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Hockey is better than soccer

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Started: 8/21/2014 Category: Sports
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First round will be acceptance. Good luck.


There are many reasons why soccer is the most popular sport in the world. The first being its simplicity and inexpensive nature. A game of football requires nothing but the ball itself , which is what makes it the most widely accepted sport on the planet. From the poverty stricken African countries to the more developed European nations the game has found patronage everywhere whereas hockey has been restricted to isolated pockets on the globe. The game which has such humble origins has evolved into a different beast altogether. Today the game is highly technical , which has evolved different styles of play. Be it the attacking tiki -taka of barcelona or the stupendous counter-attacking play of real madrid. Such dynamism of the game has spawned several global superstars such C. ronaldo, messi, pele , maradona and eusebio, while hockey still awaits its first global superstar, nothwithstanding the names of jamie dwyer, sohail abbas, there is yet to be a global star for the game of hockey
Debate Round No. 1


Hockey is a better sport then soccer for many reasons.

First off, hockey is a faster sport. The average hockey player can skate up to 26.79 mph with some players speed even clocking in over 30 mph. According to physicist Thomas Humphrey, "skating is the fastest way to travel on the surface of the earth on your feet." When you run, your front foot slows you down every time it hits the ground. In skating, one skate pushes down and the other skate glides. There is very little friction to slow you down. A soccer players average speed is only about 20 mph. You also can add the speed in which the puck travels around the ice. Pucks can travel up to 105 mph, with the fastest shot being recorded at 118.3 mph by Bobby Hull.(slap shot). A soccer ball has a maximum speed of only 80-85 mph. Anything over 85 mph is extremely rare.

Toughness is another reason why hockey is a better sport than soccer. In hockey there is plenty of contact, wether it is getting hit into the boards or fighting every game has contact. If you were to hit someone in a soccer game the referees would be handing out the colorful cards and someone will be on the ground looking to win an Oscar award.
Here is a video to show you what i mean. ( you don't have to watch the full 7 minutes to get the point)
(I don't own this video, I do not agree with his choice of wording.)


The reasons which have been enlisted are the Speed and Toughness or the level of contact allowed.I am a bit appalled at the choice of the two.
Firstly the topic is Hockey is better than soccer. Where as my opponent fails to give legitimacy to the game of field hockey which is more popular and widespread, rather he chose to focus all his attention to Ice hockey. I don't want to get into semantics but Hockey is a much broader term which encompasses both forms and hence ignoring one for the other is unjustified.

Secondly the quality of the game is never judged solely on the pace of the game. The parameters are the level of skill required , technical ability, team cohesion, simplicity and the high stakes involved. A spectator gets his money's worth while witnessing the sheer wizardry of Lionel Messi as he dribbles past 4-5 opposition players before putting the ball into the goal. While doing so he displays the positional awareness of both his teammates and opposition players, moving the ball at pace , performs evasive maneuvers, makes several judgments almost simultaneously. If this is not the what displays peak of human ability then I do not know what might. Similarly when Cristiano Ronaldo takes a free kick from 40 yards out , he kicks the ball with strength at specific angle which makes the ball swerve at pace before hitting the back of the net , leaving the goalkeeper dismayed and the spectator amazed. This is what elevates football from being just a game to a religion a faith. And talking of pace Borussia Dortmund forward Pierre emerick aubameyang clocked faster than WR sprinter Usain bolt over a 40 yard stretch. I would love to see an Ice hockey player attempt such a feet on foot .

Thirdly Soccer is not a contact sport it is a game played in the mind and executed with skill on the field. There is no scope of contact in this sport hence it is looked upon severely by the referee. Ice hockey players have elaborate paraphernalia to make this a contact sport. Yet contusion , lacerations , concussions, broken bones are regular part of it. We do not know how many promising careers might have prematurely ended because of a rash tackle in hockey rink. Moreover judging a game just because it is not tough enough and players avoid injuries is just a bit sadistic. I recommend Boxing if someone is so inclined towards manning up, let the skill prevail on the field and not brute force.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Embellishment- In soccer there are many players who love to fake injuries, as you can tell from the video in my last argument. It is very rare to see that happen in hockey. When a player embellishes an injury they are given a penalty.

