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Homeschooling is better than Public or Private School

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Started: 6/9/2013 Category: Education
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First Round will be acceptance.


Stay Civil

Use Sources and/or logic to back up your claims.

Wikipedia is not a source.

Experience can be used as support for a contention, but it should not be your main piece of support.
Debate Round No. 1


Homeschooling (N.): The education of children at home by their parents.

In America today, there are more than a million homeschooled children. Admittedly, homeschooling is not for everyone, but it is certainly better than public school. Homeschooling is better than public school for three reasons:

1. More Academic Success

2. Better Socially

3. Increased Parental Bonds

1. More Academic Success: Homeschoolers are fairly well known to be gifted in the area of academics. Why? Because they are simply better. In 1997, there was a study released of 5,402 homeschooling students' standardized testing grades. The study was called "Strengths of Their Own: Home Schoolers Across America." In that study, it was found that Homeschoolers outscored public schoolers by 30-37 points in every subject. Big difference. Homeschoolers usually ranked in the 86th to 92nd percentile if they had homeschooled for two or more years. Big difference. That could be the difference between an Ivy League school or the community college down the street. Homeschoolers simply do better academically. It could be the one-on-one teaching with the parent(s). Maybe it is the ability to choose which curriculum to use. No matter how, homeschoolers have more academic success then public schoolers.

2. Better Socially: I know exactly what you are thinking. "Whoa, whoa whoa... better socially. No, I think you're getting this backwards. Homeschoolers are socially awkward and aren't well adjusted." Ehhh... no. According to a study done by a Canadian education research center, homeschooled children are more socially active during and after high school. Exact quote: "When measured against the average Canadians ages 15 to 34 years old, home-educated Canadian adults ages 15 to 34 were more socially engaged (69 percent participated in organized activities at least once per week, compared with 48 percent of the comparable population)." This study shows that homeschoolers are better off socially not only while in school, but also once they graduate.

3. Increased Parental Bond: Almost all homeschoolers come from a two parent home. Studies have shown over and over that children that have close relationships with their parents are less likely to commit crimes, get into alcohol and drugs, and to become pregnant as a teen. They are also more likely to be successful in school, have a good understanding of the world, and to go onto good colleges. Obviously, if your child is at home with you or doing things with you a lot, you are going to have a better bond with them.


1. Homeschooled children are much better than Public Schoolers academically
2. Homeschooled students are better socially than Public School students

3. Homeschooled students are less likely to get into crime and more likely to be successful in life because of their close relationship with their parents.



I would like to thank my opponent for this debate and I feel and hope it is going to be a tough debate.

My opponent admitted that homeschooling is not for everyone that in fact it takes special conditions for homeschooling to work and the idea of homeschooling is better for everyone is simply wrong. The three reasons I will be arguing is

1. Parent Struggle

2. No assistance

3. Lack of Competition

1. Most of people who are home-schooled, like what my opponent stated in round 1, have two parents in their home, but what about the single parents. There are about 13.7 million single parents in the United States that parent about 21.8 million children. That is 26% of the children in the United States how can a single parent both teach their children and provide the basic needs the children require. The single parent would have to choose between working and feeding their children, or taking the required time to teach their children. It would make sense to send their child to a Public or Private school because the child would get better schooling than what the parent could provide. Another reason is that having parents and children take time off from each other is healthy. While homeschooling could build a stronger relationship with parent and child it could also put a strain on the relationship. With a parent having to worry about their child's education 24/7 could have a tough burden on the relationship. Also a lack of education in the field the child is trying to learn can be a burden. I have 8 different teachers that teach different subjects. For them becoming a teacher they had to get a college degree in that specific field, get classroom experience, and then get certified. That is nearly impossible for a parent to get 8 college degree's in different fields than get classroom experience and get certified, so they would not be fully qualified to teach a child in those fields causing a problem in the child's learning. Parents can be great, but allow the child to get an education in a professional manner.

2. If a child needs assistance the parent has to fulfill that need and the parent can't get that assistance they are left to fight on there own. With Public schools and even Private schools government can help with funding. While being home-schooled there is no help. Organizations also help fund schools by providing money or school supplies, but in homeschooling that money and supplies must come from the parent. Homeschooling is a deserted island and no one will be there to help.

