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Home-made cookies are better than the "tube" of dough.

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Started: 12/8/2013 Category: Funny
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Home-made or "from scratch" chocolate chip cookies are better cookies than those that come from the processed, pre-formed tube of cookie dough.

Round 1: Acceptance/ Opening arguments
Round 2: Arguments/ Rebuttals
Round 3: Closing arguments/ Rebuttals

I wish to have a good debate to whoever accepts.

Opening arguments:

By using fresh ingredients, the overall product of the cookie will taste better.

One can burn more calories by the whole evolution of making the cookies (beating the batter/dough) and thereby possibly break even when eating the cookies, than if just slicing the pre-formed tube and placing on the cookie sheet. This is good for some people prefer to watch their intake of sugar & their weight especially at holiday times.

With home-made cookies, there are more possible options for variety in the end product of the cookie; such as chocolate mint chip, English toffee, et cetera. And more control if there are needs to care about allergies.


Pre-Made Cookies, or cookies that may come from a "tube" are superior to home-made, made-from-scratch, cookies. I'd like to thank the Proposition for opposing me in this debate and wish her well.

Opening Arguments:

1. Pre-made dough is produced the same way every-time so you know that you can consistently have great-tasting cookies and throw out the worries of making mediocre-cookies. This also eliminates the process of "experimenting" recipes and failing miserably once or twice before finding the perfect recipe. Experimenting with recipes can lead to the wasting of ingredients, something that is very hard, especially during tough times like these.

2. Pre-Made cookie dough also eliminates a lot of the hassle, especially when you want cookies made quickly, this allows you to go from cookie-less to happy in almost no time flat! It also takes away almost all of the dirty dishes that would have gotten dirty while blending the mix, not to mention the dirty counter from ingredients that didn't quite go directly into the bowl.

3. With Pre-made cookie dough, it is easier to find the nutrition facts included in the cookies so that you can better manage your diet. When making homemade cookies, you may be unaware of the calories, sugars, etc. included inside the cookie.

All in all, Pre-made cookies are a quick, easy, and tasty solution for anyone and everyone who are craving cookies but do not wish to go through the long and tiring process of making them from scratch.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Con for their acceptance in this debate & look forward to the outcome.

In rebuttal of Con"s first point: That pre-made dough is produced the same way every-time is true however that very same point can be applied to the home-made cookies which is why some family heirloom recipes are jealously guarded: because of their specific taste. Number one point is inconsequential.

In rebuttal of Con"s second point: While time is definitely on the side of the processed, plastic wrapped tube of cookie dough debate, many cooks clean as they go, which makes any cleaning quite efficient. There is always about a ten minute lull while the cookies are baking in which a person may use to clean up.

And finally addressing Con's third point: A good recipe will have the caloric break-down or if it is an older recipe, they can be figured out by a rough estimation of the individual ingredients and Internet assistance. Admittedly, that may be rough. To further this thought: Substitution of all the sugar or halving the sugar & adding the remainder with stevia (acceptable sugar substitute) can assist in lowering the chances of diabetes in loved ones. And other variations can lower the calorie content.

In adding to the Pro-side that home-made cookies are better:

By using the home-made method one can scale up (double batch) or scale down (half batch) the amount of cookies desired which assists in exercising the little grey cells for math. Using math practically embeds the basics whereas mindless slicing of the dough cylinder doesn't fire off too many impulses in the brain. Many Americans (not all) have weak math skills so this can only help.

Plus the home-made cookies are cheaper by the dozen, literally, than store bought even when processed is purchased in bulk (the tub of cookie dough like from Sam"s Club). I concede that one must purchase the ingredients in bulk (having left over flour, eggs and such) yet those ingredients can only assist in helping other meals.

In closing my Round 2:
There are hidden benefits to making home-made cookies; such as: use of a little bit of math, and extra ingredients for future meals/cookies. And for all that Con states it is quick, easy & tasty. Quicker, perhaps, yet easy is dependable on the cook since there may be some minor mental skills involved (such as reading the recipe & watching the time). Tasty are quite debatable since fresher ingredients render a better outcome.


To begin I would like to say that the rebuttal that the pro used on the first fact was not to the whole point but rather to a fragment of that point. While homemade cookies can be made the same every time, this does not mean that every recipe is going to be tasty.
Secondly, Con stated that cooks can clean while the cookies are cooking, but if there is no mess to be cleaned there is no hassle of cleaning and it is common sense that no mess is better than any mess. Besides, if a cook was given the choice of cleaning or watching t.v. for ten minutes, the latter is obviously the more entertaining choice.

