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Hitler was an excellent political leader.

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Started: 9/10/2014 Category: Politics
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Although Hitler is responsible for millions of disgusting war crimes and grotesques, he was a brilliant leader. After the hyperinflation caused by the disgraced and dis-respected Weimar Republic, he led the people of Germany out of the ramshackle government with promises of rebuilding Germany to it's former glory. Putting aside the atrocities he later put forward, his charismatic speeches and promises were set at the right time, and he was capable of having the entire country supporting him.


The ability to lead (or to get people to follow) does not make one a brilliant, effective or excellent leader. With power comes responsibility. A leader is responsible and answerable to the people following him and is entrusted to make correct decisions on their behalf. Any good Hitler did for Germany is vastly and utterly outweighed by the bad. Both Germany and the rest of the world would have been better off had Hitler never been in power. Ergo Hitler was not an excellent political leader.

P.S. "putting aside the atrocities he later put forward" is tantamount to saying the soup was good except for the arsenic in the recipe.
Debate Round No. 1


"Excellent Leader" depends on what the attributes are you assign to that title.
The people of Germany at that time were in full agreement of the policies he proposed. He stuck to them, and although one could argue that a good leader gives a people what they need, not what they want, He did manage to return Germany to it's former glory (before WWII) which is what the people needed and wanted. So from this one could argue a good leader does both, which Hitler did.
In terms of the atrocities, it depends what your ideological views and beliefs on civil issues, so when I say "putting those aside" I mean so we can actually answer the question without influence from our own personal views.
In terms of his policies, he gave the public what they wanted, and what they needed to survive, and with this balance of giving the people what they needed (restoration from a near economic, and a body of government to believe in) and what they wanted (the atrocities, and scapegoats of the "non-aryans"), one could argue he was an excellent leader.
He did lose World War II, yes, but not because of political philosophy or bad political leadership, but because he was not a good military tactician, which does not have to be an attribute of a good political leader in modern day.

P.S. I intended to have more rounds, but I've set it up wrong, so thank you for your time and view,, and maybe see you next time in part II of this debate.


ebagofgold forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by thefamousgrouse 3 years ago
Hitler did lead Germany to prosperity; from 1933 he managed to recover Germany's failing economy, which was due to the wall Street crash, and the loans borrowed from America to solve the hyperinflation problem of 1923 were called in by the Americans to save their own economy, which in turn led to the break down of Germany's economy, because all the money had to be given to America.
He managed to save the economy, and he led them to a place of prosperity.
When you say "Freedom" , the NAZI party did not believe in democratic, American style freedom, they believed in totalitarianism, so saying a good leader must lead his people to "freedom" is incorrect, as that is the basis of what makes a good democratic leader.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
Brillince will lead to prosperity and freedom. Hitler led Germany to neither.Just like Obama. He has put America on the fast track to ruin. We are speeding down the road oblivious to the fact that the bridge is out and we are ready to go off the cliff.
Posted by MaddHatter98 3 years ago
Hitler was a brilliant leader! However, he was a terrible person.
Posted by funnycn 3 years ago
Hitler, though a killer, was a great leader. He kept most of his political promises.

"No guns" and he didn't kid around.

"Slaughter and condemn Jews" and he did so

"Germany will be rich" and it became rich under his power

I don't agree with the Socialist and oppressive idea, but he was a great leader.
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