3. Humans naturally want to compete with one another and homeschooling takes that away. Competition is a great thing is helps build growth and gets children ready for the real world. Homeschooling there are no other children to compete with so there is no real push to get and be better. I know that competition is great for me because when I see that my friend got an A- on a test I will study hardy to get an A. In the real world it is a dog eat dog world, it is a sad fact, but it is a fact and in school you get that competition feeling to strive to get better, while if home schooled the parent will always be there and never give the child a complete feeling of competition. While some children can't handle the pressure those who can become much more successful in the long run.

There is about 53 million children in school compared to the 1.9 million home schooled that means there is only 3% of the children in school are home-schooled. That 97% shows that homeschooling is great for some it isn't for all. Making Homeschooling not better than Public or Private School, but instead a great alternative if the conditions are right.

Debate Round No. 2


Alright, let's get this party started. First: the rebuttals.

1. Issues I have with the sources

Now, I know this isn't a rebuttal, but I had a few issues with some of the sources listed by my opponent in the last round.

Sources I take issue with:
Reason: It was an opinion website. No hard facts. No surveys. No statistics. Nothing. Just opinions.
Reason: Helium is another debating website. Again, no facts. No statistics. Nothing. Just opinions.
Reason: Same as both above. No hard evidence. Nothing but opinions. Also, it seemed some of them were meant to be satirical or humorous as opposed to factual Quote: "Come on... Share your best reasons why homeschooling is bad. Serious or funny, we want to hear them all." Yeah... doesn't seem like an accurate source to me.

2 (Contention 1). Parent Struggle/ Single Parents

Let me give you an example:

26% of people in the United States have single parents, making it difficult to homeschool.

At the same time, 10% if Americans report an allergy to antibiotics.

Let's compare that. The "disease" of ignorance can be cured in many ways, as can many diseases. An infection can be cured in many ways. The best course of action to cure the infection is an antibiotic, but sometimes, people cannot take the antibiotics... it does not work for them. In the same way, homeschooling is the best way to "cure" ignorance, but sometimes special situations make it improbable to do so. Same idea. I am not saying that homeschooling should be mandatory, nor am I stating that homeschooling is always better. I am stating that, in general, homeschooling is superior to traditional schooling. Just in the same way the antibiotics are, generally speaking, the best way to cure an infection.

Now that that is out of the way, part 2 of Contention 1: Parent Relational Strain:

Referring back to my Canadian study, most homeschoolers actually said that homeschooling greatly increased the bond with their parents. Fact, not imaginary thinking.

Part 3: Specialty teaching

My opponent has brought up the important topic of specialty teaching. This becomes especially important in High School as a student learns everything from Algebra to Anatomy to Astronomy. However, my opponent makes the unfortunate assumption that: 1. Teachers learned everything they will teach in high school in college. 2. Children are incapable of teaching themselves. Let me flesh this out for you:

1. Teachers learned everything they will teach in high school in college:

My mother, in fact, has a teaching degree and used to teach at Mt. Olive College. Specifically: Teaching others to teach. I asked her: "Mom, what do you teach in your classes" She replied: "How to get people to take the knowledge they already should have learned in high school and effectively teaching it to large groups of people." So coming from a teacher who teaches teaching:

A. You should already learned all the knowledge you will use to teach in high school.

B. Teaching degrees are aimed at teaching people how to instruct large crowds (Obviously not needed in homeschooling.)

So, even your average high school graduate should have the knowledge needed to teach their kids, especially elementary and high school classes. Remember, the parents have the score key for the problems, if they need some brushing-up on their skills, they can always look it up.

2. Children are incapable of teaching themselves.

Let me tell you my curriculum I used for school this year as a Sophomore and also a short explanation of the courses:

Biology: Apologia Science (There is the electronic textbook, and an actual person reading it to you. Every page or two, there are questions you have to answer to advance. Tests can be printed and views only by the parent through a password. Result for me: Took a biology test not for that course and got a 98 on it.)

Algebra 2: ACE Paces (There are PACES, small workbooks, that you read through that taught you how to do the math on your own, without much intervention.)

Spanish 2: ACE Paces (Same as above, but with online, interaction videos.)

World History: Two self-taught courses aimed at college students to help them prepare during the summer. Used videos, workbooks, and a study of world literature.

Economics: Same idea as above.

Business Math: PACES

How much work did this take my mom? Let's see... she took at least 12 of the 36 weeks of school off for trips, but I still aced standardized testing. I was self-taught, and so are many homeschoolers.

