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Home Schooling is a good way of Schooling Children.

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Started: 1/30/2014 Category: Education
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Round 1: Accept
Round 2: Present Argument
Round 3: Rebuttal
Round 4: Conclusion or Last Ditch Efforts!
Then Voting!


Pleasure's mine.

I am very supportive of homeschooling, as being homeschooled myself. Yes there are some pros and cons to homeschooling, but I feel as if homeschooling is an amazing alternative.
Debate Round No. 1


I do thank you for a rather quick response and for accepting my debate! :P!

NOTE: Before We start I will state that i'm okay with home schooling I just don't think it's always the best decision! In some situations you have to homeschool! So, CHEERS! Yes, I'm not saying there aren't pros!

Starting Argument
I believe that Public Schooling and and Private Schooling give you an oppurtunity that homeschooled kids don't normally get!

1. The ability to Socialize.

2. Usually better Education.
3. The ability to learn life-needed skills.

You need to have the ability to have good social skills to run big industrys or be succesfull entrepenuars. I don't beleive that homeschooling gives you the sufficient amount of rescources and knowledge to get a big edge on taday's world! (Not to sound rude!) They need the ability to socialize to have pretty much any job out there!

- Teacher
- IT Service
- Customer Service Agent
- Health Care Provider

- ETC!

That's why I vote for Con!


You stated that you felt homeschooling to be the least of all education because you feel as though homeschoolers do not have: (a) the ability to socialize, (b) lower quality education and (c) The ability to learn life needed skills.

Let me correct you on one thing: all of these points are stereotypes against homeschooling and are not impossible to maintain.

1. The ability to socialize. There are home school groups all over the country that give homeschooled students the opportunity to socialize. These home school groups may offer classes, science fairs, proms, various dances and even a graduation ceremony. Besides the home school group, there are youth groups at churches and even team sports to join. So the ability and necessary requirement to socialize can be met if there is an effort put.

2. Education. This is where I disagree big time. According to a statistic taken by Home School World, homeschoolers averaged in the 86th percentile on all tests while kids in public school ranked in the 50th percentile1. In an average high school, there may be a one teacher to at least twenty kids, but in a home school environment, there are usually two or three kids to one teacher. Every child can get the required attention they need. Another plus is that the parents are usually very dedicated in the child’s education, so even after the “school day” is done, the parents are still involved in homework and other activities.

3. Life needed skills. So you’re saying that you learn life needed skills in a school setting? Like what exactly? Life needed skills to me, means something along the lines of, learning how to save money, or learning to drive, or learning to cook, or clean, or learning how to take care of one’s self. You don’t really learn that in a school setting, you learn that at home. In a particular study, homeschooled kids were usually more mature than kids in school which proves that homeschooled kids are more prepared for life1.

Being homeschooled has great benefits, both emotionally and academically.


Debate Round No. 2


To be honest going to a group for school is not 'Homeschooling'. ;'-) heheh=
Anyways a survey was conducted over the school quality in grades k-12 (The assessments). Public's average was 47% on exellent and good. However, Homeschooling scored 46%! Also since I'm con I can also say that Independent Private Schools have 80%! That is 34% greater than Homeschooling.

See yourself:

When I say life needed lessons you do! In Homec you learn Cooking, Knitting, and pretty much anything you do around the house. In Agriculture you are educated in farming, machinery, etc.

<<<<<Now that I've Rebbutted I'll Present>>>>>>>

Another point is in homeschooling you dont always get the classes available in ather systems of education.

1. In Government (The Class) you learn about political affairs.
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Computer Science
5. Mechanics
6. Art
7. Orchestra
8. Band
9. Interior Design
10. Physichology
11. Drama
12. American Sign Language
13. Universal Sign Language
14. ETC.

Of course I guess the parent could start all these, though that's HIGHLY Unlikely.
Also a lot of times the teachers aren't certified or trained unlike public, private, etc. Unless they are certified, but that usually doesn't happen.


