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Homeschooling vs. Public School

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Started: 2/21/2013 Category: Education
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Not only is Homeschooling cheap compared to other education options, but the results are generally better. Most parents who homeschool spend less than $600 per year compared to the $10,000 average spent per pupil by public school systems.
However, parents who homeschool are still paying a portion of that $10,000 expense. Surprisingly, spending such a low amount on a child's education produces impressive results.
One study found that the average homeschooled student outperformed the average public school student by roughly 30 percentile points.


Hello, I accept.

I'm new here, and I don't really know the phases where you accept and where you debate and all that stuff. So I will start with my contentions now so we have more time to refute. But first I would like to refute your reasoning.

To begin with, what value do we care about the most? Money, or valuable life skills that children will develop in school? You cannot buy the values that you learn in school. It is a training camp for real life. For example: while bullies are always found at schools, it provides the child with a knowledge of the real world. There will always be grown up bullies, whether as an opposite CEO, a boss, or a colleague. You just need to deal with them. When kids go out of homeschooling and into the real world, they will be weak and vulnerable. The journey, while unpleasant, can provide kids with the skills they need. And this is infinitely more important than money. And while learning may be better at home, it is only a temporary benefit and when they go out into the real world, they will suffer. They may be a bit smarter than their peers, but this is no use when they are a loner in society.

Now on to my own reasons:

Contention 1: Social Interaction
School is often known as the main place where kids socialize. They're in it for 5 days a week! Most friends comes from school, where they meet with their friends everyday. To eliminate this critical opportunity at having friends is detrimental to the social development of a child. And how do kids find a spouse when they grow up? Without opposite gender interaction, they will feel awkward around a girl/boy. In a nutshell, homeschooling breeds a socially awkward person who does not know how to handle other people.

Contention 2: Discipline
At home, all their video games, and computers, and toys are close to them. They can be tempted to play with them. At school, they are stuck there, forced there, with other kids, and has to learn. They cannot suddenly grab out their phone and begin to play Tetris or their phone will be confiscated. Furthermore, at school they have required homework, and tests, while compared to homeschooling, where the parent isn't really enforcing and the homework there is actually classwork as it is in class, which is at home. Therefore, at school there is a stronger discipline enforced by teachers and the principal. A strong discipline of learning is the seed of a great education.

Contention 3: Preparation for the Real World
Bullies. School-rule enforcing principal. Strict teachers. Annoying peers. Cliques. These are several bothersome attributes of school. However, I will turn this to my side of the debate. As all these may be harmful, it strengthens the child's mental and emotional strength just like a vaccine strengthens the immune system. In the real world, there will be no second chances, and the child must know how to deal with these sorts of people. Again, the journey will strengthen the child, and prepare them for the real, outside world. This is vital. Now I give you the burden to prove that homeschooling prepares children for the real world as well.

Contention 4: Tiring for the Parent
Parents are doing this job for free, while teachers do this for money. This is a real, full-time job, and it takes real effort. Therefore one parent has to drop out of their job to help their children. The disadvantages of this are: 1. The burden of feeding a family will rest entirely on a single parent. This can be tiring and can also generate bad results. 2. What if the family has two children? Will the other parent have to drop out too, or will the homeschooling parent have to take on another pupil, who might be many years younger than the first? Will they both go at the same pace, or what? Therefore I give you another burden to explain to me a crystal clear plan how this is going to work out and address all the points I made above.

Contention 5: Schools have extracurricular activities and clubs
Schools have clubs, such as robotics, speech and debate, soccer team, and band. You don't have these opportunities at home. At home, the only thing being learned is academics, and while I agree that parents may cater to their child's individual strengths and weaknesses and improve their academics, they completely left out an important factor of a child's success. Extracurricular activities and clubs. They enforce teamwork and cooperation (soccer team, band, etc.) while at home there is no teamwork whatsoever and will in fact breed a spoiled kid who believes himself to be superior to his peers.

Contention 6: Competition
If kids are home-schooled, then they are on the blind side. Kids will not be able to compare with their peers, and will not know what level their peers are. They can fall behind and not even notice it. Competition is critical as it motivates a person to continually try to improve, and without it, it can be the downfall of a bright student. Therefore this is detrimental to the child.

I know I have a lot of contentions, but bear with me. And FYI, a burden is something an opponent places on you, and you have to fulfill it or else you lose. So therefore you will have to fulfill both my burdens.

Looking forward to this debate!
Debate Round No. 1


OnePERSON forfeited this round.


Very well.
Debate Round No. 2


OnePERSON forfeited this round.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by zezima 4 years ago
no-one can teach you life skills that you need better then your parents. Besides you, your parents know you the best. your parents know the life skills you will need better then any teacher. of course this is a matter of opinion.
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