Moving on...
3. (Contention 2): Assistance.

Let me tell you... I hate geometry... like, worse then having to worst episodes of The Simpsons. I needed a little help learning it last year... so I used Khan Academy, a free math site with thousands of videos explaining math concepts. My mom could help me some, with the stuff she learned in high school, and eventually... I figured it out. There are a lot of free sites and "Co-ops" that homeschoolers use to help teach each other if they need some extra help... it is far from the "deserted island" my opponent speaks of.

4. (Contention 3): Lack of Competition.

Oh my friend, you just opened a can of worms let me tell you...

Agreed, standard grade competition between children in homeschools is well... an unusual occurrence to say the least. However... There are lots and lots of other ways homeschoolers can participate in competition.

A. ACT/SAT scores:

Yes I know... our parents may say it is impolite to share your score... but, hey, everyone does it. This also applies to general grade scores. Pass 'em around. Trust me, homeschoolers are very competitive among themselves.

B. Sports

My brother participated in both a homeschool basketball and baseball team that competed against other schools. In almost all 50 states, homeschoolers can create their own teams. In 24 states, homeschoolers can participate in other schools' teams. And let me tell you, when the traditional schoolers get beaten by the homeschoolers... the heat is on... and the next game can get... violent.

C. Extracurricular Activities

I participate in homeschool debating, deliberations, and mock trial teams. Again, let me tell you, when any traditional schooler gets beaten by a homeschooler, turn up the heat on that competitive spirit. In fact, several homeschooled teams made it to the national competition in mock trial this year and, in years past, many homeschoolers have won. Competition is everywhere.

Let me just take a footnote here and discuss my opponent's unofficial contention: "... only 3% of the children in school are home-schooled... That 97% shows that homeschooling is great for some it isn't for all." Wait a second... because something is popular makes it right? Well, slavery, the Holocaust, murder, rape, and other heinous crimes have been popular, guess they were right. (SARCASM)

My opponent did not refute my contentions, so they still stand. I will simply extend them here.


Thank you and good night.


I would like to thank my opponent for pointing out the problems with a few of my sources. Because I know that my opponent has nothing wrong with all of his except for the following:

Which are all from the first round for my opponent which these sources don't lead to any specific website only the home page of the website. So these sources have No hard facts. No surveys. No statistics. No opinions. Just Nothing. Also my opponent used as a sources which is not a source, but a search engine. I just my opponent to allow the voters to decide on voting not the debaters.

I will now refute my opponents arguments from round one

1. More Academic Success

My opponent claims that homeschoolers do better in standardized testing. The problem I have with my opponents arguments is that only 5,402 homeschooling test grades came out. When the average high school population is 752 people that means that is the size of 7 high schools which is about the size of an average district. Compare that to the 53 million children in traditional school. The chances are much higher that homeschoolers will do better than traditional school under these circumstances. My opponent also claims that most homeschoolers are in the 86th to 92nd percentile which still means there is the 93-100 percentile that traditional school students apart of. If I took the 53 million children and had them all home taught chances are great that there grades will go down because their parents can't give them the quality teaching that hired teachers can do for a school. The numbers are off and this means that it can't be completely proven that homeschooling would make more academic success.

2. Better Socially

Being better socially is not based on school it is linked to personality. School is just a place where students can develop and become better with their social skills. School is also a place that can show the popular people from the loners of the world. That is one problem with homeschooling it does not allow children to interact with people in a learning environment. School does not equal being better socially and homeschooling does not equal being better socially it is personality that allows people to be better at schooling.

3. Increased Parental Bond

The key word in my opponents argument is that most homeschooling have two parents. The single parents are left out to dry and the parental bond can be damaged by the stress of being not only a single parent, but also a teacher. It is also healthy to get away from parents to spread your wings a little. It can increase parental bond, but it can just as easy damage a parental bond.

I will no refute my opponents arguments from round one.

1. Parental struggle

My opponent admitted that homeschooling is not always better so how can it be better. Instead of Homeschooling being better than traditional school it should just be another option for parents and students. Some students learn better by learning by themselves or with a parent while others learn better in groups. It is just up to the student and parent to decide what is best nothing is better than the other it s all the same.

2. Teachers learning

Teachers learn from college and have to go to meetings and training exercises to be certified to teach. High school is where you should learn most of the main subjects like math, English, and history. The thing is that every year 1.3 million people drop out of high school. These people become parents so they can't teach their children making homeschooling not better.