Con stated that older recipes' nutritional values can be used via Internet assistance, it just backs up my point of time and quickness, because with already made dough the nutritional values can be found by looking at the label rather than Google searching "The nutritional value of 2.5 cups of flour" etc.

Also, doing basic math to exercise the brain is just another hassle when making cookies from scratch, and if people wanted to exercise their math skills they would print out a math worksheet.

Con argued that homemade cookies can render a better outcome because they use fresh ingredients, while butter and flour and are both produced and manufactured by other companies rather than self-ground flour and self-churned butter and there is no such thing as fresh sugar and fresh salt, so really the only "fresh" ingredients used in homemade cookies are milk and eggs.

It was stated that homemade cookies can substitute sugar for a sugar substitute for healthier cookies, but I would like to point out that there are also healthy pre-made cookie doughs such as Wholly Wholesome Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, which only have 120 calories per dozen cookies and with only 5 grams of fat.

As you can see, pre made cookies are easier to make, quicker to bake, and taste just as well as the best homemade cookies and better than most mediocre homemade cookies.

Debate Round No. 2


ROUND 3 CLOSING ARGUMENT: I thank Con for offering a nice rebuttal and discussion. I hope to make a short closing argument.

Knowing that "tasty" is highly subjective, I render the heirloom home-made recipe, basically mapped to direct palatable happiness to the client"s mouth, is a self-evident point.

With regards to time, the same possibility that applies to the preservative-laden dough can be done to the same home-made dough; by freezing the home-made dough into a rolled up amount & a quick cutting it up when wanted with no mess yet with all the benefits of home-made.

Addressing freshness, ingredients though, store-bought still are fresher than the processed, plastic wrapped, frozen and shelved for six months. Many rural areas have a small farm & livestock. In my area, they have access to fresh eggs because they have chickens.

Home-made is better because the ingredients are fresher, tailored to individual taste, needs, minimal mess, and possible quality bonding time with someone is usually more preferred than vacant drivel on TV.

The processed cookie dough may seem cheap and easy yet how good can they really taste, especially with something processed? There are hidden benefits with home-made cookies such as learning to wait for something good consequently shows a better disciplined & smarter individual [1]. The physical work energizes the body and sharpens the pioneering spirit, without genetically modified ingredients or allergic reactions. This all comes with the home-made cookie, the better cookie.



To begin I would like to thank Pro very much for being respectful and overall pretty awesome during this debate.

Pro stated that in regards to time homemade dough can be sped up by freezing dough for quick cookies, but while this may shorten the second time and on that you make the cookies, you still have to go through the hassle of making the dough the first time, while using pre-made dough is an easy process every time.

While cutting and slicing pre-made dough does not seem like a bonding experience, it can be a great way to make cookies to decorate with frosting and sprinkles, which can be a very bonding experience just like making home made cookies.

Pillsbury pre-made dough is some of the best tasting dough that my taste buds have every come in contact with and I would again like to state that many people do not care about the healthiness of a cookie. If a person wanted something healthy they would eat a salad, not a dozen cookies. Also it is very easy to tell what ingredients are in the pre made dough when being precautionary about allergies because the labels always state the ingredients and usually say, "INCLUDES PEANUT INGREDIENTS" or something to that effect.

When regarding cookies, the term fresh should not be used because items that are fresh refer to produce, poultry, things that were recently alive. Not all homemade cookies require physical exertion to make and making cookies is not meant to be an exercise or a healthy activity, nor an activity to strengthen the mind and demonstrate self-discipline. I don't know about you but I honestly have never been making cookies with the intent to get more in-shape, or to get smarter but rather to have a tasty cookie PERIOD. While some homemade cookies can be tasty, this is a generalization, while pre made dough is going to be tasty if you correctly follow the directions.

All in all pre made cookies are overall better due to the easiness, quickness, and tastiness. Thank You.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Really depends who is making them... However I generally agree, as the tube of cookies suffers the same fate if over cooked.
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Vote Placed by masterdebater_69 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con did a better job arguing his points. Pro's arguments that homemade cookies will make you smarter and more in-shape did not really make sense, which gives Con the upper hand on the more convincing arguments. I gave Con better spelling and grammar because when I looked at both of the arguments, one of the first things that I noticed was Pro's use of a fragment in her round one conclusion. "And more control if there are needs to care about allergies."
Vote Placed by Yraelz 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:50 
Reasons for voting decision: Well here is how I evaluate. Con wins that homemade cookies take more time and create a mess. Pro wins that homemade cookies can be tailored more effectively to taste, can be tailored more effectively to diet, and have some marginal math benefit. He even sources the last one. Thus I give Pro the outcome of debate with sources to boot.