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Homeschooling is better than Public school

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Started: 1/22/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Educational Freedom. Most homeschooled students have the choice
to study and learn what they want, when they want, for as long as they want.
This is not to say that all the basics (and more!) aren't covered. But those
basics may be covered at age six for one child, and at age ten for another,
depending on ability, maturity, and interest levels. (Unfortunately, a few
states do have unnecessarily restrictive legal requirements; in those states,
educational freedom may be limited.)

Physical Freedom.
After the initial shock of leaving the school system has passed, parents who
homeschool say they experience a real sense of freedom. With their lives no
longer revolving around school hours, homework, and the school calendar, these
families plan off-season vacations, visit parks and museums during the week, and
live their lives according to what works for them.

Emotional Freedom. Sadly, peer pressure, competition,
boredom, and bullies — are all part of a typical school day. This can be a
particular problem for girls. According to studies, self-esteem plummets in
middle-school girls. However, similar studies of homeschooled girls have shown
that self-esteem remains intact and that these girls continue to thrive. (Read
A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls by Susannah
Sheffer.) Homeschooled kids can dress and act and think the way they want,
without fear of ridicule or a need to "fit in." They live in the real world,
where lives aren't dictated by adolescent trends and dangerous experimentation.

Religious Freedom. Many families feel their religious
and spiritual beliefs are an important part of who they are. Homeschooling
provides the opportunity for parents to incorporate their beliefs into their
daily lives.

Closer Family Relationships. Just about
every family stressed the important role that homeschooling played in helping
them find time to foster loving ties between all family members. Teens seem to
benefit enormously from this interaction, and rebellious, destructive behavior
often begins to diminish soon after homeschooling begins.

Stability During Difficult Times. Whether there's a new
baby, an illness, a death in the family, or another obstacle or transition,
homeschooling helps families cope during challenging periods. Dauri, who
homeschools her three boys, described how homeschooling helped her family adjust
to a move from Europe back to the US, followed by another move across the
country: "It was a great comfort that we homeschooled throughout the moves. It
was a stabilizing factor in our otherwise mixed-up lives."

Well-Rested Kids. As more and more studies are
illustrating, sleep is vital to the emotional and physical well-being of kids,
especially teens. The effects of early morning classes can be devastating to many
children, especially those who are not morning people. After realizing that lack
of sleep and hours of busywork often left her boy in a zombie-like stupor, Haya
has decided to try homeschooling: "My oldest (age 13), is up at 6:30 in order to
catch the bus at 7:15 and start school at 7:30. He comes home at 3:00 and does
homework — sometimes until midnight. He's often exhausted. I'm hoping that when
we homeschool next year, the dark circles under his eyes will disappear and his
real personality will emerge again."

No Busywork.
Homeschooled children can accomplish in a few hours what takes a typical
classroom a week or more to cover. In a recent interview, John Taylor Gatto, New
York City Teacher of the Year and a 26-year teaching veteran, said that in many
classrooms less than one hour out of each school day is spent on "on task"
learning. No wonder these kids have so much homework. And that brings us to a
major "pro" of homeschooling: No more homework!



First of all, I would like to thank Con for setting up this debate.

Time Restraints: There's no way around it: learning outside of a school environment can consume a lot of mom or dad's time. Most folks visualize that time being spent at the kitchen table with textbooks and worksheets, but for most families, that's not the case.

As a single homeschooling mom, Mickey wrote to say that single parents who homeschool their kids face even greater time restraints: "We have to be very creative in our timing because I work and homeschool. Luckily, I work close to home and have a lot of time off, but it's still a challenge."

Financial Restraints.: For married parents, one partner often foregoes full-time employment out of the home in order to homeschool. This can be a big sacrifice for families who are struggling to balance their budget. Surprisingly, most homeschooling families believe that the brief loss of income is well worth the satisfaction of watching their kids grow and learn in freedom.

Being with Your Kids 24/7: There's no denying it " if you choose to homeschool, you're going to be with your kids most of the time. This can caused strained relationships or unnecessary pressure to coincide peacefully.