There are great cites that can help with subjects. Many of these cites are organized by teachers to help students.

3. Competition

I'm sure that there is competition when it comes to homeschooling, but the atmosphere does not have the same feel. Having a group of students in one classroom learning and competing to be better than the other can't be replicated.

When something is 97% percent more popular for someone that means it is better for them. The 97% alludes to traditional school which means that 97% of students go to traditional school because it is a better option than homeschooling.

Debate Round No. 3


I apologize for the fact that the links I supplied in the first round did not work. I will repost them below in the hope that they will function appropriately this round.

I saw something my opponent claims I said in round two which I did not say. I did not say: " homeschooling is not for everyone that in fact it takes special conditions for homeschooling to work and the idea of homeschooling is better for everyone is simply wrong." despite what my opponent said. What I said was: " Admittedly, homeschooling is not for everyone," Not the same for everyone just in the same way that traditional classroom education is not for everyone. Full quote from round 2, paragraph 2: "My opponent admitted that homeschooling is not for everyone that in fact it takes special conditions for homeschooling to work and the idea of homeschooling is better for everyone is simply wrong." No idea how he got that out of my actual quote.

I will now proceed to continue to rebuttal my opponent's contentions before moving on to my own:

1. Parent Struggle

While 26% of children are being raised by single parents, let me point out that a) Single parents are not, generally, single for the entire 12 years of a child's education b) Single Parents can still provide education and make a living sometimes. Think about it, there are so many occupations nowadays can be done from the home and still make plenty of money. As for " homeschooling is not always better so how can it be better."... again, just because something does not work sometimes does not mean it is not overall better. Again, back to my medical metaphor, some blood works best for one person but not another. However, O- blood is the "Universal Blood Type" and works, generally speaking, on everyone. However, on a few, it kills them. So, in the same way, homeschooling is overall the best for children, except a few, even if it is 26%. I'll state a few thing again: a) There are a lot of jobs that can be done from home. b) Single parents, generally speaking, are not single for the entire 12 years of schooling. c) If the parent is divorced, money from the ex-spouse to help with the children can greatly lessen the load.

2. "Teachers learn from college and have to go to meetings and training exercises to be certified to teach."
Again: Certified to teach in public or private traditional schools. The rest of the contention is discombobulated soundbites about high school drop outs, what you learn in high school, and, again, the illogical idea that just because something might not work one time makes it inferior or on par with a mediocre blanket option.

3. Competition

This is an "imagine" objection to homeschooling where the opponent imagines what homeschooling is like and compares his fantasy with the present reality of public school. There is no hard evidence to back up the "lack of competition" objection to homeschooling.

4. Popularity

Really? Because it is popular it alludes that it is best. OK, well... 66% of Americans drink alcohol. That's the majority, so I guess that public opinion alludes to that being better. Oh, and by the way, over 90% of Germans voted for Hitler. Guess he was right too. Or at least alluded to being right.

On to the defense of my contentions:

1a." The problem I have with my opponents arguments is that only 5,402 homeschooling test grades came out."

FALSE! Only 5,402 homeschooler's scores were used in the survey. A good chunk of grades from a survey from homeschoolers from different states, races, and backgrounds. They took that number and applied it to everyone. In some of those surveys from the USA Today, only 1,000 people are interviewed, more or less, yet it is taken as fact. So when 5,402 people are... take it to the bank.

1b. "there is the 93-100 percentile that traditional school students apart of."

Yep, and so are other homeschoolers, boarding schoolers, foreign exchange students, etc.

2."Being better socially is not based on school it is linked to personality."

Well, according to the study I gave, that is not the case. It seems that my opponent is simply denying that my studies are correct and factual because it does not line up with his worldview. That may be one attribute, but schooling is too.

3a. " The single parents are left out to dry and the parental bond can be damaged by the stress of being not only a single parent, but also a teacher. " Really? Why? Where is the evidence?

3b. "It is also healthy to get away from parents to spread your wings a little."

Another "Imagine" objection... homeschooled children have the same opportunities to quote-unquote "spread their wings." Just because their mother or father teaches them does not mean that they are overbearing or anything else of that sort.

Thank you, and good night.

Sources (Round 2):

Sources this round:

Add all of last round's sources as well since I really just drew off of those.


