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Home Depot vs Lowes

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Started: 1/19/2012 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Home Depot is still far better place to shop for home improvement compared to Lowes.


Challenge accepted ! Looking forward to an entertaining debate round :)
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, thank you for accepting the debate. To tell you the truth, it my first one so I'm pretty excited, but at the same time nervous. OK, I have three good reasons why I rather go The Home Depot instead of Lowes. Home Depot has better customer service, product, and their price is better. In the following rounds Ill break it down.

Just wanted to let you know that I am myself am a Home Depot associate. So I know well that our number one concern is customer satisfaction. The Home Depot emphasis a lot in customer satisfaction. We go to training every month to know how to deal with customer and get what they want and need. We will do everything possible to lower the price if the customer ask for it. It could be damaged, competitor match, slow moving, or even if the customer is one of our best and he or she shops with us many times. We take care of our customer. Even the little ones. Every first of the month, there is a workshop for kids to build their art and craft and they recieve an apron, etc. The little one leave with a smile on, which makes us satisfy, but we don't compromise and we know we have to keep on the job. All of the associate go through months of training and classes just to get on the floor and help the customers. We give knowledge and answers questions that our customers ask us. If we don't know we look for someone who knows and then managers will send us to go learn and get information on the topics we need a little help.

We also have "FIRST" which must me followed in the store because it is our motto.

F- find
I- inquire

Our priority is our customers. Lowes looks mainly for sales and inventory. Home Depot used to look at that, but know customer has the power and we allow the satisfied customer handle the sales. Because a happy customer =$$$. We also offer 10% discount to military for their service to the country. I know that Lowe gives away more coupons away like the 10%, but The Home Depot accepts them.When a customer come with a piece of wood and says that the half of the wood is broken, we give them half price. If the customer wants to return an used item, we accept it because we know that they are coming to the store and they will shop right after they have return the item. There will be bossy customer that have lost their receipt, try to return damaged item, or missing pieces, but at the end we accept them.

I hope i gave a better knowledge of why you should go to home depot and see for yourself what I mean. I'll be waiting for your argument.


First I would like to establish the Burden of Proof in this round.

The Pro must prove that Home Depot is better than Lowes.

The Con must prove either Lowes is better than Home Depot or that the two stores are about equal.

Now that the B.O.P is established I will now establish how we should decide the effectiveness of a Home Improvement Store. I contend that in order for a store to be considered good then they must be able to consider the customers in all situations. So basically a good store can consider the customers all the time.

I will now move on to my case:

Point 1: Lowes cares about their customers enough to put up a website where customers can place complaints or reviews about the customer satisfaction.

Lowes has this website here where customers are able to voice their opinions about how Lowes is. You may find many poor reviews but at least Lowes recognizes they need improvement and are willing to post up a website to see where they need to improve. I have found no such site for Home Depot except for this site here but there are no customer service reviews section which means Home Depot assumes that it is already doing a sufficient job when it may not be. This is how Lowes is better at considering the customers than Home Depot.

Now on to my opponents case.

Everything's pretty jumbled up so I'll do a line by line bear with me I have low character limits.

My opponent says he himself is a Home Depot Associate and he knows their number one concern is customer satisfaction. Then he talks about lowering prices, and how they care for the children. Then he talks about workers going into training and the workers actually work together. So:

1) He provides no empiric evidence or statistics, he has NO sources. We can't just take his word for things we don't know if workers truly work together or if they truly lower prices or if they do care for the children.

2) If Home Depots concern truly is customer satisfaction then why don't they have a website or some evident system where I can truly say I was satisfied with Home Depot or not ?

Then he talks about "First" and the F stands for find. So workers go around asking customers for help. Lets look at this review from a customer at Lowes (Since I have low character space I will just post the link)

From the same website he talks about how he gets pissed at workers constantly finding him and asking for help. Lowes can now IMPROVE on this. Home Depot, however, believes First is always effective when it obviously isn't and they don't know because they don't have a customer review site.

Now he talks about all these specials Home Depot has over Lowes one is the Military Discount. Lowes ALSO has this [1]. Since my opponent didn't know this he obviously doesn't know about Lowes discounts.

Lowes is superior for their TRUE interest in customers.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thanks the con for his experience in handling debates. But for my prove that Home Depot is better than Lowes is .
As you can see Home Depot has a total of $60.19 billion in sales and at the other side, Lowes made $48.17 billion in sales.