Limited Team Sports or Extracurricular Activities: While community sports activities fill the void for younger kids, teens often find limited opportunities to join sports teams, especially competitive ones. Depending on where you live, homeschoolers may or may not be welcome to participate on teams with their public-schooled peers. Nor will they be able to participate in many of the clubs, or social events designed to draw kids out of their shells, such as school dances or field trips.

Living Outside the Norm: Like any activity that challenges mainstream thinking, homeschooling may be seen as an oddity at best, or even as a threat to those who are unable to accept ordinary parents succeeding where trained professionals often fail.

Lack of Socialization: Children and teens who homeschooled can have limited social contact with their peers, leading to introverted personalities and trouble connecting to others. This can lead to difficulties in the workplace or any other aspect of life that requires human interaction.

The Dangers of Being Home: Homeschoolers often are without the safety net that a mainstream education can provide. Problems such as learning disabilities, personality disorders, and physical, mental, and psychological abuse can often go unseen and unchecked, as most parents are not trained to, or are unable to, spot their own children's discrepancies. Homeschooling can also provide a smokescreen to a parent's teachings of immoral or destructive behaviors.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to question some of your arguments:

As a single homeschooling mom, Mickey wrote to say that single parents who homeschool their kids face even greater time restraints: "We have to be very creative in our timing because I work and homeschool. Luckily, I work close to home and have a lot of time off, but it's still a challenge."

Homeschooling is not only done by a parent there are homeschooling tutors which have this task as a job. It is purely a parent`s choice if they would like to do it personally or not....if they chose a tutor this will not be a problem...

Also most of you reasons are talking about how homeschooling is not "normal" things may go unnoticed.....the problems you find in homeschooling are that this is an idea out of everybody`s comfort zone. Homeschooling is deffinetly not mainstream and most people are too lazy to go into this idea. Homeschooling is in several ways better than public schooling both physically and emotionally! This is an idea people dont like, because it is unusual they would just prefer to stick to the usual and simple way and leave it that way...

Thank you for responding to my debate request xD


I would like to question your counter-arguments.

While it is true a parent can hire a tutor, or even multiple tutors, to assuage time constraints, this is not much of a solution considering tutors charge an average fee of $15 to $50 an hour. The average tutoring session is four to six hours. This would put significantly more strain on the financial situation of any household. Since public education is free, it would be fair to say only those with extreme financial means or a large degree of dedication to their children's personal needs. This typically does not describe the average working family.

In regards to people being against homeschooling because it is considered "unusual", this is true, although many people's reactions may just be based on the fact homeschoolers account for a mere 2.2% of American children. It might be more of an uncommon issue, than a unusual one.
Debate Round No. 2


I wish to say that the tutor idea is just one solution, there is also online education avaible that costs farless compared to the tutor dea. This is where the student is assigned work from online schooling and the student has to complete it without any assitence of parents/tutors and especially not 24/In conclusion i would like to say that homeschooling is a gives the student self-esteem instead of being beat up by the local bully gang. It allows a student to chose what they want to learn after learning the basics. It allows a student to make their own choices, and not get influenced by freinds so they could "fit in". Homeschoolng makes life easier and will allow any student to be freee unlike public schooling.

Even on a brighter side later in life a homeschooler will take benefit because colleges do recognise homeschooling in a beter way than public schooling. A child will learn more in a peaceful and respectful way. After all if the child needs a hug....h or she will get one

Thank you for this debate! xD


Ophiotaurus forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jkyrocks123 2 years ago
I agree public school is better than homechool. Ive been homeschool before.1 year 100% online and 1 year 100% from books. And it is horrible. Because it really leads to depression due to lack of social activities. I would just spend my days staring at a computer screen or a book. Kids should never do honeschool. For their own good.
Posted by autodidact 5 years ago
"And that brings us to a
major "pro" of homeschooling: No more homework!"

Wouldn't all schoolwork be homework?
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