Accuracy- Hockey players have better accuracy. Under NHL rules, the opening of the goal is 72 inches (6 ft ) wide by 48 inches (4ft ) tall. In soccer, the uprights are 8 yards, or 24 feet, apart and the lower edge of the crossbar is 8 feet above the ground. Now take the goalies and place them in the nets. In hockey you have a goalie at least 6 ft tall with pads on. That is covering almost every opening of the net. In soccer you have a goalie of about 5'11" standing in a large net with many openings. However the average score in a soccer game is about 2 (depending on the team). In hockey the average score is about 4.

Toughness - A recent ESPN study concluded that ice hockey is the most demanding team sport in the world. Durability is a quality that hockey players display perhaps, paradoxically, more than any other athletes. They play a sport that is more physically demanding than any other - 60 minutes in a confined area with no "comfort zone" out of bounds. Hockey is non stop action. Either you are rushing on a break, or hurrying back to get into your defensive zone. There is no time, especially in the NHL, where a player would really have the chance to catch their breath during a game. In hockey you are constantly moving your feet. There is no such thing as standing still while on the ice. Each period lasts is 20 minutes long and there are 3 periods in a game. There are only 2 intermissions which last about 15 minutes so they can clean the ice. Each game lasts about 2 1/2 to 2 hours.

(this debate is only about soccer and ICE hockey. not field hockey)


1.) Embellishment - If you are entire argument is based on a video made by some desperate guy determined to undermine the GREATNESS of Soccer using some archaic video footage of nondescript teams. I dont know what to say. I base my arguments on fact and the fact is that these days players who act like that are penalised. Here is the proof---
(there goes the argument on "embellishment". )

2) Accuracy - This is a video of a 40 yard kick in the corner of the goal protected by a goalkeeper well above 6'3 with an entire wall in front of him . 40 yards almost the 2/3 of the length of a hockey rink. that's almost like an Ice hockey goalie scoring from his half. I doubt if you could show me a video of a ice hockey player make the puck swerve in the air from 40 yards out.

3) Toughness - Since you seem so hell bent on the toughness of this game let's analyze this a bit
a) Adaptability - Soccer is played in rain , storm , snow and sweltering heats of brazilian maracana with temp of 42 centigrade, Does a Ice hockey player go through the same , No its always over ice , they would probably faint in any other condition.
b) Endurance - How can one compare a game of 20 min halves of ice hockey with 45 min halves of hight tempo game of soccer. MLS in US is a very pathetic example of soccer , with sub standard players and worst style of play. If one wants to know how fast this game can be one should at least see barcelona FC in action, which would pale any. Yes any ice hockey game in pace and tempo.
c) Ice hockey players wearing virtually a full body armor is not a contact sport, its sheer hypocrisy. I mean why have any protection if they are so tough play just the way actual rugby players slug it out. Rugby is a contact sport which in true essence has tough men not ice hockey. And if my purpose of watching sports is to see tough men i would watch boxing, judo , taekwondo , wrestling not ice hockey. The small minority of people who watch ice hockey watch it for their skill on ice not toughness.
Some more facts which would make the position amply clear
1) Soccer largest watched sports in the world , World cup soccer most watched event on planet after olympics
2) Soccer clubs richest in the world more than NFL, NHL, Baseball etc etc.
(If you can show me stats to disapprove this I would concede)

PS - Ensure caution in choosing topic , either put "Ice Hockey is better than soccer "or accept both . Field hockey is still more popular than any Ice hockey.
Debate Round No. 3


Soccer games are too long. A game of soccer consist of two 45 minute halves. That is 90 minutes total. Then consider that the clock keeps running when the play is stopped. If the game is tied at the end of the two 45 minute periods, then you go into two 15 minute overtimes. If it is still tied after that, then you go into sudden death overtime. That is a lot of time for a game with not a lot of action. In hockey there are three 20 minute periods. When a regular season game is tied at the end of regulation, it goes into a 4-on-4, five minute overtime period after a one minute rest period. If there is no goal scored during that time then it goes to a three-round shootout. This sequence ends when one team mathematically has more shootout goals then the other, thus winning the game. That is the perfect amount of time for this sport to be played. Its not to long, and there is plenty of action to keep you on your toes.