To be honest going to a group for school is not 'Homeschooling'. ;'-) heheh=

Maybe you misunderstood me, but I never said home schooling groups were for school. Home school groups are almost like an extracurricular activity. They are not actually school, but almost like an after school program.

And you mentioned that in homeschooling you don't always get the classes you need.
That is not true.

I'm homeschooled and I've taken Spanish and French was also an option. With homeschool curriculums, there are electives you can take. You can even take online AP courses, so it's not impossible to take different classes and get a wider perspective.

Now I will present this in defense of homeschooling.

According to Huffington Post, more than half of Americans are dissatisfied with the current public school system. And also, according to Huffington Post, homeschoolers are more college ready than their non homeschooling peers. Students coming from college also graduated college at a higher rate than their peers, 66.7 percent compared to 57.5 percent.

Because homeschooling is usually a shorter school day than normal schooling, teenagers have a lot more free time to explore themselves creatively and get a job while maintaining good grades.

Homeschool students are usually better socialized. You may say, uh no way, they aren't around anyone. I beg to differ. Not only do homeschoolers have the opportunity to interact with their fellow peers, but they can also interact with people various ages, both older and younger. Have you ever talked to (or witnessed) a tongue-tied youngster who could barely hold a conversation with an adult? I have. Kids in a school setting usually interact with only various people of a certain age group while homeschoolers have flexibility in their interactions amongst people of various ages.

Debate Round No. 3


NOTE: It seems that you think that all I support is public schooling. However, I agree with all schooling systems just some better than the other. I also believe that Private Schools just fine!

According to your statement "According to Huffington Post, more than half of Americans are dissatisfied with the current public school system. And also, according to Huffington Post, homeschoolers are more college ready than their non homeschooling peers. ". I too beg to differ! They may be disatisfied public school, but how do they feel about private schooling, or christian schools?

<------ Ok, I will present new a new argument. --------->

Financial issues would be a predicament! Ok, so you might think that private schooling or religous schools (Private School) would also place financial burden however, the general population of children in private schools have wealthier children. For homeschooled children one problem is for their parents is that parents trying to mantain a full/half time job aren't able to do so!


Ok, thanks for the debate! Also, still homeschooling has the lowest grade averages like stated before, and then again *Main Reason why you go to school*


glowingdisco forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by glowingdisco 3 years ago
I apologize for forfeiting the debate, I totally forgot about it!
Posted by Masonh928 3 years ago
#Ftw :'-)
Posted by GodChoosesLife 3 years ago
Oh LOL, we gotta clever one here... Alright, then.. I guess I can settle for another debate then.. Manage it.. :p
Posted by Masonh928 3 years ago
:P as in I knew you'd question what I wrote" so yeah if u want to!
Posted by GodChoosesLife 3 years ago
Yup, as in like, "ok"? Or not sure?
Posted by Masonh928 3 years ago
Posted by GodChoosesLife 3 years ago
Ehh, well, maybe we'll have to debate on this topic one day too then? ... Not right now, cause I've got a full load of debates I'm currently in, plus home-life, and load of homework too..
Posted by Masonh928 3 years ago
Like I said homeschooling isn't bad it's not the best compared to public school! homeschooling would be fun.
Posted by GodChoosesLife 3 years ago
Geeeeeee wizzzzz... When I went from Pro to yours I was like, "Man, now my eyes hurt" haha jk.. But this should be an interesting debate.. Best wishes to the both of you.. I was both a home schooled and public schooled kid once.. But now am a sophomore in College (Whoop!) ha :P
Posted by Masonh928 3 years ago
Well, yeah" heheh. BIGGEST SIZE!
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Reasons for voting decision: Kudos to Pro for having a more emic perspective on homeschooling. I think this was a really important aspect in his arguments. As for Con, with having a more etic perspective, assumptions and speculations were made. A pity. Great debate, otherwise.