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Homeschooling is More Productive/Better than Public Schooling

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Started: 2/12/2017 Category: Education
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I would like opinions on this topic. Evidence is obviously optional but not required. Also I am new to so please message me and tell me how these normally work. NO HATE.

Currently I am enrolled in public school and am looking to be homeschooled next year. I have multiple reasons but my top 3 are there is less drama, more time, and less stress. This past year I have struggled with my friends and have had to deal with a lot of drama. I found out from multiple people that there was rumors about me and my friends were talking behind my back. If I were homeschooled this would have been completely avoided. Another reason I would like to be homeschooled is because I would get done with school at around noon. That would give me at LEAST 4 more hours in the day, and I would eventually be able to have a job when I am old enough. More time would be provided to me to read, write, draw, be creative, ect. My last point of why more students should be homeschooled is there is less stress. With time to work all day on homework (if there is any) more time would open up to sleep. There is also the obvious reason that we wouldn't have to worry about people judging about looks. All in all, homeschooling would help students tremendously.


My opponent presents highly superficial reasoning for preferring homeschooling to traditional public schooling, and for these reasons I will strongly oppose them.

First of all, the glaring issue is having their parent(s) able to actually educate them on a level that is acceptably on par with that of the schooling they are trying to transfer from. While easier said than done, having to be a teacher for homeschooling is difficult. My opponent's parent(s) would have to both learn to look past favoring their child, and they would also have to be able to SUCCESSFULLY educate their child on the curriculum currently taught at public schools.

They also bring up rumors and other social stresses, which are highly irrelevant to the argument on hand. While social situations can be tough for children and teenagers, my opponent fails to see that the goal of their own topic is to prefer homeschooling to regular schooling. Not only do you learn information from certified officials, but you are also prepared for social situations. In an environment where the only people in my opponent's school substitute would be their parents, they would not learn the proper developing social skills that are crucial to becoming integrated into adult life, college, and one day having a job, which my opponent also mentioned. They mentioned that having at least four hours that would be spent in public school could be spent getting one, while many high schoolers who are enrolled in public school have no issue working.

The final major point my opponent brings up is that they would have more time when being homeschooled. They themselves stated that "More time would be provided to me to read, write, draw, be creative, ect." which already flows over to my side. My opponent has either forgotten or let slip that reading, writing, occasionally drawing, and creativity are already normal occurrences during school hours. This means my opponent has said that with the time they gained from having four less hours from public school, they would be spending the time doing things they could already be doing in school - saving them the various troubles already mentioned in my argument thus far.

For this reasoning, I heavily urge a strong Con/Neg voter turnout.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm just going to say right now you will most likely win because I am 13 and you are 36 (I looked at your profile).
I understand why you would say reading, writing, drawing, and being creative already happen in school. However, I have read before class even started and was told to pay attention and put my book away. Doodling is something that personally helps me concentrate and I know the same for many others and as stated before I was told to put my pen down and pay attention. Even in English/Reading class I have to ask if we can write/read.

The website Bright Hub Education states , "There was a higher graduation rate from homeschooled students (66.7% compared to the counterpart at 57.5%). The homeschooled students came in with a higher ACT score (25.0 compared to 14.7)." (Paragraph 8, Dr. Michael Cogan.) Clearly this evidence can show that children who are homeschooled and taught by their parents or family members have a higher success rate.

Yes, school is good preparation for social issues. However, being bullied is probably not something that is going to happen in anyone's adult life. There are other ways to socialize besides school as well. Most libraries have clubs to join. Personally, I attend a youth group at my church where I have made many friends. Most schools as well allow homeschooled students in their community attend school events and dances.


Starting off their second speech by complimenting me, I don't believe my opponent has done many improvements upon their base argument.

One issue I would like to point out that I noticed repeated several times throughout my opponents second speech was the use of themselves as an example. While this has not been specified for this round, in most traditional debate formats, self sourcing tends to be a bad idea. Instead of hounding my opponent on this flaw however, I will simply state the personal examples that make their points less relevant to the argument.