Sales=people buying at the store.
Therefore more people go shop at the Home Depot compared to Lowes. So if more people go shop at the Home Depot that means they either enjoy the shopping experience or there are more Home Depot location and little of Lowes. And if there are more Home Depot locations, that makes the customer feel secure and rely on the store because if they need something they just have to go around the corner. Do the math and that equals Home Depot being the SUPERIOR.

At another direction,I totally agree with you, a good store must consider the customer at all time.

To counterattack your point 1:
This is the website where a customer can say complaints or good things about an associate and the store. Its simple, get your receipt, go to the website, put down your id and password which is given in the receipt, and complete a survey on your visit to the store ( At the end of the week all the (VOC) Voice of the Customer goes to the store manager and another copy to corporate in Atlanta, Georgia. We care so much of our customers that we encourage them to fill out the survey. They even have a chance of winning a $5000 gift card. I guess my opponent didn't know about Home Depot Voice of the Customer.

"F" stands for Find not Hunt. What that website shows is Lowes associate hunting the poor customer down. That position made him fill that the associate were keeping a eye on him just in case of theft. Home Depot associate don't harass our customer because it is one of our values. Let go to corporate page to see our values( Since I have low character space.)* (Irrelevant to the argument, but lets waste character space)

Know that I have proved my points, I'll be waiting for your argument. Thank you.


I would like to thank my opponent for his response. Here go my Arguments.

The 1st major issue is my opponent drops every argument he makes from this line " We go to training every month to know how to deal with customer and get what they want and need. We will do everything possible to lower the price if the customer ask for it." To the end of that paragraph. He did not address my first response to these arguments about no source being provided where we can see that Home Depot does send its employees into training every month or care for the little ones or even has the 10% military discount. Extend this whole point and don't let him even touch these points again because he totally dropped them in his third round argument.

Now lets move on to his 3rd round arguments.

First he provides as a source as to why the Home Depot is better. Forbes doesn't say Home Depot is better it simply says Home Depot makes more money. Then he tries to say that Sales = People buying at the store. This isn't necessarily true just because your sales are high doesn't mean you have more customers walking into your doors. You could have one rich person buying improvements for 7 of his houses and have really high sales. Therefore more sales doesn't necessarily = more customers. Another point Forbes points out is net increase. Lowes had a high net increase than Home Depot. Lowes increased 2.8% while Home Depot increased 2.2% Lowes is increasing at a faster rate than Home Depot. This means Lowes is either better at getting more customers to come in or have more recurring customers since they increased more than the Home Depot. Therefore Lowes is superior in this category.

In his counter to my point 1 I have two things to say.

1) You require a receipt which means I might have lost my receipt from Home Depot and therefore can't have my voice heard unless I buy something else from there. This isn't really effective since customers who are pissed at Home Depot probably don't want to shop there again to get another receipt in order to voice their complaints.

2) Even if you don't buy that argument I don't have to prove Lowes is better in this sense all I have to prove is that both stores are equal when it comes to having the customers voice heard.

Then the whole F.I.N.D Issue. The situation didn't mean that the Lowes associate was watching him for theft rather they kept checking or kept finding to see if they needed help. Find means to look for which is exactly why that customer was pissed because associates looked for him or went to find him rather than him ask for help when he needs it. That website says they value customers but it doesn't show that they actually do. Once again my opponent doesn't have any empiric evidence as to how Home Depot truly values the customer more than Lowes.

Also he drops the military discount argument and I provided a source showing Lowes has that [1] but he provides no source showing Home Depot has it. Here again Lowes is better.
Debate Round No. 3


I liked to say thanks con for replying and making a great challenging debate. Here goes my comebacks.

Con has stated, " Now he talks about all these specials Home Depot has over Lowes one is the Military Discount. . Lowes ALSO has this [1]. Since my opponent didn't know this he obviously doesn't know about Lowes discounts." He hasn't provided any prove of that point. He didn't follow up with that issue, so I felt it was a drawback and it didn't lead no where. I at least have credit ability for being a cashier in Paramus NJ Home Depot. What does he have?

This is my prove for taking care of the children and the military...

Going to Forbes. Forbes is one of the most creditable source to use. My question is if the rich guy wanted to fix his house why didn't he go and shop at Lowes. Home Depot is reliable and far the best. Both are going through a hard economic time but Home Depot is still on top. It will have to take time for Lowes to get up on the stage. The 2.2% Lowes INCREASED in 2011 changes for this year. New year equals new financial report. Crammer agrees with me.\

Go to you points

1. If the customer really had a bad horrible experience, he WILL definitely find his way to give a complain to corporate or put it on any website. He would not loose it because the only thing in his head is to give complaint to Atlanta where corporate is located.
2.I agree with you when you say they are both equal for customers voice gets heard, but Lowes doesn't give $5000 gift card to a loyal customer that would give feed back to head quarters.