Scoring- In 90 minutes, you might see one goal during a soccer game. Or you might not. A 2-0 win would be considered a slaughter in soccer, but a close game in hockey. Goals are what makes a game exiting. You will see more goals scored in hockey then you do in soccer, making hockey more exiting.

Out of bounds- In soccer, a lot of the time is spend kicking the ball out of bounds, and then throwing or kicking it back into bounds after a stoppage of play. There are not many stoppage of plays in hockey. You have the glass and boards keeping the puck in play about 99% of the time. The only time the puck is out of bounds is if it goes up into the netting (into the seats) or goes into the benches.

Skill- hockey requires a certain level of skill to reach the high levels of professional sports, and hockey players have to have some of the strongest talents to even make the professional ranks. They have to be able to skate forwards, backwards and be able to stop correctly. And it is all done at high speeds. Skating is not something that everyone can do which makes it a talent. Unlike running. Plus they have to combine skating with stick handling. They have to be able to use their stick for various kinds of shots such as slapshots, backhand shots, and wrist shots.

Hockey is not a sport for the weak. You have to be able to endure being thrown into the boards and having an open ice check come in your direction while at center ice. You have to put your body in front of fast moving pucks to block shots. You also have fighting which is not tolerated in any other sport.


Some of the most sweeping remarks have been made showing an inherent lack of knowledge about the game of soccer. Beginning with the sudden death rule , I would like to enlighten my opponent that the sudden death rule or golden goal rule as it popularly known stands abolished for a decade now. It was last used 10 years ago in 2004. Here is a link which will help you understand the rules of the game before making such frivolous claims

Now let's take each of your claims in a systematic manner before determining their veracity

1) Length - As per my opponent the ideal length of any sport should be 60-75 min to keep it interesting for the spectator. Which is what makes ICE hockey popular. Soccer , Cricket , Tennis , golf , field hockey are the most popular sports in the world. Each of them are much ahead of Ice hockey in terms of the game length
a) Soccer -90 mins ( only knockout games have an extra time of half an hour)
b) Cricket - Test Matches - 5 days , with each day having a playing time of 7-8 hrs, One day matches - 7 hrs , t20 matches - 3hrs
c) Tennis- Womens - 3hrs Men - 4-5 hrs , Longest game 11 hrs 9 minutes
d) Golf - 4-6 hrs
e) Field Hockey- minimum 75 min

All these games are nautical miles ahead of Ice Hockey in terms of viewers which clearly proves that it is not the length of the game but the quality of it which determines its greatness. Just like a 4 hr epic lord of the rings movie will still be more palatable than a 1.5 hr Nicolas cage movie ghostrider. So the argument on length of the game is simply untenable

Out of bounds - Another concern which shows a lack of research on the part of my opponent. He makes sweeping statement that "" A LOT OF TIME IS WASTED KICKING THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS". Well an added stoppage time is given to make up for the "out of bound " period which is 2-3 minutes usually. This is completely at the discretion of the referee and could be as low as 1 min in some cases. Compare that with the length of the half of 45 min and you get 3-4 % of the time. Not much really.

Skill - Any sport be it garden bowls or sepaktakrav requires certain level of skill to reach professional standards. I don't understand the meaning of the term "Strongest talent". Any sport requires years of practice to prefect before one reaches international standards. And every sport requires a specific set of skills to reach the top. For instance cricket requires exceptional hand eye co-ordination , fast reflexes , and an eye for detail, Polo , requires exceptional skill as a horse rider and hand eye coordination similar to Ice hockey players , same is that for a field hockey player. Soccer requires a player to have fast reflexes , vision , passing , dribbling , shooting , heading, tackling, ability to maneuver the ball in tight spaces with feet, improvising, anticipating the other players moves. Saying that Ice hockey players are the best athletes is just like saying Nicolas Cage deserves and oscar for Ghostrider. I mean are they strongest , quickest on feet, have best reflexes. Anyone in their right mind would understand that they are all athletes with specific skill to skate on ice while they play hockey that's about it nothing more , nothing less. And skating being something of a talent is partially true as barely a small fraction of the people in the world have access to skating rinks. That's just like saying being an astronaut, or eating heavily priced caviar is a talent.

