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Homesexuals should not have kids since the kids will have a tough time growing up.

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Started: 6/4/2015 Category: Health
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I will 100% disagree with this statement. I grew up in a childhood where I lived with my

dad, but visited my mom and her girlfriend at the time. It showed me that homosexuals have

absolutely nothing wrong with them. They don't choose to feel the way they do, and never push it

upon other. (Why would they?) Just because a parent is homosexual does not mean the child is

more likely to turn out a homosexual as well. I think homosexuals should not feel discouraged or

embarrassed to adopt children. I think it has an opportunity to turn a child into an open minded

adult when he grows. Growing up with a mom as a lesbian has never done me injustice in any way

shape or form. I've never been bullied for it, not even once. I've been bullied for my height before

my mothers sexuality. Maybe short people should stop having kids? Homosexuals are just like you

and I, they are in love and cannot help it.


here are just a couple of facts to show proof:
1.Many gay couples - certainly those offering themselves as adoptive parents - form relationships that are more stable than many heterosexual marriages, thus giving adopted children a secure emotional home.

2.In an era when many children are raised by single parents - with proven disadvantages such as lower educational achievements and poor behaviour - gay couples offer adopted children two full-time parents.

3.There is a shortage of adoptive parents. The 'family', whether gay or straight, is better than the foster-care system.

now for my argument: I think homosexual couples SHOULD have kids because why not? Studies haven't shown that a child growing up with same-sex parents is in any way different or psychologically affected by his/her parents' sexual orientation. If anything, these kids turn out to be more liberal and accepting of others and their sexual orientation, race, gender, and such. Being gay or lesbian doesn't mean that you're unfit to raise a child. The fact that we are still asking this question given all the knowledge we have today about parenting and human nature, represents the real problem. Nothing else.
Being gay or lesbian doesn't mean that you can't have kids. Some like to adopt and some use surrogates and sperm donors in order to have children I don't think that it makes much of a valid point if you're only looking at one aspect of the conception of kids being raised by same-sex parents.

With that being said, it's very difficult to have a say on issues about homosexuality without trying to sound like a radical, but the fact remains that the church has no right to judge people and act all holier than thou like what goes on behind closed church doors is all bliss and roses. Churches are institutions that a lot of people turn to for guidance and leadership. I don't see why they ask people to think about their perspective when they readily denounce those who don't fit into what they deem as someone worthy of their religion. Why must we let churches have a say in such things? Why must we let them lead us when they are institutions which OPENLY allow and encourage discrimination?

I feel that the Church makes a lot of poor decisions because of these "ethics" they have. To be quite honest, the way the church banishes people of a different sexual orientation makes me question how for the people the church is. One can easily presume that if you don't fit a certain character, one that is redemption worthy, then the church does everything it it's power to make it difficult for society to accept you. I just wish that when it came to adoption, the church could look outside sexual orientation and just see men and women who want to have and can take care of children, it shouldn't go any deeper than that.
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