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Started: 1/14/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Is educating at home right?
I say the right to decide on the education of your children/grandchildren is important.
Contention 1: Price
Sure, if you have evidence to back up your claim that homeschooling children perform better, I agree. However, what happens in high school? Do the parents continue to teach, and if the child's intended major is not his parents, what will his parents do? In elementary school and maybe middle school, homeschooling is fairly easy as most people know how to teach


Hello, I will be accepting this debate. Even though most students go to school to study, there are many reasons why home schooling is better.
1. Kids should love learning.
Homeschooling make kids like learning better than schools. This is because at school, kids can't go home when they don't want to study. But at home, you can stop or take a break whenever you like because it isn't official.
2. Bullying
If you go to school, you might get bullied. And this will only make your scores go down more.
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Posted by The-Debater100 1 year ago
I am FOR homeschooling can't you Read!
Posted by FactvsFeeling 1 year ago
Perhaps it would be beneficial to clarify exactly what your Pro stance is in reference to.
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