Competitiveness- Ice Hockey is barely competitive with just about 16 teams in world champion ships . For a game which has been around for a while that is just abjectly poor. Compared to that almost all 205 countries of the world participate in the world cup

Intensity- World cup soccer held every four years is a much more intense competition compared to IIHF world championship held every year. At best it is like an FA cup soccer held in england every year.

Most sports get an "offseason" -- soccer doesn't-----For most top-flight players, there's a league season, a league cup, a club championship and international games all going on at once. If that's not enough, almost every summer there's an international cup or competition of some sort, not to mention friendlies and World Cup qualifying.
It's the sport that never ends.

Sportsmanship is an important part of the culture.-And even though there are rivalries, players usually respect one another for their individual talents and love of the game. This becomes no more apparent than when you see players exchange jerseys after a good match.

There are always new superstars whose fancy footwork or goal-scoring prowess seems to be a gift from the heavens.

It's the Beautiful game

World Cups bring the entire planet together.And basically give everyone one VERY important reason to party. The FIFA World Cup is the world's most widely viewed sports event. Around 715 million people watched the 2006 final match in Germany, while the 2010 South Africa event was broadcast to 204 countries on 245 different channels.
Goodluck matching that ICE HOCKEY
Debate Round No. 4


Time for rebuttals

First argument
The cost and the simplicity does not make soccer better than hockey. Hockey is a sport of talent. Not everyone can skate or stick handle, but everyone can run and kick a ball.

Second argument
The pace of the game has a big factor in entertainment. Would you sit and watch a game of any sport were the players just walked around slowly? That would not be a good sport to watch. While you talk about a man dribbling past 4 guys, a hockey player can do just the same with a puck. Have you ever watched someone split the defense before? Hockey players also display the positional awareness of there team mates and opposing players while keeping pace with both them and the puck. Hockey players are the fastest people on two feet while on the ice. Hockey players also demonstrate skill on the ice during a game while also adding in contact, making more of a challenge. Longer games can be enjoyable if there is a lot of action. There is not much action in soccer compared to hockey. In hockey you are watching a game that is constantly in motion. No matter what position you play you are always moving. A soccer game can get boring after an hour of watching men/woman running back and forth with a ball, kicking it out of bounds and having to throw it back in.

Third argument
The video is just showing a few clips of what constantly happens during a soccer game. Hockey players do not embellish because that gives them penalties. Soccer players embellish a lot.

Fourth argument
This one is simple. Large net small goalie, not many goals. Small net large goalie, still more goals then soccer. Simple as that.

Fifth argument

Have you ever watched the winter classics or the other outdoor games hockey players have been in? They play in a lot of snow. Hockey is mostly played in doors so they are not really exposed to this weather. That makes it better for fans. You do not have to worry about games being canceled/rescheduled because of weather.

Sixth argument
The equipment does not protect you from everything. There are gaps in the equipment. And getting hit as hard as they are, the equipment just simply absorbs some of the power behind the hit, but it will still hurt ( trust me) when players fight they take off there gloves ( throw down) helmets are not allowed to be taken off, but most of the time they come off with the power of a hit.
Hockey players are on the ice 35-45 seconds at a time because while they are on the ice they are constantly moving. If you were to watch a game of hockey, you would notice that while a player is on the ice they are never standing still. They are always skating from one end of the ice to the other. Soccer players might play longer shifts, but that is because they are not constantly in motion. To add to the fact of how tough hockey players are. When you see a soccer player get injured (or pretty much any sports player) you see them lay on the ground until they are taken off by stretcher or helped off. In hockey, the players get up and skate off on there on. The only time you will not see that happen is if they are knocked out. Here is an example. Last season, Paul Martin, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins, broke the upper part of his leg. He skated to the bench and sat down to wait for his next shift. He did not realize his leg was broken until he stood up for his next shift and felt the bone move. Another example would be Clint Malarchuk. During a game he had his jugular vein cut by a skate. He refused to get on the stretcher. He skated off the ice on his own. ( he lived) the link to the video is below. If you don't like the sight of blood DON'T WATCH.

