Yes, I admit, history is a good thing to study since it's filled with entertaining stories and morals, but should the government make it compulsory and force the students to learn something most of them don't enjoy? I say no!

We don't need to know the past. Instead, we need to visualize the future.

As Elsa had said, "The past is in the past!" I think the snow queen agrees with me.
Debate Round No. 2


I think the point about learning History is about learning from past mistakes and we need to be glad that we can learn something about the past and why we did the things we did and that we should rely on past actions to sometimes help out with the future events. If you don't know why we learn history than why not just ask your history teacher or just be glad that your learning something useful. It's very nice to learn your family's history and what happend to some of the people in your culture. Some things may be bad about the past but at least it helps let your mind remember and enjoy something that is fun to learn.


Well, we did not actually do the things in history, didn't we? What we are doing at present is something the future will benefit with. Yes, we are grateful to the past for giving us comfortability, but I guess our ancestors wouldn't like it if they see students being forced to know and gratify them.

Why not leave history to the enthusiast and not to those who aren't interested?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jazzyn4 3 years ago
Im not really a good debater but that is why I'm using this website.
Posted by revic 3 years ago
interesting choice of debate, however it seems so that even historians get taught not to "learn from the past". I disagree with that, but it's a fact that you must be cautious when comparing present to past.

It is sad how history is now abused as school children in the USA get taught the A-bombs were a great thing and that it should be done again in similar circumstances, and while in my country (Belgium) people go all silent about our atrocities in Congo, it seems that history has become the story told by the victors.

How can we learn from the past, if all it says is: "we did right, they did bad?"
I agree that teaching history is important, but it should be as scientific and objective as physics and chemistry.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro made the better point.
Vote Placed by Seeginomikata 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con argued for deliberate ignorance. I don't find this to be a particularly strong approach towards the subject at hand. Pro case just made more sense. However, con gets grammar, as Pro overall just wrote in a manner that can only be described as childish, with lack of proper vocabulary and simplistic, vague expression.