Going to my other main points for round 4 is Home Depot is better because they are reliable in the fact that they have more locations than Lowes."The Home Depot has more than 2,200 convenient locations throughout the United States (including the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands), Canada, China and Mexico."

At the other hand Lowes only has 1725 stores.
A person will shop more places to Home Depot because they can go any state and they have a home depot. Even if they traveled far to buy a product, they can still go close home and return it. Home Depot is still maintaining their position on top. I do agree with con in that Lowes is playing catching up. Know it all depends in this years and the years coming up. It will determine which will be #1.

Thank you.


I'd like to thank my opponent for his responses. Lets move to mine, shall we ?

I will address his round 4 arguments first.

His whole beginning paragraph provides no kind of significance to this round. That point was simply to prove that my opponent doesn't know about Lowes sales or specials so anything my opponent says about Lowes without a source isn't credible.

Now he tries to make up for his *Lack* of sources from rounds 2 and 3. I contend this isn't fair since he had the chance to do so in the previous rounds he shouldn't be allowed to bring up *New* sources. Even if you don't buy that
Home Depot and Lowes are still *Equal* in customer satisfaction for the military. As for the children. This isn't sufficient to affirm. Just because Home Depot has a kids day every first of the month doesn't mean they care for the customers more. They just want kids to want to go to home depot so that the parents will have to take them.

Now on to Forbes. Once again as I stated before just because a store makes more money doesn't mean they are better. Extend that point. Just because some rich guy went to Home Depot and inflated their sales income doesn't make Home Depot better.

Now on to my points

1. He tries to say the customer will find a way to give a complaint but this simply hassles the customer. If they had an awful time they want to easily go on to a website (like ) and post a complaint. Therefore Lowes is better at getting their customers voice heard.

2. He concedes that even if you don't buy point 1 then Home Depot and Lowes are still *Equal* Therefore meeting my B.O.P and reason enough to vote Con. Also he talks about this $5,000 gift card ideal but once again no evidence. He just says it. Here's a website which contains a list of all the great deals Lowes has to offer:

Therefore I am meeting my B.O.P even more than my opponent. There is already reason enough to vote Con.

On to his next point.

He talks about Home Depot having more stores than Lowes. While this may true it doesn't mean Home Depot is better. We are having a quality debate not a quantity debate.

He also drops way too many things. All these drops result in a Con vote.

He drops the whole idea of the workers going to training and Home Depot matching prices. Do NOT allow him to provide sources next round seeing that he's had 4 rounds to do so. This shows he fails to meet his B.O.P even further.

Then he drops the F.I.N.D Issue, where we show how F.I.N.D may actually be a problematic system. Home Depot won't know about this because a *Pissed* customer has to go through a long process and is less likely to do so in order to have their voice heard vs. Lowes has a quick and easy process. This is where I prove Lowes is *Superior* to Home Depot and is a major piece of offence.

I also prove Lowes is *Equal* to Home Depot in all *Quality* Arguments therefore meeting my B.O.P more.

Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4


I am going to take this time to thanks Con for a great and knowledgeable debate. It sure wasn't easy, but now it is all up to the judges. This was my first debate and I can say it was a great one to learn from con. He has the knowledge of debating and sure you can see he has the experience.

First , the website that con provided only shows negative responds about the store. Where are all the good one that motivate employees by seeing their name on the website which will equal for them to keep on trying to do their best and GREAT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. That website SHOWS all bad complaint of Lowes, which will make Home Depot superior.
Second, the $5000 gift card is on the linked I have send previous argument. The homedepotopinion has and stated the chances of winning $5000. You just have to put your desired language and zip code.
FIND is designed to help customers not to give them a problem.

I have proven that Home Depot is better than Lowes. It will take Lowes years to catch up with HD.

Vote PRO.


I would like to start off by thanking Pro for a really great debate round.

Before any arguments are made I would like to point out my opponent has dropped far too many arguments for you to vote pro.

I will first take out the reasons my opponent provided to vote for him.

He states that since the customer website I provided is all about bad complaints for Lowes and the customer website he provided is all about positive reviews for Home Depot then we vote Pro. However this is not the case. He fails to address the argument that no bad reviews get through to the Home Depot complaint site. Let me extend that point.