Seventh argument
Out of bounds rarely happens during a hockey game. Getting the game back in motion happens in a matter of seconds.


During the course of the debate my opponent by the act of not opposing has conceded to the following points
a) Soccer is the most popular game in the world with a following in almost every country on the planet, a completely global sport
b) By his own admission the game of soccer is vested with simplicity in rules and requirement of play

whose importance will be deliberated later in the argument

Further more the opponent was guilty of stating wrong facts in the course of his arguments. The facts being
a) Mentioning golden goal rule which has not been used in competitive games for the past 10 years and has been abolished by the world governing body
b) Diving which is a rarity in soccer has been projected as a norm. Moreover the factually inaccurate statement was made that a referee would always allot a penalty kick for such incidents which is wrong. Usually the players are let of with a card in the first instance and the second such instance results in a suspension.

Now to rebuttals

1) Opponent has harped relentlessly how the average soccer players spends most of his time standing or moving slowly through his paces and how hockey players keep moving. All these statement were made without any reference to official stats. Now as per a study an average soccer player covers a distance of 7 miles in the course of his game compared to Ice hockey players who spend roughly 4 miles every game. Here's a linc to the study. Hence the claim stands defeated

2) The fact that IH players ply their trade in snow is proudly displayed in his comments. What he fails to recognize is not just the harshness of conditions but the wide range of the conditions that a soccer player is subject to. From hot and humid maracana in brazil to the icy cold weathers of zenit st. petersberg. From the rainy weather in england to the dry weather of Qatar. Something a IH player cannot even think of going through

3) Embellishment - Ice hockey players are rarely punished for faking injuries , and more often than not they get away with embellishment with more impunity than a soccer player. NHL is filled with players who fake injuries who do it for short term gains.

4) By his own admission my opponent has claimed that the average IH match yields 4 goals which is more than soccer, Now for some facts in last champion league the average output of a soccer game was 5.33 goals . So the claim stands defeated at the outset itself.

5) And now to the point which according to my opponent is the most important aspect for determining the success of any game its "BRUTALITY". I for a while was sucked into the belief that we were still in the time of gladiators and the people throng to modern day Colosseums to watch blood bath from players. He gives the example of players who were badly injured on the playing field and romanticizes their pain and injury with sadist delight. If it is about the mortality of a game then we need to do some introspection ourselves. There have been deaths on the soccer field too , but that is not something I am proud of and by quoting something like that it reflects poorly on my psyche itself. I mean what sort of an individual would take pride in the extent of injury of some of his players. More than anything I am ASHAMED that the opponent would post a youtube video to highlight the plight of his players. And what is more SHAMEFUL is the fact that he would defend how the protection provided to IH players is not fool proof and how it inflicts injury. I CAN STAND the sight of blood , what i don't is how several talented careers are ended because of such rash tackles. This is NOT mixed martial arts , or boxing for God's sake where the only means to succeed is to injure your opponent. And therein lies the greatness of soccer the BEAUTIFUL GAME . Players reflect their charisma not through brute force but through skill , this is why millions of people are mesmerized by the symphony that Lionel messi weaves with the ball at his feet. But this Beauty will forever elude those who look at it with the prism of brutality.

Now to summarize Soccer is a game which is widely appreciated , globally patronized and simple to learn, an aspect which is crucial in its acceptance by the global audience. It is a beautiful game which incites passionate followers . It is a fast-paced game with ample excitement and vigour. The global stage is lit -up by its prima donnas who inspire the upcoming generations . A game which is said to be a great leveler in this world of inequalities . A game for the heart and inspiration for the soul.
Debate Round No. 5
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