When I quoted my opponent the "homeschooling is not for everyone" was his quote than the "that in fact" is a transition that I used to go into my thoughts of "it takes special conditions for homeschooling to work and the idea of homeschooling is better for everyone is simply wrong." I would ask my opponent to allow the voters to decide and not try to think for them. Also why are you bringing this up in the 4th round when it occurred in the 2nd. Just let the voters decide is all I ask.

I will now go into refuting my opponents points.

1. Parent Struggle

a) The average marriage last 8 years and if a mother has a child during wedlock the women on average has a child 2-3 years after being married. That would mean that the average age of a child when a parent becomes single the child would be 5-6 years old. That would mean that the parent could homeschool the child in preschool and in kindergarten before he/she become a single parent which is a small part of a child's education.

b) Single parents homeschooling and working at home is a very small chance that this could happen. People who work at home on a regular bases is only 6.6%. That means odds are that a child could not be both homeschooled and have a parent work at home. Also even if a parent could homeschool and work at home the time restraints are very tough. The average adult does the following in a day- 8.8 hours working, 7.6 hours sleeping, 1.1 hours taking care of home, 1.1 hours eating, 2.5 hours leisure/ sports, 1.2 hours caring for other, 1.7 hours other (shopping, talking, visiting). Since the average school day is 6.7 hours how can this happen. There is not enough time in a day to fit everything in and still get everything done.

c) Universal blood type is o-blood. But homeschooling is not the universal blood for schooling because of the special conditions that have to occur for it to happen. I would say that public school is the universal blood because it fits better with the schedules and extra cost is not a worry for public school.

2. Teachers are certified to teach children while the average non-teacher parent is not. The high school drop outs is a very important point because many parents are high school drop out and to expect them to give a child a proper high school education when the parent didn't finish is still a concern not a soundbite.

3. Competition is a very important part of life. In the work place there are the people who have a job, the people who don't ,and the people who want yours and this is competition that traditional school provides. I have talked to people who were homeschooled and switched over to traditional school becasue their parents could no longer give them proper teaching and the child wanted to learn and compete with their fellow classmates.

4. Popularity of something is important. My opponent is trying to use extreme examples like Hitler and alcohol while these things were and still are popular they have nothing to do with homeschooling or schooling in general. 97% of parents find traditional school a better option for there child and this popularity can't just be thrown away.

5. 5,402 scores is still a very small number compared to the 53 million traditional school student who take these tests.

6. Traditional school still has student in the 93-100 percentile showing that these students do well in tradtional school making traditional school a better option for them.

7. Being better socially is linked with personality a school is just a platform for people to express their personality or a place where it can be covered up.

8. Getting away from your parents is a good thing. Building a strong bond with others will help in the real world. While having a strong bond with your parents is not a bad thing it just can't be the only bond one has.

Thank you, and good night, morning, afternoon, mid-day, just whatever time it is when you read this.

Debate Round No. 4


Let's get ready to rumble! (Again)

Starting off by refuting my opponent's points:

(Single) Parent Struggle

1 a).

While the average marriage does only last 8 years, let's take a look at something else... the average time before re-marriage... 3.6 years. So, my opponent seems to think that once you divorce once, you cannot re-marry? Speaking of divorce when the child was 5 or 6 my opponent stated: "That would mean that the parent could homeschool the child in preschool and in kindergarten before he/she become a single parent which is a small part of a child's education."

False! After remarriage, there would only be 3.6 years of time in which a child was under a single parent. Only 25% of the amount of time a child is in the school system.

1 b). Again, let us look at the different types of homeschool curriculum. My mom took several trips to various places, and it did not affect my education one bit. Why? Because we chose the right curriculum that required minimal adult intervention. In fact, my school day of 6 hours probably required 1-2 teacher assistance hours, if that. If you choose the curriculum to meet your needs, another thing only homeschoolers can do, you should have no problems. Also, 2.5 hours of leisure yet only 1.2 hours caring for others? No wonder the family in this country is falling apart... the parents can more about their leisure then their kids...

1 c). What are the special conditions for homeschooling NOT to work? Simple: If you are in that 25% of American children being raised by single parents for 25% of the time... then yes, you would have a tough time being homeschooled. That is only the case for 6.25% of the population of children in the US right now compared to the 26% my opponent keeps talking about. So, even under my opponent's conditions, homeschooling would be difficult for 6.25% of the population at a single time. However, these children will most likely have parents who remarry again, so the children are in a cycle where homeschooling is possible a good portion of their high school educational career.