First of all, my opponent tried to negate my argument about their free time activities being offered in school due to the fact that my opponent does not always have availability to them. While this may hold weight, the weight that it does hold seems to teeter off when you account for the fact that my opponent is using their own experience, though there are hundreds of thousands of young students in the country who can freely doing these things in schools. Most middle schools and high schools have elective art courses they could take, if my opponent would like to draw during school. Reading could always be done in English when offered, and during lunch periods as well. But I am droning on, so I will push forward.

My opponent has also said that their church offers a group for them to join, which should not be accounted for in this debate, as that is a very situational substitute.

Moving off of personal examples, and going to the statistic brought up by my opponent, while it may be accurate, it's not particularly helpful. While it shows that a lot of homeschooled students have graduated, my opponent has failed to make a correlation between this number and how a massive wave of students going to homeschool would instantly somehow do better than they were in public school.

They also said that bullying is not a big problem out of school and in the adult world, but I will argue that this is simply not true. According to, "Sadly, adults can be bullies, just as children and teenagers can be bullies. While adults are more likely to use verbal bullying as opposed to physical bullying, the fact of the matter is that adult bullying exists. The goal of an adult bully is to gain power over another person, and make himself or herself the dominant adult. They try to humiliate victims, and 'show them who is boss.'" No matter if someone graduates from public school or homeschool, bullying remains an issue. While bullying is bad, I feel at least being exposed to harsher people is better than staying dissociated from them until adulthood.

My opponent has yet to refute my point being made that parents would have to learn to teach curriculum on par with public school, and thus they clearly either agree with me or have no way to disprove me.

Again for these reasons, I heavily urge a strong Con/Neg voter turnout.
Debate Round No. 2


Although personal events and stories are not "traditional debate format" they were, in my opinion, relevant to the topic and demonstrated issues with the public education system. However, I will include evidence that is more relevant to my opponent.

My opponent's evidence is not relevant due to the fact it is an opinion stated by the author of the article. There are not statistics that show how adults can be bullied and or bullies, and the author is not cited, therefore the article could have been written by someone under the age of 18 and who does not have the correct information.

As I stated before, there are other ways to socialize and make friends. One example would be to debate right here and find people with similar opinions. Social media allows the same type of interaction. If you take a walk around your neighborhood even you could find a friendly person or two.

My opponent stated, "No matter if someone graduates from public school or homeschool, bullying remains an issue." This is true, and I agree. With social interaction there will be bullying. However, when children are homeschooled they can avoid physical bullying, as my opponent stated "adult bullying" is verbal.


I would first like to apologize for, as my opponent pointed out, for not giving proper citing. is a valid organization, and I will be citing just three of the sources they used.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, "Workplace Bullying: What Everyone Needs to Know" [online]
Workplace Bullying Institute [online]
The New York Times, Business, "Backlash: Women Bullying Women at Work" [online]


Although this is the final round of the debate, I feel my opponent could only drop their argument entirely in the face of these sources -- unless they would like to argue that the New York Times, Workplace Bullying Institute, and Washing State Department of Labor and Industries are ill-reputable sources run by people 'possibly under 18'.

My opponent has also said that they agree with my argument on bullying, so it flows to my side. Saying that physical bullying doesn't exist outside of school is highly illogical. I will only briefly mention that domestic abuse and assault are things that exist, feeling confident that I don't have to source their existences.

This means that two of three major points presented in my opponent's final argument have just been obliterated, and now completely flow to my side. To wrap things up, I will attempt to shoot down their only remaining point in this debate, stating that places like neighborhoods and social media are substitutes to making friends and interacting. While friends can be made and found through these methods, it is never guaranteed that you will. In a traditional public school, you are guaranteed to be going there with people of your same age, and it's almost assured that at least a handful of them share the same interests as you. This is why I believe the bulk of this argument flows to my side.

For all of these reasons throughout the debate, as well as the fact that my major point about parents having to take on the role of teaching, I believe that I have successfully beaten my opponent, won this debate, and so I strongly urge a Con/Neg voter turnout.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
"Optional" and "not required" are synonymous.
Posted by DNehlsen 1 year ago
If you're looking for more reasons to consider homeschooling, there's currently a discussion going on about this by myself. I think you might be interested.
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