In order for customers to put up a review on the website they need a receipt. This is prone to error because a customer could lose the receipt and if that customer was pissed at Home Depot then they wouldn't go buy something else to get a receipt because they're pissed at home depot. At that point Home Depot doesn't get that many negative reviews therefore the Home Depot does NOT have all their customers voices heard. Lowes is better in this sense and this is a clear place to vote Con.

Then he presents the $5000 gift card, but this doesn't mean Home Depot is any better than Lowes. Lowes offers countless discounts to everyone of their shoppers. This is better than giving $5000 to just one customer because Lowes offers it to all customers therefore cares for all customers.

He also drops the argument that Home Depot keeps prices low, accepts all returns, and offers deals. Therefore this is where Lowes is still better than Home Depot because Lowes cares for ALL customers not just one. This is another clear place to vote Con.

Then, finally, he tries to beat back the F.I.N.D Argument. However its extremely blippy. He simply states that F.I.N.D is meant to help customers, however he doesn't respond to the argument earlier where Lowes had done the same thing and customers were pissed about it. Extend that point. It is yet another clear place to vote Con, it strengthens the review site because now Home Depot will never know that this issue exists, while Lowes can now fix this issue. Due to this Home Depot is low in customer satisfaction.

The only argument you might buy from my opponent and vote for him is on the argument that Home Depot makes more money. While he may be winning this argument we clearly agreed on how a good store considers the customer first not their profit. Also profit doesn't = people buying therefore proving how Lowes actually cares about their customers directly outweighs their profit. Therefore this is not a reason to vote Pro.

I have met my B.O.P Fully by proving that Lowes is either better or equal to Home Depot.
My opponent on the other hand has failed to meet their B.O.P

Therefore there is clear reason to vote for Con.

I would like to thank my opponent for a really great round and compliment him on a good job for his first round.

Vote Con !
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by NxtBigThing22 4 years ago

Some words of advice to help you improve:

You should actually research what the opponent believes, instead of assuming.

I work for Lowe's myself. I would like to first of all say that before I was hired with Lowe's I was trying to get on with Home Depot because I had never even set foot inside a Lowe's until I was called in for an interview.

Now I would like to correct you on a few things.

We have discounts for military and we are trained as well to help customers out.

The first 2 weeks we are hired on, all of our time is spent on online training modules helping us with what we will need to know. After that, we are shadowed by experience associates who make sure we do everything right when it comes to talking with customers and helping them find certain items. And then every month or so, like Home Depot, we have safety topics and our manager talks to us.

Have you ever been inside Lowe's? I've been inside Home Depot numerous times with my Father who prefers Home Depot over Lowe's. Each time I go in, the associates aren't nearly as helpful as they are at Lowe's. Call me bias because I work at Lowe's or because I've worked in retail for so long and I expect associates to deliver first class service and attention, I just don't see the same friendliness as I have felt at Lowe's. I even went inside different Lowe's and different Home Depots and overall, associates were friendlier at Lowe's and I never once mentioned to either company that I was an employee with Lowe's.

Also there are several coworkers I work with who were once employed with Home Depot and they all say the same thing, "Home Depot was not a great place to work at. They weren't as friendly as here, etc."

I don't need to provide any internet sites or stretch the truth, because statements provided by the former coworkers who left Home Depot speak for themselves.

So in conclusion, Lowe's wins.


My store manager is a former employee of Home Depot.
Posted by mejiaj16 6 years ago
Yes i understand that it to little characters. I'm mainly doing this because it is required for a class and its my first one. For me, its a practice round, but keep it on because it shows me what do next debate and how to establish my points. Thank you.
Posted by Guitar_Guru 6 years ago
[1] Discount?storeId=10151&N=0&langId=-1&catalogId=10051&UserSearch=military&rpp=24

Sorry due to the limited character space I must resort to this. Please forgive me.
Posted by Neonix 6 years ago
After that, Windows 95 vs. Windows NT......then letters vs numbers...then spy vs spy....ready...go!!!
Posted by Oldfrith 6 years ago
Your next debate: CVS vs. Walgreens
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Reasons for voting decision: the debate from the star was derailed into a 1v1 argument over customer satisfaction, but had the Pro based his argument that Home Depot is better because they have more sales, then he would have won, but instead he focused on customer satifaction which yielded no superior results. Since Con and the Pro both showed how each store allows for customer satisfaction equally, that makes lowes and Home Depot in this argument equal, meaning the Con has fulfilled his BOP. Conduct to the pro though