2. This is basically my opponent's logic on this one: Teachers are only qualified to teach children high school. Why? Because. That's why. I think my opponent missed the part where homeschooled children are doing just fine in school. In fact, I supplied another survey in the sources section, this time for homeschoolers vs. traditional schoolers in the ACT test. Homeschoolers still did better. 20.9 compared to 22.6.

3. I already said competition is important. I've also stated that there are many ways in which homeschoolers compete. Do you not notice I am a homeschooler competing in a debate right now?

4. "Popularity of something is important." Agreed. However, it cannot be the judge of how effective something is. It can only show how many people agree with the facts.

5. Ohhh... my head... is my opponent seriously disregarding a professionally and educationally accepted survey just because it only used 5,402 homeschoolers? That is kind of the point of a survey, so that you don't have to sift through millions of tests to find the numbers, you can just do it on a small scale.

6. Well, seeing as every kind of student is in the category of education is in that group, just like the rest of them. However, notice that the almost all homeschoolers scored high, yet traditional school was all over the map. Homeschooling is more reliable to bring out good results.

7. I ask my opponent: Please don't disregard the evidence. The study clearly showed that homeschoolers were better socially. So either most homeschoolers are social and accepted children who just happen by random chance to be educated in a certain manner, or homeschooling is the cause. The study found that homeschooling is the cause.

8. Again, this is an "imagine" objection. I have seen no evidence. Actually, my study used to show the social aspects of homeschooling shown college students spread their wings more if they were homeschooled.

Let me state something clearly. I have provided studies showing that homeschoolers are better both academically and socially, my opponent did not refute either with studies or evidence, he simply disregarded the studies. The only hard evidence he has shown is that, for a small portion of a minority of children's education, homeschooling is difficult. My actual contentions still stand. (This font change was on purpose.)



Well we have made it to the final round of this fight, both opponents have given huge blows to the other and in this round I hope to give the knockout punch.

Parent Struggle

a) After someone gets divorced for those 25 and older, 52% of men and 44% percent of women were remarried. That means 48% of people who get divorced will get remarried which also means that 48% of the children will have a two parent household once again, but that still leaves 52% of children with a single parent after a divorce. While people can get remarried most of the time they do not leaving a single parent household.

b) It is estimated that 80% of people learn visually. Which means they learn best when someone shows them what to do and how it is done. Some people like my opponent can learn a lot better by reading and learning by themselves, but for many children they need more than the 1-2 hours of teacher assistance they need the whole 6.7 hours in a school day for a teacher showing and teaching.

c) Special conditions have to be in place for homeschooling to have the best results. Like a two parent home and a strong parental bond, a child that can learn better by themselves. I have no idea where my opponent got the 6.25%, but I have a source that shows that it is even more than the 26% ( that it is actually up to 35% and it is less likely for someone to get remarried after divorce.

2. Teachers are qualified to teach school and the parents that teach homeschool do a fine job. Both are great choices one is not better than the other.

3. Competition is great and homeschool children can still have some, but traditional school has more opportunities on a day to day bases than homeschooled children.

4. Popularity shows what the most parents and children find best for their lives and situations.

5. Yes it is impressive the 5,402 results all I'm saying it that it is too small of a sample size to put all of our money on and also traditional school students do fine as well.

6. Children in traditional school still score high and some score low, for those who score high show that traditonal school is best for them.

7. The evidence shows that children's personality are what makes them better socially. Homeschooled kids have higher percentage, but traditional children have much higher numbers. Traditional school brings out the best and worst when it comes to social situations.

8. It is not a imagine thing I along with many people like to get away from home once and awhile and meet new people. It is a healthy part of growing.

The homeschooling is not better than traditional school while traditional school is not better than homeschooling. Children and people learn in different ways those who learn in home great for them. While those who find learning in traditional school, like myself, find that to be the best way to learn. None is better they are just different.

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by EGGnostic 4 years ago
I believe that some options are better than others for different children
Posted by 16kadams 4 years ago
You didn't mention private schools lol
Posted by justin.graves 4 years ago
So yes, both.
Posted by justin.graves 4 years ago
Traditional school incorporates both private and public institutions. So both public and private school need to be proven to be inferior in order for homeschooling to be shown to be superior.
Posted by SlaterJ23 4 years ago
do i have to argue why BOTH public school and private school are better or can i choose one?
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